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  1. May I suggest: Lead & section Players in Big Bands. Principal & Section Players in Symphony Orchestras. My good friend is a touring Lead Player & Broadway Pit Orchestra musician, MANY large crowds. Most would not consider his acoustically-earned six figure salary to be in the "broke" category.
  2. I think it's called wilderness.......
  3. Obviously they would spell out WKRP in their drill set, recognizing the infamous Turkey Drop from the helicopter......
  4. I am not a PR honk.........but the beauty of 10 captivates me to this day. Not the visual/watching-although that "completes" my appreciation, but simply listening to the flow of expression & precision [top percussion certainly seals the deal!]. So, yes.....let's hope for a direction, & construction of a musical product stimulating the attention surpassing a short-burst mentality.
  5. Thanks MikeN. My mind thinks: are some corps [excluding, obviously single-gender membership] reporting annually as to their breakdown regarding the demographic?
  6. In the DCI News "5 Things we already know about the 2020 Madison Scouts" article in mentions in #5 ...." He also said that female interest in the first year that all genders will be able to audition for the corps is strong, slightly exceeding the average demographic of males vs. females across DCI corps." Is there a DCI link, or other public access link that shares the stats on this demographic? Sorry...too lazy to find on my own.
  7. THANK YOU DCI! Return to St. Louis is appreciated scheduling!!! The dome rocked in 2018, and will again in 2020!!
  8. jwillis35: they won high drums in 06/08/10 and in those years placed 2/1/6
  9. Exactly. Talent. Imagine if you designed significant portions of a show around a couple OOTW soloists, to capture valuable MusGE etc advantage. Or even a couple of featured Dancers. Agree that persons with this level of chops would have some notoriety
  10. certainly a lot of suspense.........until the resolution, regardless of cadence.
  11. Zero, for the first time in 20+ years. Skipped STL because of venue. Skipped Lisle & Dekalb this year too. Schedule conflicts. So from three "usuals" to none. Usually 3-4 tickets purchased per show. Considering price of accommodations, food, gas, tickets.........beer........significant "tour"ism [see what I did there?] financial swing for 2019.
  12. Have been noticing numerous posts remarking about the great drill writers of old this weekend. Brubaker, Gaines, Weber etc. and how the visual "wow" factor from the cleanly presented and performed visual package helped dictate GE. Yes, enhancing the music. Having transpired from the hand-written light-board method to the Pyware era, I-as a retired educator, miss this delivery that does not rely on props and "staging", still recognizing that integrating them should be done judiciously.
  13. NOT Lebanon!!!! uuggh Nothing against McKendree, but WAY too small for even a small lineup show, let alone if only one previous year top 12 was included.