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  1. ...and THEN you have the lawyers. Oh, boy...
  2. chasgroh

    Future Health of Alumni Type Corps?

    Mr. Jorden, there is no way you are "over the hill" are just on the other side. ;0)
  3. ...that's why you're the bada$$ you are Tony! Missed seeing you this year, brother...keep up the good work, I'm doing my part as well! cg
  4. chasgroh

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Yea Flomarching!...boy, that was fun! Haven't been able to actually "see" prelims 'cuz of being on the sidelines behind a camera for the last 10 years, so today was a treat! In the end, I had Cabs and C2 flipped and Sabers and Kidsgrove flipped...but *everybody* got better than last year! Great stuff, especially knowing how it *is* there!
  5. sign of Kevin Gamin! ?
  6. chasgroh

    Atlanta CV just lit this place up...

    I've enjoyed CV for *years* and kinda got the feeling the last few that things were moving up for that wonderful drumcorps...looking forward to seeing them and the rest this weekend, for the first time in 15 years not there in person but at least I'll get to see the shows like a regular human...well, at least the couch potato variety! Have fun all, and don't miss Freelancers 'cuz they mean Buziness!
  7. chasgroh

    Favorite shows of 2017

    Madison. Bada$$ with total buy-in.
  8. ...Kelley
  9. chasgroh

    New Kids on the Block (C2 and Erie)

    FWIW after seeing Erie and Cincy down and dirty from the sidelines for prelims, and then from the *skewed* box (meaning on the 30...high...terrible angle,at least if you're not 360 degrees clean...heh) I thought Erie was the more complete drum corps and, through my rose colored underdog glasses, wanted them to jump Cincy. Taking nothing away from Tradition, of course, cuz they were excellent...but Erie had some pizzzzzazzzzz...
  10. Cadets Too...sheesh, there sure are some good drumcorps out here tonight!...hahaha...good as they are, however, I'm thinkin' Reading takes it.
  11. Reading...knockout stuff...guard on fire...horns and drums equally...minor glitches visually...whew...
  12. Minnesota rocked my world yesterday...phenomenal skill sets...horns and drums, man, these guys PLAY! Always like their quirky design (boy, go figger *that*) this show is *so* solid...rocked me more *today!*
  13. chasgroh

    Atlanta show site 2017

    Fusion...guard...COLORS!...props not getting me too excited but the entire show is way good...stroooooong drumcorps...
  14. chasgroh

    Atlanta show site 2017

    Atlanta CV...saw this show on the Atlanta DCI feed and was wowed...all the ingredients for a successful and entertaining drum corps show. Guard is special as is the hornline...overall a program with no glaring weakness...good for them!