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  1. duh....................Bloo
  2. No slam to the great Harpo as soloist, but as a "jazzer", there's just too many "devices" he incorporated into the arrangement i.e. cadenzas, uptempo, half-time swing push/company front, down ending [abbreviated] to be effective IMO. For my tastes, I'll take a Bluecoats arr. on a jazz tune/standard [bitd]. Sometimes just a couple spices in the recipe makes a better dish than the cupboard-full. [as an aside, when I taught and had a superb soloist, I always featured him/her on the field!]
  3. looks way cool!........but have thought all day on this question: What is a "rhythmical dreamer" to which they mention? ummm, yeah.
  4. Just think this is interesting regarding the source material. https://newrepublic.com/article/139816/breaking-elgars-enigma Also, The President's Own United States Marine Band performed a new orchestration of Enigma [by MSgt Donald Patterson] under the baton of Col. Michael Colburn three years ago. If it was good enough for him/them-then I'd say it is worthy of a musician's attention. Will search for a recording of this.
  5. Hey, if Dawson can sneak in his Regiment '03 Harmonic Journey........ Agree on Red as a favorite. Still contemplating my list.....it's kinda a combination of three already posted.
  6. go to the aforementioned twitter drums down under account & look
  7. Thought it best, as we all are aware that even though BD, that you brought up has won it all 5 times since'09, they've only earned the Ott twice during those eight years.
  8. Let me rephrase then. To sound like any Jim Ott winner.
  9. I think many corps would love to sound like the Jim Ott winner!!!
  10. drop waist half cape, two tone sleeves, are the guantlets faded black to red? http://colts.org/uniforms.html
  11. Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No. 5 "Raindrop"
  12. It is OAK-ay to o-PINE on such things, but maybe we should BRANCH out on which illus-TREE-ous corps will utilize new TREE-ments with their uniforms. Some will be TREE-mendous, the best in the coun-tree! They will SPRUCE up their appearance for 2017, and will be quite in-tree-guing!. Who will divulge their design first? It's quite a mys-Tree! KNOT much more I can say....but I will probably keep a LOG of the changes.
  13. Also, Colts '82 uniform would have negatively impacted their Short jacket eras. Also, early spiked helmet era of Glassmen would have negatively impacted their top ten finalist years. Does your question specifically ask for ANY previous year uniform, or just one year previous? My SCV answer follows the latter, your Bluecoats example cites any previous, so I'm unclear. Good question either way!
  14. Yep. '87 SCV uniform would have negatively impacted '88 IMO