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  1. So sorry to hear of your passing. RIP Brother. Heaven just got 7X louder!!

  2. I'm jealous..............we don't start up again until January! Seriously, though...........have fun, and play loud!
  3. God I LOVE hearing stories like this! Sop players......what can ya do LOL
  4. you're close....I played FRENCH HORN in SCV, and MEEHAPHONE the next two years in BD. Never picked up a contrabass until Renegades.
  5. Honestly, I have found BK to be boring for years.......until 2010. Note: NEVER have I thought them to "suck", but they have played a lot of stuff over the years that quite frankly just didn't grab me.....however their 2010 show DID. Great job BK.
  6. This thread has reached the point where, against all logic and reason, I just wanna drop the topic and fart.
  7. I'd like to think that the kids are marching corps to "have fun" first, and "winning" after that. Not that I don't think every corps out there isn't doing their best to be the best they can competitively, but corps is about having fun with a special group of people you can bond with and find a home amongst. Some people find that in the "winning" tier of corps, others find it elsewhere...........
  8. Sorry to put so fine a point on it my friend, but I also do not see the "vs" angle................and both of those corps has great shows that they both performed well. My hat's off to them both.
  9. I can tell you that whatever Crown does in 2011, I will love it. Even if they take the field wearing bubblewrap armed with kazoos, they will find a way to kick ### with it.
  10. No, you are NOT ARROGANT, but some of us who have poked at you are. You are just..........ignorant's a strong word..........UNINFORMED. We all weren't born "knowing everything" about drum corps, and you won't learn it overnight. Some of what you are talking about, you learn by doing and can't sit back and analyze it on the chalkboard in class. And, since it appears that you won't have a chance to march in DCI, if there are any all age corps in your area I suggest you perhaps check them out for membership in the future. P.S. Under certain circumstances (when is the age cutoff again?) yo
  11. To be fair, the skateboard rolls fairly straight while the Ferrari pulls a little to the left...