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  1. Future MiM/ToC Events

    Yep, I went over the line with my previous comments. The question remains as to why two non (world) champions are in this exclusionary group and one (world) champion is not. Why?
  2. Future MiM/ToC Events

    They're ALL winners. I bet even you are a winner.
  3. Thoughts on the TOC

    True. Some Corps are just "more equal" than others. They're special. Just ask them.
  4. Future MiM/ToC Events

    Yet, the alleged TOC is an exclusionary "group". Why?
  5. Thoughts on the TOC

    Yet, it is an exclusionary "group". Why?
  6. Thoughts on the TOC

    I propose the "We 7 are better than all of you underlings, because we say we are" Tour.
  7. Thoughts on the TOC

    They're ALL WINNERS! Everybody is a "Champion"!
  8. Thoughts on the TOC

    Just asking questions. This whole G7 thing is a crock, and everybody knows it. If they don't like DCI, here's the door.
  9. Future MiM/ToC Events

    There is a Corps that won the "Pizza Hut Invitational" that IS NOT included in the 7 "Champions". Why not?
  10. Thoughts on the TOC

    There is a Corps that won the "Pizza Hut Invitational" that IS NOT included in the 7 "Champions". Why not?
  11. Thoughts on the TOC

    Then it should showcase Champions. Words have meaning. False Advertising.
  12. Future MiM/ToC Events

    Of course the name makes a difference. Words have meaning. This Title is false advertising. Period.
  13. Thoughts on the TOC

    Yes, because no average person can tell the difference between the uncontrolled spontanious roaring and cheering of a crowd, versus muffled "golf claps", Sheesh.
  14. Thoughts on the TOC

    Why is it even called the "Tour of Champions"? There are 5 actual champions; the other 2 haven't won jack squat. Plus, isn't there another "real champion" that isn't a part of this?
  15. Future MiM/ToC Events

    Tour of "Champions"? Don't you actually have to WIN something to be a champion? They should call it what it really is: "Tour of Five REAL Champions, Two wannabees, with the exclusion of another 2 time Champion". Truth in advertising, people.