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  1. Unless the Cadets totally overhaul their drumming image (which is possible), Mapes & Grom write stuff that's way too hip for that line. Not a knock on Cadets percussion, just a difference in approaches.
  2. I know this seems like trolling, and it isn't exactly said tactfully, but there's some truth to this. Announcements incoming soon.
  3. Exciting stuff! What's got me curious at the moment - as a contra player who has marched both Gs and Bbs, my concern is in performer health. With today's physical demands, the Yamaha horns blow the competition out of the water in terms of ergonomics. How will a 5/4 horn remain light enough? Talk to any member who has switched from Jupiter to Yamahas about how their entire summer is affected by the size and weight of those horns and they all say the same thing -- the Yamahas are so much easier on their bodies and lead to a much better drum corps experience. Not to naysay at all. :) I'm hoping you knock this one out of the park! Just curious about how you keep the visual side and performer health considered while making the horns.
  4. When you see what those light tops and dark pants do from an effect and clarity standpoint up top, that's when the design really makes sense -- especially in bigger stadiums. The old uniforms didn't do the group any favors from an ensemble visual standpoint, though it was a cool individual look.
  5. 24 mellos? Can you name me the corps and year of any hornline that's ever had that? I feel like that number has to be impossible. Not counting last year's BK opener, what's the biggest mello line anyone has put on the field for an entire show?
  6. Love that look. Just out of curiosity -- how do you guys go about painting all the washers?
  7. Judge list is with the corps. Semis looks... interesting... for a few groups. I dig the prelims and finals panels.
  8. I have no dog in this fight, but as a bit of a math geek, I looked back through recaps this season and I would suggest you do the same before throwing out a snarky reply like that. Torchia absolutely scores them significantly outside the norm.
  9. Ditto to what you said about the difference in Yamaha models. As for the new Jupiters... They're really sounding darker and more open with each model, but the weight of those horns is absolutely inexcusable, especially considering the size/weight and sound of the current Yamahas. The Jupiter engineers #### well know what these modern contra players do physically, and to make horns that are still that heavy is absolutely irresponsible. If you're going to make marching horns, you need to have an understanding of your effects on the students. Ask any tuba player since 08 who went from a Jupiter line to a Yamaha line how their summers were different.
  10. Good lord, the attempts at humor on DCP... Anyway, go Wisconsin.
  11. I'm reasonably sure this logic is completely... illogical... but it would be a fun sight to see. :)