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  1. Really enjoying being excited about the Cadets again! Nothing but good news coming from the corps. Regardless of placement, this is going to be fun!
  2. Hey, don't change the subject. Allentown is Phillies country...or whatever the comment was by a certain expert on here. Go Cadets!
  3. A good friend of mine is arriving at the Cadets spring training site this morning. Extremely excited to hear his thoughts about the 2019 Cadets!
  4. This is a cool idea. I have been following these since they started.
  5. As long as I can remember they wore Red Sox hats.
  6. What were they thinking! Not a good look.
  7. I'm anxious for you to see the Cadets and hear your thoughts about the new uniforms! They should look really cool on the field.
  8. Six snares...please don't tell me two are injured
  9. The Cadets are really good right now...I will leave it at that.
  10. This argument is rediculous. And yes, it does mirror our screwed up society! I hope political correctness doesn't destroy drum corps the same way it is ripping our country apart.
  11. Standing in front of the Cadets brass arc yesterday gave me chills...have not been able to feel that from them for too long! The corps certainly has work to do; however, when they sound good, they sound really good.
  12. Regardless of placement, they will have a cool show that most will like!
  13. Not able to get up higher to see the drill yet due to the facility they are at. However, a lot of visual interest even at field level.
  14. Have not been able to get the Cadets music out of my head since I left them last night! Music is really growing on me now that the visual aspect is being added. The staging of this show is on a different level than recent years...in a good way. Visually, this is some of the coolest stuff I have seen the Cadets do in years. Trying to keep realistic expectations about how they will place this season; however, when I watch this edition of the Cadets (which has been a lot in the past 2 weeks), I actually think they may have some upward mobility when it comes to placement this season. Either way, this season will be a breath of fresh air for the Cadets and their fans.
  15. I had similar concerns from the design videos; however, the first 5+ minutes of the show don't come across as cringey or overly literal. Keep in mind that the Cadets picked up some key staff people (some fresh off of a DCI championship) this season and it shows. This is clearly not the George Hopkins Cadets...that's a good thing!
  16. You are correct...the Cadets are far from "in trouble at all"
  17. Had an amazing Memorial Day with the Cadets. This corps has tons of potential.
  18. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And I have no agenda. Simply shared my opinion based on many years of experience marching snare in drum corps. And why would a corps share content that has obvious mistakes when you're trying to build some positive hype.
  19. Headed to camp Saginaw to spend the day with the Cadets!
  20. Hey Terri...have a great holiday tomorrow!
  21. Whatever. Top tier lines should be able to play clean standing still.
  22. No problem George. Have a great holiday tomorrow.