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  1. drop waist half cape, two tone sleeves, are the guantlets faded black to red? http://colts.org/uniforms.html
  2. Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No. 5 "Raindrop"
  3. It is OAK-ay to o-PINE on such things, but maybe we should BRANCH out on which illus-TREE-ous corps will utilize new TREE-ments with their uniforms. Some will be TREE-mendous, the best in the coun-tree! They will SPRUCE up their appearance for 2017, and will be quite in-tree-guing!. Who will divulge their design first? It's quite a mys-Tree! KNOT much more I can say....but I will probably keep a LOG of the changes.
  4. Also, Colts '82 uniform would have negatively impacted their Short jacket eras. Also, early spiked helmet era of Glassmen would have negatively impacted their top ten finalist years. Does your question specifically ask for ANY previous year uniform, or just one year previous? My SCV answer follows the latter, your Bluecoats example cites any previous, so I'm unclear. Good question either way!
  5. Yep. '87 SCV uniform would have negatively impacted '88 IMO
  6. He actually did the Marching arrangement prior IMO to the Concert Band version. The earliest years of Arrangers Publishing Company on albums included this piece I believe http://www.arrpubco.com/apc_media_player/playerwindow.php?item=M491 He actually did the marching arrangement prior to the Concert Band version IMO. The Arrangers Publishing Company earliest years on album included this piece, I believe. http://www.arrpubco.com/apc_media_player/playerwindow.php?item=M491
  7. Newman is the most nominated living composer to have never won an Oscar.
  8. When I saw [with my wife] them perform this in 2001 at ISU, I took the opportunity to yell "FABER!!" at one moment. My wife didn't get the pun and punched my arm. Miss Southwind of old.wishing them best now.
  9. I'd love to hear the modern corps play the entire '83 book.
  10. Another vote from me for Trittico. Also: "Praise Jerusalem"-Alfred Reed "Armenian Dances"-Alfred Reed "Variations on a Medieval Tune"-Dello Joio "Sonoron Desert Holiday"-Ron Nelson "Partita for Band"-Gregson "Hymnsong of Philip Bliss"-Holsinger "Suite for Jazz Orchestra"-Mike Pendowski Music from "Empire of the Sun"-Williams
  11. Are you opening the harmonica vs. melodica debate??? With the current cone of silence, one has to wonder what the arrangers are thinking as far as wind instrumentation, no?
  12. Amazing work, and I agree with your suggestion!
  13. Yes, conductors should remove headwear when directing musical ensembles. Not only is this traditionally part of the craft, I believe many in the ensemble benefit from the delivery of emotion and artistic interpretation via facial expressions.
  14. Found the program. The corps Director Al DiCroce did the arranging, and on the Brass staff that year was Doug Thrower.. Trivia question from that year: How much prize money was paid to the Finals Champion? [it was in the program article by Don Pesceone]