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  1. Newman is the most nominated living composer to have never won an Oscar.
  2. When I saw [with my wife] them perform this in 2001 at ISU, I took the opportunity to yell "FABER!!" at one moment. My wife didn't get the pun and punched my arm. Miss Southwind of old.wishing them best now.
  3. I'd love to hear the modern corps play the entire '83 book.
  4. Another vote from me for Trittico. Also: "Praise Jerusalem"-Alfred Reed "Armenian Dances"-Alfred Reed "Variations on a Medieval Tune"-Dello Joio "Sonoron Desert Holiday"-Ron Nelson "Partita for Band"-Gregson "Hymnsong of Philip Bliss"-Holsinger "Suite for Jazz Orchestra"-Mike Pendowski Music from "Empire of the Sun"-Williams
  5. Are you opening the harmonica vs. melodica debate??? With the current cone of silence, one has to wonder what the arrangers are thinking as far as wind instrumentation, no?
  6. Amazing work, and I agree with your suggestion!
  7. Yes, conductors should remove headwear when directing musical ensembles. Not only is this traditionally part of the craft, I believe many in the ensemble benefit from the delivery of emotion and artistic interpretation via facial expressions.
  8. Found the program. The corps Director Al DiCroce did the arranging, and on the Brass staff that year was Doug Thrower.. Trivia question from that year: How much prize money was paid to the Finals Champion? [it was in the program article by Don Pesceone]
  9. Man, they played!! Someone should calculate how much time that hornline played compared to a show these days. I was there in '89, and it is still great fun. Looking for my program now. Thx for the reminder!
  10. Do you believe public institutions/entities get a "both eyes closed" blind eye versus non-public entities? btw, what parts of DCI? I would think the whole would be under consideration versus a part. I wish all who are entitled to their property to remain control as well as compensation.
  11. My thoughts: I have witnessed continuing rights infringement by instructors from the show choir activity and was baffled as to how public school administrations knowing those acts turned a blind eye. Violations will continue until claims are solicited.
  12. http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/62667-some-old-corps-photos/page-252
  13. As one who has completed more than 70 marathons, and 30 Ultramarathons up to 52 miles, I would suggest your footwear question be answered by your local running store technician/specialist. Even though the above suggestions "might" work for you, ultimately the posters do not know what type of shoe best fits YOUR foot and gait i.e neutral, pronation/stability etc. Obviously you'll need a shoe that can withstand the rigors of the activity. So, head to that store, or several if available. They should be able to help define your match, be it # of mm of drop, stack height, stability control, etc. If you need an online reference for research: runrepeat.com. Don't ignore previous year models to save some coin! The store will try to sell you current year models, but you can shop for previous year models @ half the price. Also: GOOD SOCKS!!! Blister control, gold bond, etc. If ya need more running shoe ideas, pm me. Oh, stretch & hydrate like a boss.
  14. Interview with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEfhjJfknv8