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  1. I went to 2017 Semis/Finals with a friend, driving from MN (roughly 9+ hours). We stayed with a couple other friends at a hotel about 15-20 mins outside of downtown Indy ... I believe they booked the room months prior. It was my first finals experience since aging out in 2006. Overall worth it, but I don't plan on going back anytime soon (unless I get free tickets ... preferably in one of the luxury suites). A few questions first: - Are you doing the drive solo or with someone? - Do you have a place to stay yet? - Do you have tickets yet, and where are they (between the 40s
  2. I know taste. I have the best taste. OT - what is up with your avatar image?
  3. As someone who marched in the mid-2000s, I'd say GE scores for most groups would tank by today's standards. It was a transitional era that put out a bunch of boring shows with cookie cutter moments (PR 2006 was a rare exception). I'll take the weirdness and over-the-top set design of today's shows any day.
  4. If the instructor knows his/her stuff, I'm all for it. I've dealt with vet DMs who either: - Completely power tripped and lost the respect of the majority of members - Did the opposite and treated their season on the podium like a vacation The best DM I ever had (from a conducting standpoint) was a rookie straight out of HS. Unfortunately, our staff couldn't agree on how this person was supposed to lead the corps. A lot of moments of confusion. TL;DR - vet or rookie ... it doesn't matter: pick the candidate that's the best conductor and has the best projected leadershi
  5. It's a bummer that she only mentions it in one sentence, almost off-hand. It really warrants further investigation.
  6. "MY PARTICIPATION TROPHY FROM 2008 WILL NOT BE IGNORED." How/why is this news? Edit - Band directors have enough inventory to manage. They shouldn't have to bend to the whims of busybody alums from 5+ years ago.
  7. I'm ok with this particular instance (it's Tarpon ... they're good at what they do). I'm more concerned about the crappy design teams flush with booster $$$ ...
  8. Nobody said a mean thing about "the kids." People are discussing a potential new trend. That's it.
  9. The original post has now been re-posted to /r/drumcorps ... it will now assume its final form: a brilliant, insane piece of copypasta that younger generations will cherish for months to come.
  10. Are you basing that assumption on just a blank web page, or is there anything else to go off of?
  11. Fair point. I hope it gets returned too, but the college football fan in me hopes it turns into a trophy rivalry ... get "BD Brass" or whatever engraved on the other side. Whoever scores higher gets to take home the hammer. Just like Paul Bunyon's axe between MN-WI (hopefully not as one-sided).
  12. It's not acceptable, but it has always happened. And I guarantee, it happened when you marched. My thoughts: - The idea of the Crown Hammer is stupid. It's the sort of useless object that pretty much begs to get stolen. It's the same sort of nonsense as those baseball bats the Carolina Panthers used to walk around with a few years ago: an empty symbol of false hype that does nothing but take up space. - Even though stealing is not a recent thing, the idea of posing with it in your uniform and posting it to social media is pretty egregious/stupid. Even if this kid is an age-out,
  13. They didn't really look like ribs to me until Klesch pointed it out on the cinecast. ... can we please stop talking about ribs now? I'm starving.
  14. Here's my mostly uneducated take on the viability of these venues (mainly for my own entertainment). Only venue I've been to is U.S. Bank Stadium (for the unofficial state marching band competition). As for cities, I've been to Arlington, Houston, Atlanta, LA, and Vegas. Currently live near Mpls. Overall -- for as much as I didn't like the stadium experience at Indy, I think it's here to stay unless Mpls/Atl/etc can offer a sweeter deal. Arlington - I would imagine the overall venue and its acoustics would be an upgrade (provided the roof could be opened). Housing would be pretty eas