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  1. (The photographer taking the DM picture forgot to have the sash tassel centered on the leg pin stripe.)
  2. I imagine many of you are familiar with this FB group. Covid Drum Corps. The first episode listed on their FB page is Christmas shows and a segment of a corps show with a Christmas song. Occasional strong language. https://www.facebook.com/CDCorpsWebcast/
  3. Read somewhere that the first shot is 55% effective.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOLsVl_UzUM
  5. I'm still amazed how these vaccines were created so fast. Makes one wonder why other medicines over the years have taken much longer. Medicine that may have saved thousands of lives.
  6. If your thoughts came to fruition, maybe a corps would really go outside the standard DCI box. Unlimited mm, equipment, performers in the stands, etc.
  7. Not sure how hot the market is in your area JR, but a RE friend of ours says he could use another 3-4 hours a day with all the activity out here in the St. G area. All those folks who have finally decided to leave CA.
  8. Since they have a hard time keeping an acceptable social distance, they're going to have a hard time recruiting and passing C19 restrictions.
  9. There are those who say infected numbers will rise because of colder weather.
  10. Some might be bored of watching old shows on line or DVD. The BD and SCV are probably the gold standard of how to run a DCI organization with several programs and continue to be successful on and off the field.
  11. Speaking of outside, the Boston Bruins and another NHL team or three are looking into having their home games outdoors.
  12. Boy, do I look stupid now (Hey, I heard that!) that Boston is going all in next year if allowed too. Didn't see this coming.
  13. THE BOSTON CRUSADERS RETURN FOR 2021! On December 4, 2020, in News The Boston Crusaders are fully committed to 2021 live education and programming! While we continue to monitor the rapidly changing pandemic landscape, we are confident that we can gather live and get back to creating an educational experience for our membership, while providing thrilling entertainment for our fans in June of 2021. Throughout the last six months, we have worked closely with Castleton University to establish protocols that align with the State of Vermont safety standards and will align with the newly created minimum viable standards created by Drum Corps International’s Tour Reopening Task Force. Therefore, we are excited to announce that the Boston Crusaders will assemble in June of 2021 in Castleton, Vermont. Prior to our summer move-in, we anticipate two live camps in April and May in San Antonio, TX. While we are eager to have these live camps, the safety of our membership, staff and volunteers is paramount. There is still uncertainty around the ability to travel. There are still restrictions in place on leaving and returning to college campuses and high school community settings. We need more time to finalize live camp plans and we remain flexible in our planning. But rest assured, the drum corps void is coming to an end. For family, friends, fans and alumni, you can expect a winter, spring, and summer of engagement from the BAC design team and membership. We will be sharing plans around musical content and programming early in 2021. The plan is to bring you along for the full ride. You will not be waiting until summer for your fill of BAC! The summer will include a variety of New England based performances and member experiences, including the 8th annual Concert in the Park in Boston. We anticipate that our summer will culminate with the Drum Corps International Indianapolis events in August. As the next several months unfold, we will continue to work to add safe opportunities in between our New England appearances and Indianapolis. But with certainty – we announce live drum corps programming for 2021 with returning members and new cast members that are starting the audition process. And likewise – a fresh 2021 design concept is underway – and it will be quintessential “Boston”. We support all of the DCI member corps and participating groups as they navigate this unique season based on a wide range of factors from geographic restrictions to safety and financial considerations. Given the very real challenges and restrictions, we know all the corps and drum corps fans will rally to support each other. This summer will be a celebration of our cherished activity. As we march on together – taking different approaches – we are united with a goal to create lifelong bonds, educate, and entertain. Ultimately, this bridge will lead to a 2022 season where full normal activities can return and thrive.
  14. Supposedly that's who makes the call. Late in their season, the Korean Baseball Organization allowed a percentage of fans in. When So. Korea had a spike in C19, the number of fans were cut back. When their final Korean Series began, the number of fans in went back up. If you watch any NFL games, try and get a glimpse of the corporate suites. Sure looks like a lot of people bunched up inside.
  15. More crashes in NASCAR, but saw this one live last Sunday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7_En2xEm4
  16. It's not too late to join the bandwagon of us and corps who feel it's not worth taking a chance on a watered down season. There's a lot of logistics, expenses, shaking the volunteer trees, etc. that some corps feel is not for them at this time. The top corps, who skip whatever a 2021 "season" is like, will get great talent come next November, and their war chests will be stronger to maintain or sign up the top teaching/writing staff.
  17. Just about every human being on this planet.
  18. Probably, as it stands now with what little info is out there, this gig in the oil can should never have left the DCI offices.
  19. The Bridgemen's endings in 78&79 were different.
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