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  1. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Or Hebron, for that matter.
  2. Not rare at all. VERY common to find high school and college aged players that are amazingly talented in this idiom. Too many examples to list-do a video search for yourself. I've had dozens of All-State jazz musicians in my program and can attest to their proficiency.
  3. Well, it's rare to have an Adam Rapa march with your corps, as well! He can do it ALL! ECJ '98 anyone?
  4. In my neck of the woods: http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20171006/why-high-school-football-programs-are-losing-players-
  5. Musical improvisation involves previous preparation. Form, chord structures, rehearsal, etc.
  6. true. Is it allowed? absolutely
  7. so every one YOu have met.......sampling of? btw......do you consider hitting a "triple C" ...or LOL "some such"......[what is some such?] to be improvising?????? Really, I would like to know. "if they feel comfortable"...........HEY!!! That's a decision.........NOT winging it!!!! Why re-define the OP's question? It was a yes or no question. allowed. It IS allowed. period.
  8. AGREED! nor did I. But, they will not improvise the written, as per the meaning of improvisation.[soloing over chord changes] We agree .
  9. True, but many ensembles have multi-talented musicians [jazz competent soloists]. Quite honestly, almost without exception, every competent jazz soloist I know can play "the spots off the page". Really easy, actually . I look at some of the Bluecoats years with their great arrangements of jazz standards. Truly wonderful creations. I would not be surprised if there was a soloist in their ranks that could have performed a killer improvised solo during one of those arrangements. Never mind that "some" would downgrade the presentation as "winging it".
  10. Incorrect. Ensembles play the written chart, the solo sections have improvisation.
  11. Haha! So you KNOW, for 'fact".....hahahaaaa... I can't stop laughing....excuse me. That soloists at BD, mind you......Hahahaha....still laughing,..... have a conversation, in which he/she discusses the....oh, I can HARDLY type this..."manipulation" of a solo. By goodness! You do have connections on the "inside".............even to witness a "Rare" event which you describe...... BTW who disallowed it? Which Brass arrangers are leary of it? Again, stop with the "wing it" terminology. Improvisation involves decisions. I suggest you listen to some Kilties & Bridgeman as verification! Look, I have NO doubt that today's talent in DCI, with their, as you say "threat to timing issues" can handle those scenarios involving an improvised soloist. Gee, hard to believe, but yes, They ARE that good........ c'mon man. Remember, in your description....they are "creatures of precision habit". It is my opinion that you have never been on a jazz stage when I consider this slam to the abilities of fellow performers.
  12. An orchestra is an ensemble, we are talking about individuals improvising, correct?
  13. I think a visit to a competitive/adjudicated jazz festival highlighting the talents of under 21 aged musicians might change your opinion. When was the last time you have seen/heard today's top talent improvising? IMO this is not your father's Oldsmobile..........."youthful attempt". c'mon man The mere suggestion that a talented improvisor is "winging it" is a flat out insult as well, IMO. And, today's talented improvisors have NO problem covering what any DCI brass arranger can create. btw, every big band competing is a team competing at these festivals. Heck, I know know of NO jazz group in which it is not a team endeavor, as well. Every festival that I have adjudicated has included improvisors in a team setting. EVERY. Now, I do not disagree with your suggestion the I & E is also a good opportunity for this talent to excel. Who are these adult instructors that discourage this in DCI? Are not DCI judges qualified in the concepts of jazz improvisation? If not, then is THIS the risk of which you suppose? Oh yeah, ......my bad......there's no place on the sheet to "box" that...........got'cha. Let's not "dare" do something that doesn't fit.....................