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  1. Carolina Crown 2017

    Apparently Crown had a new ending tonight at the Chester TOC Show. Anyone have any insight into that?
  2. Actually, I was corrected on this last year. SCV 2013 now holds the best fourth place show ever with a 96.85, beating out Crown 2008's 96.8. Crown 2014 does still hold the best fifth place show ever though with Out of This World with a score of 95.675!
  3. Any way you are able to share? Dying to see!
  4. Carolina Crown 2017

    Does anyone know what movement of "Old Home Days" Crown is playing? They did not specify in their repertoire announcement. Feel free to PM me - I am just curious.
  5. DCPI Season 27 - Sign-up List

    After two seasons of gaining some financial stability, Flash Drum & Bugle Corps will be participating in DCPI Season 27! Flash CrownedSantaPhantom World Class Raleigh, NC
  6. Carolina Crown 2016

    Count me in on this message fest, Cappy!
  7. Season 25 Discussion

    The day has finally arrived! World Class Prelims! Best wishes to all competing units this evening. It should be a wonderful few days of competition to cap off an extraordinary season. Flash is absolutely pumped to get on the field tonight and compete in their first World Class Preliminaries in their debut season. We have committed the past three days to refining our program and making a few additions. The practice field at Carver High School in southern Atlanta is fantastic and we've gotten quality rehearsal in each day. These young musicians are ready to go and put on their best. Once again, good luck to all competing units and have a great show!
  8. Season 25 Discussion

    Flash Drum and Bugle Corps had an absolutely stellar night in Michigan tonight! I am a proud director for such a fantastic performance and for being a part of a circuit of so many talented musicians and wonderful programs this season. The Kosmos blew the roof off the stadium, The Patriots were rolling, and The Thoroughbreds owned the field from step off. Not to mention the plethora of entertainment provided by all of the Open and Class A corps in attendance. Looking forward to the next contest.
  9. Season 25 Discussion

    When are scores posted for today's shows?
  10. Season 25 Early Registration Thread

    Corps name: Flash Director: CrownedSantaPhantom (Andrew Henderson) Division: World Class Hometown: Raleigh, NC Home show venue request: Carter-Finley Stadium (Raleigh, NC)

    Also, their closer was at 226 bpm, which also equals ten. 2 + 2 + 6 = 10.

    If this were any other corps that were hoping to upset BD, people wouldn't say that... I don't get why people hate on Crown fans so much. I for one thought that BD had the better performance tonight and that their talented musicians gave their best, and it was enough to top Crown for the night.

    Why are scores up on, and why does it have the Cadets with a score of 62.375? lol
  14. Carolina Crown 2015

    I agree! Haha it looks a bit silly just being a white rectangle with a hole on top.
  15. Official DCI Semifinals Thread 2015

    If you average the Brass and Guard caption scores, Crown and Cadets are tied for High Brass at 19.4 for the past two nights and Crown has an average of 19.25 in Guard, edging out BD who has a 19.20. Crown looks to take overall General Effect tomorrow night. Tomorrow night will be great!