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    Carolina Crown 2018

    close.... Crown +1.525 Surf +1.45
  2. Wish Stars & Mandarins were in this lineup.........it would help my prediction forecast tremendously.......Great Show!

    2018 Blue Stars

    No need to talk it out We know what it's all about Hangin' around (hangin' around) Nothin' to do but frown Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

    El Dorado, KS - July 16, 2018

    I loved their show last night in STL!

    12th place Corps ?

    I think you composed an excellent analysis post STL/today. I think 8-11 will go alternating Blues & Blacks. How's that for decisive!
  6. Does it sound like a S.O.S. conch shell?
  7. The full-voiced conversation our two ushers were having during Crown's ballad WAS the problem!!!!!! I just turned around and put my index finger vertically on my closed lips, as to say STFU, of course with bulging eyes. They got it, thankfully.

    Mandarins 2018

    Last night after their performance, I turned around to the DCI media box and said to Jim Tabuchi "Saturday Night, Baby!" and gave him a thumbs up!! He had a nice big grin and said, Thanks so much! I'd be surprised to.
  9. Star '87 back? :) We parked just East of 11th, I didn't think it was terrible-but saw LOTS of mm's making their way, some hurriedly
  10. JAZZER

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    As did I! It seemed to be such an inspired run, very cohesive IMO, especially in the Dome Dome Dome Dome Dome
  11. JAZZER

    Cadets 2018

    Well, it might have been my sheer giddiness for their 2018 journey! I agree it probably wont be their last version. After their performance I was talking with a Cadet alum from 80-83, and he literally could barely speak & had tears flowing............choked me up a bit too.
  12. I may be with you on the screaming. I will continue to stand & applaud after every performance. I guess I can assess demonstrable appreciation for ALL work & effort. Try it
  13. JAZZER

    Cadets 2018

    It was quite strong! [I know I was whooping it up!] It felt & looked like they were very energized, the ballad is amazing. The ending is great.
  14. The fan experience, I thought was excellent. I loved how we [club level] had easy access to everything: RR, food, leather couches in the concourse, and the big glass windows facing East where we could watch three corps hornlines simultaneously finish pre-show warm-ups. Literally a two minute trip down the escalators and across the street to get an earful.
  15. Sat directly in front of the DCI Box, and I turned and emphatically told Dan Acheson: Please come back next year! He said they would try.