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  1. The future of the Cadets

    Regarding the question would I let my kids march the Cadets (if I had any) the answer is a resounding yes. The Cadets have a great history in DCI. That being said let's face some reality. My drum corps experience was not with the Cadets with the exception of competing against them. I always found the members and staff to be pretty friendly. I think the question of "will the Cadets survive" is multi faceted. In an organization as large and long lasting as DCI, it's unfortunate to think this, but honestly, something of this nature had a high potential to happen just based on probability. Thousands of kids over 40+ years have had the amazing experience of marching. The Cadets are simply one example of a severely imbalanced hierarchical management system. In the corporate world, that creates one of the main pillars in which a culture of "bad behavior" becomes prevalent. Members would rarely know that something shady is going on behind the wizards curtain. Most likely not even staff would know. The survival of the Cadets (though it could have happened to ANY of our beloved corps and we would be remiss to forget that,) depends on how the management responds, how the kids respond to their trust being violated, how DCI responds and to large extent how WE, the family of Drum and Bugle Corps respond. In my opinion, we should be turning our attention to helping the existing membership cope and heal. I will be pulling extra hard for the Cadets this year and I hope that others will take the high road as well. Everything I have heard of the supposed "culture of the Cadets" over the last 30 years is unproven as far as I can tell. The membership that came forward with the allegations have only spoken in the articles I've read about the sexual misconduct itself.
  2. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    That was tragic. I still have my black ribbon from my uni at finals in '05
  3. Atlanta CV just lit this place up...

    Grats indeed RJ. I saw Andy in front ensemble again and Egon was there last year. The corps looks and sounds phenomenal! Best of luck at Finals!
  4. Prayers to the PR Phamily and a big thanks to SCV for showing once again, why they are one of the classiest acts in the DCI family.
  5. Watched all of the Periscope feeds but was hoping to hear from those that were there.
  6. How did you get involved with drum corp?

    My father brought me to my first show in Birmingham in 1984. He had been heavily involved in Drum and Bugle Corps (in fact he was involved with Suncoast Sound at some point on an administrative level,) and his sister had marched with the Bridgemen. I was already heavily involved in choral music studies and was fortunate enough to have already toured expensively in that area of music even at a very young age. That DCI South show in Birmingham hooked me. Though I did not drop vocal music, I began a serious study of instrumental music, got a private percussion instructor and marched my first year in DCI in 1987. I continued to march two more years in DCI before aging out and then picked up marching again with DCA in 1984.
  7. I know I saw Spirit, 27th Lancers and Suncoast Sound.
  8. 4.15 Jump? 6-10 Scores Lower in Finals?

    Regardless of where you fall (hell, I'm a CV Alum,) this was the best top 6 I have personally ever seen. I was blown away with the improvements of the top 6 corps even from last year.
  9. Big week-end coming up

    Any scores from woodstock as of yet?
  10. Big week-end coming up

    It's so hard to really judge from just a feed looking straight on from the 50. I'm hoping someone did some filming from a higher angle so I can really appreciate the drill of the top 4 corps. When you're looking straight in, everything seems a little "chunky." Some really pretty moments from all the corps. Fusions guard was outstanding as was the brass from the Bucs and C2. CV and that battery and front ensemble....wow. Nice soloists from all the corps. Overall, even on a live feed from the crowd, a great show for all the ensembles involved.
  11. Big week-end coming up

    Just read through the captions. Interesting scores. Should be a fantastic season. Really excited to see my old corps CV open the season with such a strong showing. Soooo glad that there was a live Periscope feed of all the corps in competition.
  12. Way to go CV!! Very proud of you!!
  13. I don't remember us being able to get the caption results or at least they weren't discussed after prelims. But I had figured it was because we were on the other side of wire as it were. Now as a fan, I am very interested in the individual sections within each corps.
  14. Anyone have an idea of when the caption results from Prelims will be posted? I would have thought they would have been up already.