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  1. Zero, for the first time in 20+ years. Skipped STL because of venue. Skipped Lisle & Dekalb this year too. Schedule conflicts. So from three "usuals" to none. Usually 3-4 tickets purchased per show. Considering price of accommodations, food, gas, tickets.........beer........significant "tour"ism [see what I did there?] financial swing for 2019.
  2. Have been noticing numerous posts remarking about the great drill writers of old this weekend. Brubaker, Gaines, Weber etc. and how the visual "wow" factor from the cleanly presented and performed visual package helped dictate GE. Yes, enhancing the music. Having transpired from the hand-written light-board method to the Pyware era, I-as a retired educator, miss this delivery that does not rely on props and "staging", still recognizing that integrating them should be done judiciously.
  3. NOT Lebanon!!!! uuggh Nothing against McKendree, but WAY too small for even a small lineup show, let alone if only one previous year top 12 was included.
  4. Ditto. I skipped this year because of venue.
  5. That's, unfortunately for me what the inconsistency of foot strike timing and style screams. I understand that it is all very well planned and rehearsed, but when combined with any multitude of arm, hand, horn, face emotion etc. motions, it really comes off as "be happy/######/depressed/joyful while rapidly relocating for 16 counts" as you desire.
  6. What is everyone's take now that we have had some 33 shows?
  7. They have their preview show tonight. A thread exists about this.
  8. absolutely. And, I reserve the use of parable as something from the Gospels.
  9. Well, I don't consider it simple. Just as I don't consider a war to be a story, I call it history.
  10. so, we have two WC corps with helmets this summer...........
  11. well, with all the weed we'll have now thanks to our Gov, nuttin's gonna be gettin' done 'til we remember to do it............we.won't. aarrgh.
  12. So, you'd say they're still "building"?..............sorry, bad pun