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  1. With 2019 being more akin to 2013 or 2017 in character favoring a more abstract concept versus a story-based show, should 2020 be concept-based or have a more rigid storyline? Of course, a marriage of the two worked beautifully in 2013, but which do y'all think Crown does better? I kind of like quirky Crown better (more virtuosic music, "THE DETAIL OF THE PATTERN IS MOVEMENT", Einstein on the Beach, "I KNOW YOU!"), but I know they can sell a solid storyline too. Interested to see what the designers cook up. I'd love to see Crown back on the podium though.
  2. Crown's percussion scored a 19.7 at 2009 Semis, 19.6 at 2009 Finals, they have a shot I guess - those are huge perc scores from 2009 though! Source:
  3. That's a monster percussion score tonight! Second in Visual Proficiency too. It's obvious what the weak points are, but 0.3 behind Santa Clara going into Indy certainly is within reach.
  4. My gut tells me that Crown squeaks past SCV tonight. Thoughts?
  5. Big scores from Bloo and Crown! Going to be a fun week. posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. That ballad is just so PURE! Definitely felt more emotion tonight than in past shows this season. Still so many missed opportunities in the visual department though. But when they do move, they move well.
  7. Wow, Mandarins! I love that ending set with the subtle slope downward toward the sideline centerfield. So simple, yet quite effective. Great show!
  8. CYO... Well before my time. Can someone direct me to an online (or offline) resource all about CYO and VFW competitions and historical winners and tradition/corps?
  9. REALLY enjoyed the show at NightBEAT. Sounded amazing and the energy level was through the roof. Were the voiceovers specifically recorded for the show or are they from some other source music or prose?
  10. I have a bone to pick with the visual design currently in place at the end of the opening statement of Dark Clouds. You have these three consecutive powerful hits that blow you away and then the hornline goes into a hold for the big chord and the flagline is the only movement happening. I noticed they added the guard body work of tossing the guard member in the air and being caught at the end of that chord in what I interpret to be “diving beneath the surface,” but what if the hornline does a roll off/ripple left leg lunge that progresses toward the pointed end of the set towed the right end zone and have the guard member jump off of the triangular prism prop that is otherwise unused. I feel like that moment could really use some movement or eye-guiding that could boost some GE - right now it’s just a fat chord and your eyes are left to wander for a few seconds and all attention is on the guard. Get some bodies moving! They do it so well the rest of the show - why not add something at the end of that glorious opening statement?