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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    PLUS, she can help the guys with show make-up. Could have used her last year, maybe?
  2. Madison Scouts 2018

    Bob Baca has a tremendous jazz program. Hoping the show has those elements and Megan has improv solos.
  3. For me it boils down to the difference between the act of "making" and expressing aesthetically so the overall performance exceeds the sum of it's parts.
  4. actually, that's 6 questions, not including the two in the title yes to the first, not including the two in the post title
  5. IMO The bullies seem to be pretty consistent all 12 months. ALWAYS have to have the last word, or point out time, after time how they NEVER said this or that.......THEN, try to add appeasement by way of humorous interjections. The bullies seemingly cannot take your sage advice to not react or steer clear of personal feuds. My vote/suggestion/response would be to lock the thread in question, start anew, and suspend 30 days a person/persons who derail a thread in such a manner.
  6. Cadets 2018

    Ya mean like combining that narration with something with a modern groove?
  7. Cadets 2018

    Well, if you're gonna play the person's valves TWO dots away.................
  8. Thanks. I think that song of miriam at 170 bpm would be fun, has drum breaks built in.
  9. Add me to this sentiment. I'm puzzled why anyone would feel the need to be a naysayer and/or pessimistic towards genuine efforts shaped for a corp's betterment?
  10. Music Library

    Legoman, you could ask them directly DCI 317/275-1212 Indianapolis DCA president@dcacorps.org
  11. Recently heard a fine collegiate choir perform literature by composer Elaine Hagenberg. Her works are beautiful-soaring lines, engaging, and her use of textures & suspensions would appeal, in my opinion to fans who love the sonority of a DCI hornline. LOTS of possibilities from the pen of this talented composer. Just as a suggestion [particularly was appreciative of the second piece] Song of Miriam [women's voices] adapted for an opener As well as O Love [Mixed voices] adapted as a ballad and/or closer Her website: http://www.elainehagenberg.com/index.html Give her a listen!
  12. A corps should do this

    Euphonium. It also has been arranged for Band using an Oboe soloist, as well as for orchestra, I believe. I've heard it performed as a solo with piano accompaniment too. All versions on YT.
  13. A corps should do this

    Robert W. Smith's Willson Suite, Mvmt II utilizes this technique.
  14. yep, and this is why we pulled our hair out each fall when linear forms were presented in the show. A student would be on their correct dot/coordinate, but not cover down in the form. The ensuing "conversation" usually ended when the student asked, "well, which of the two do you want me to do?".............