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  1. Favorite shows of 2017

    Madison. Bada$$ with total buy-in.
  2. ...Kelley
  3. New Kids on the Block (C2 and Erie)

    FWIW after seeing Erie and Cincy down and dirty from the sidelines for prelims, and then from the *skewed* box (meaning on the 30...high...terrible angle,at least if you're not 360 degrees clean...heh) I thought Erie was the more complete drum corps and, through my rose colored underdog glasses, wanted them to jump Cincy. Taking nothing away from Tradition, of course, cuz they were excellent...but Erie had some pizzzzzazzzzz...
  4. Cadets Too...sheesh, there sure are some good drumcorps out here tonight!...hahaha...good as they are, however, I'm thinkin' Reading takes it.
  5. Reading...knockout stuff...guard on fire...horns and drums equally...minor glitches visually...whew...
  6. Minnesota rocked my world yesterday...phenomenal skill sets...horns and drums, man, these guys PLAY! Always like their quirky design (boy, go figger *that*) this show is *so* solid...rocked me more *today!*
  7. Atlanta show site 2017

    Fusion...guard...COLORS!...props not getting me too excited but the entire show is way good...stroooooong drumcorps...
  8. Atlanta show site 2017

    Atlanta CV...saw this show on the Atlanta DCI feed and was wowed...all the ingredients for a successful and entertaining drum corps show. Guard is special as is the hornline...overall a program with no glaring weakness...good for them!
  9. ..White Sabers...very cool show seemed a little down from yesterday....great horn sound as well as percussion, guard a strong visual focus...needed in general because of ensemble (hornline) marching gaffs...not bagging, just an observation!
  10. sound out of the hornline...Sunrisers improvement over a year is huge...impressive...
  11. ...liking Bush's *writing* and music...guard strong as is field percussion...gonna be interesting these last three or four spots in open class...
  12. the way Govies move...stylistic sliding via crab very effective...they are graceful and very controlled. Well trained corps, full of nuance...musical.
  13. ...hope they can keep the momentum up with this group...Erie has all the components to significantly improve in a year, given some recruiting and maturation of current membership...nice show...looked good from the deck yesterday and a bit better from the box...
  14. Phantom Regiment 2016

    ...I'm one of those who was blown away watching and listening to SCV do YPG 40-odd years ago (and I was teaching Kingsmen at the time...where do you think Symphony Fantastique came from?!)...I think PR's musical treatment is wonderful! However, Pete Emmons still rules the visual interpretation. Absolutely. Boy, Phantom wouldn't have gone wrong asking him for a consult...shame, really, 'cuz that music and the hornline playing it rocks!
  15. percussion judges in drill

    ...I've always thought compulsories would be the thing to separate the groups' skill levels, adding another layer of "do it right" to the traditions established throughout our activity's great history. So much for dreaming, eh? Haha...but, seriously, anyone who's been field level for any time at all knows the difference...heck, *I* hear huge differences from on the field to in the stands. So, yes for the percussion guy staying on the field...but with discretion. He/she needs to know when to stay on the fringe. If they ever change the Visual to the stands, however, you can bet your bottom buck our standards will's pretty easy to get a group looking good from the box in comparison to what I call 360 degrees clean (always the goal, if not the achievement!)...just stand in the endzone and watch any given performance ($5 to the great Jim Costello for teaching me that technique in 1975)...if it ain't clean from there; it ain't.