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  1. Exhibitions include: Saints Brigade, Skyliners Alumni, Caballeros Alumni and I believe Encorps. I heard there is a fifth exhibition corps, but I don't recall who it is.
  2. Maybe the running and athleticism appeals to the younger recruits, but Geno55441 makes the excellent point that corps are losing out on older, more experienced members who simply can't meet the physical demands of the current show designs. For what it's worth, 20-25 years ago I already realized there was no way that I could drum and crab-step at 140 to 150 beats per minute. I felt I could play anything they were playing, but the marching/visual demands excluded me even then. My alternative was to join the Cabs Alumni Corps when we started up, and I'm still drumming. Marching at my age now and due to health issues is questionable, but I'm hoping to get on the field this season once again.
  3. Today I saw a posting on Facebook showing an old advertisement for the fourth annual "Preview of Champions" contest in Jersey City on May 29th 1960. In those days, the contest season began Memorial Day weekend and ran straight through to Labor Day and sometimes beyond. It was a different era, to be sure. I wondered about the evaluation show this late in June also, but John Adcock's explanation makes perfect sense. Many corps, even DCA "All-age" corps, are dependent upon members with school commitments this time of year, and just can't be as "ready" as early any more. The Mt. Carmel PA exhibition was our "evaluation" show (or "dress rehearsal" if you prefer) back in the days when I marched. Stratford or Hamden would be the first judged DCA contest held the first week of June. Today, the whole seasonal time frame has been pushed back a few weeks out of necessity. I was happy to see every corps come out with essentially full shows in Wildwood. As the season progresses, they will certainly grow and become even more involved and entertaining. Let's concentrate on the positive aspects and look forward to a great season of DCA shows, rather than question why the season is starting "so late" and why corps are not being judged yet.
  4. Thank you for the kind words, Big W, both here as well as the comments you shared with me when we met in Clifton. They are truly appreciated. Forgive me for not realizing it was you right away when we finally did meet. I was just caught a little off guard, and my ears were still ringing from Al Chez and his guys! Thanks so much for the compliments. Our guys do a great job, and I'm happy to see them get some well-deserved recognition. I hope to see you again, perhaps in Rochester?
  5. Andy Lisko is correct, Kevin. "Cuban Pete" was popularized by Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz, of course) on "I Love Lucy." It saw a resurgence of popularity when it was featured in Jim Carrey's film, "The Mask." The Cabs played this combo back in the 1950's and we also played it in the Alumni Corps our first season. This year's new arrangement of "Lucy / Pete" by Larry Kerchner was a nod to our Alumni Corps 20th Anniversary season, complete with a dance step straight out of the 50's as well.
  6. If it's answers or guesses you want, Nanci I'll get the ball rolling. Most folks are already heading to Rochester for DCA or preparing to go. I saw #1 just last Saturday at Bridgeport where he was taking in the Hurcs' contest. A great horn player, former USAF Drum and Bugle Corps member as well as the aforementioned "Mighty" St. Joe's of Newark as well as a NY Skyliner. Perhaps he is even better known to most folks as an excellent horn instructor for many, many years. I had the privilege of teachng with him and Ernie Fesler at the St. Matthias "Blue Max" of Ridgewood, NY back in the late 70's. The one and only Tommy Martin.
  7. I think all would agree, especially Don, that the lady has a certain regal air about her.
  8. We performed at DCI's Semifinals in Foxboro in 2005, and you are absolutely right, Big W. We went on right after the Cadets that night, and a good one-third to one-half of the crowd left as we came onto the field. Those who stayed were a great, enthusiastic audience, but literally thousands of folks had no interest in an alumni corps, especially a DCA corps' alumni. We did make some new fans that night, but clearly it was not really 'our crowd' for whom we performed. The majority of hardcore DCI fans simply 'don't get' why we're on the field and why we still love to perform. I appreciate Chris Holland's comment and intention, but I doubt we would be received any better than the Bridgemen Alumni were at DCI East. Apparently their reception was not what they expected from what I have heard and read, despite the fact they represent a beloved former DCI corps. That's a shame, because they are really good and very entertaining. DCA veterans and followers are more of our true fan base. Others may enjoy us, but it's not overwhelming numbers of folks. Too bad more people aren't more open-minded with regard to all of the Alumni corps that perform. Thank you you, Chris for your kind comments in your review. This season you have brought a fresh perspective to DCA shows and I look forward to your reviews the same way I look forward to Big W's and Jeff Ream's. The three of you are the best when it comes to knowledgeable and balanced reviews, and I hope you all continue to share your points of view with us.
  9. Thinking back, we did not go to Hershey in '66. June was Stratford, Toronto (Shriner's), and Boston (Mission Drums). So the earliest it could be is 1967, and I do recall going to Hershey for the first time (for me) that season.
  10. I believe it was a short arrangement of "Stars and Stripes Forever" that all DCA corps learned in 1976 for the Bicentennial to be played together, en masse at retreats as they all marched toward the stands. I don't know who arranged it, possibly Truman Crawford. I attended several shows that year, and witnessed it with varying degrees of success. My impression was that DCA management wanted this, but corps members weren't terribly happy about doing it. And I agree with Jim, it was a bit of a train wreck at most shows. Sun had a brief segment of "Stars and Stripes" as part of their closer before the "Happy Birthday" segment, and I always wondered if they played their own arrangement or the one meant for the massed corps.
  11. Andy, I too, don't think that Sky and Cabs competed together at all in both 1964 and 1965. I could be mistaken, but I believe those scores might be from Hershey in 1966. I was not yet marching Cabs, but I was following the corps with the folks who eventually recruited me the next year. My understanding is that the Portland, A.L. Nationals was their only loss in '65, to the Rochester Crusaders. I also just noticed your post lists it as "Thursday June 17, 1965." It's highly unlikely a DCA show was held on a Thursday in June.
  12. Credit for that goes to our arranger and horn instructor, Larry Kerchner. I guess you realized they are using G horns, not B-flat. Maybe that had something to do with the way their sound impressed you? I handle the drum section with assistance from others. Hope to meet you at a show.
  13. Great review! In particular, thank you for your kind comments about our exhibition. We're older, a little slower, but we have a passion to keep performing, and we just want to go out and entertain with our old-style music and drill. It's nice when someone notices! If you do go to Rochester, don't skip the Alumni Spectacular early Sunday, if you want to see and hear some more "throw-back" drum corps of pretty high quality.
  14. No, that wasn't me, Big W, but thanks for the compliment! (I wish i were that tall!) I'm the short guy in the middle of the Cabs Alumni snareline, still marching and playing as long as the legs and back hold out. I only 'conduct' the drum section at rehearsals. The drum major who starts the corps is Chuck Bishop, Tyrone Laval conducts the concert, and Tom Ashby leads us in other segments of the show. All three are doing a great job on the field. Jim Russo is not with us this year, having decided to take some time off. Fran Lauritano is leading the American Section this year, and she does an outstanding job as well. I hope I get to meet both you and John Adcock at some point before the season is over, perhaps at the either the Kingston or Scranton shows, or even in Rochester. You'll have to come over and introduce yourselves, since I don't know what either of you look like!