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  1. So it's "most" when ya respond to 84BDSop, "every" when ya respond to cmor, called on it by someone & then it's "always outlier anomalies". You always do this.
  2. My Church's Sports League has no transfer policy, for your information. Neither does the local YMCA Sports League. So, No. You are incorrect. It is not every sports league as you purport.
  3. Did the Corps use the same music arranger for the three year span of this selection? If so, does anyone know the name?
  4. Well....that would be classless, as they are Classy! Great thread, btw. Looking forward to '18 one-liners being cataloged as well. Life's too short to be too serious. Or not drink good beer.
  5. Are you saying this?[my highlight & spelling] Excluding those endeavors that are bound by multi-year contracts, I would guess it to not be highly unusual. The fact the some choose not to reload succeeding seasons does not necessarily equate to the inability to do so.
  6. I suppose this thread has me wondering: does DCI collect & keep information such as this [as well as LOTS of other data] whereby long/short term patterns can be observed; and, if they do, is the information accessible to the fan base? IOW, are member corps asked by the organization to submit "reports" on stuff like this?
  7. Please elaborate to clarify for me. Do you just not like the literature or the delivery/performance of "most of the top"? Or both?
  8. When is the last time Colts Perc topped that many at a show?
  9. EXACTLY what I immediately thought as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytBFg3aMx5c
  10. was it something Tim_Brandt was working on? Or is that just the weekly "game"? There was one post that identified who was pretty close in 2016.[DrumManTX June 9th in the 2017 prediction thread remarking on Cappybara's prediction]
  11. And I would love it if Academy swapped performance spots with them in support of this situation.
  12. I was gonna say this, but was afraid of the response.......