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  1. For what it’s worth, they didn’t stay in the same spot. Jumped up one.
  2. Visited an old student of mine with the corps. All I’ll say is they’re going to be very, very good. And the guard does something I’ve never seen before that has to be appreciated in-person. Trust me on this one. 😎 In love with this show already. Bloo has some new tricks up their sleeves. I left thoroughly entertained.
  3. How many times do people have to explain this? These people aren’t all doing massive stints on the road. Most of the great instructors have other commitments in the summer time. The larger staffs allow coverage all summer by tagging in and out. This isn’t hard, y’all.
  4. Spirit, we love that you’re back!! Can you PLEASE not use AI to write your releases?
  5. If you think that remark is harsh, the world must be a terrifying place for you. I stand by what I said. I think OP is just a rando looking to hear more about what it’s like for staffers. I’d be happy to be proven incorrect. But creating new accounts in both DCP and Reddit to ask this question instead of getting it from individuals within the organization? Doesn’t smell right.
  6. If this person is asking on DCP and not directly asking others in the activity, I find the whole thing very, very hard to believe.
  7. Why on earth are you asking DCP and not your admin or fellow staff members? Makes me doubt this is real.
  8. “…Showcasing a lineup that promises to be the ensemble’s rhythmic prowess.” Oh, hey! Another Seattle AI post, only this time it doesn’t even make sense. 😂 Does anybody in the organization who can stop these schmucks read DCP?
  9. “His journey includes rich achievements, from working with renowned ensembles to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.” Oh. My. God. This AI is awful. Thought it was just the one bio announcement, but nope. Here we are. Seattle, please stop making your organization look like clown shoes.
  10. Can confirm that this is not true. The person who started that rumor on the DCILeaks subreddit was a recent member of BK. Not going to name the person out of respect. No truth to it. Full stop.
  11. Can we get a lock on this thread while OP crawls back into his hole?
  12. Seen a run through from everyone in last year’s top 12 with the exception of Colts so far. 1. Bluecoats - what a drumline. Love the lean into weirdness with still being accessible. Great ballad. 2. Blue Devils - honestly, I think they’ll win, BUT, I love this show. Why is this a problem? They never seem to win when I love what they’re doing. 92, 06, 11, etc. etc. 3. Carolina Crown - strongest design since 2016. Would not be shocked if Boston tops them. Drum writing is better this year - digging it. 4. Boston - killer guard. Don’t love the horn book or drum ramming. But the kids’ talent is undeniable. 5. Blue Stars - Unbelievable lush brass sound and a guard book that’s full of I-can’t-believe-they-just-did-that moments. 6. Phantom - love the music. Very Phantom while getting a modern upgrade. Muse is a great fit. 7. Cadets - great drumline. Visual book got a nice step up. Really enjoying what they have so far. 8. Mandarins - love seeing these guys on the rise! 9. Troopers - a step up from 2022. They’re really gunning for it. Lots more demand in the visual program in terms of individual responsibilities this time around. 10. Cavaliers - tasty percussion writing. Very underwhelmed with what they’re doing considering the greatness of the source material. Still, a fun package with Easter eggs everywhere. Enjoyed it on first viewing quite a bit, just don’t see a high competitive ceiling 11. Colts - haven’t seen it. Always love the red team. Looking forward to them this year. 12. No clue. This might be the single most interesting slot on finals night.
  13. Just means now two creatures are doing their business outside. 😅
  14. Broken City guys to Crown announcement coming soon. Nice pairing.
  15. I'll triple the amount to make sure it never gets near a football field ever again. 😅
  16. Saw tonight live - Blue Stars brass also laid a bit of an uncharacteristic egg tonight at the show. Weird anomaly for them. I was mostly watching the hornline, so no idea about guard or drums. Considering how consistent they’ve been all season, I would take tonight’s slightly closer spread as a little flukey (unless Cavies also had a bad run, which in my opinion at least, they were fantastic).
  17. Bloo competed in DCM during its last several years. They’re Midwest. Full stop.
  18. Big Phantom fan here, but bigger fan of reality. Care to make a friendly wager on which corps places higher Finals night?
  19. Hoping we can add 2022 to that list. Colts and Troopers both out there rocking this season.
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