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  1. Thanks for the info. I absolutely love Mike Jackson's approach to Drum Corps percussion and his arranging style. I assume he will not be arranging for BAC?
  2. Agree, however, who is going to do the arranging? Is Colin or Jackson going to be the main percussion guy? Colin and Jackson seem to follow very different styles of arranging and playing the instrument. Seems as though there could be a conflict of interest with this arrangement. With that said, I should probably wait for more details before forming an opinion. Just seems like an odd situation.
  3. Absolutely...thank you for stating a really good point. I was going to say the same thing.
  4. I have this crazy notion that opinions and speculation from educated people should be based on the facts we know. And, if we don't have all the facts, what is the point of drawing conclusions.
  5. Honestly, I have had minimal issues with Flo...I'm thankful it is an option. Otherwise, I wouldn't get to see many shows. Not to mention the fact that I get to see finals!
  6. Just the way our culture is currently. We have to create the perception that problems exist in places where they really don't. I'm all in for all people being treated equally...not all in for special treatment for certain groups of people. In my opinion, the best way to be inclusive is to treat all people the same.
  7. Thank you for the kind response.
  8. I find it extremely interesting that a poster in this thread found my statement to be funny.
  9. This thread is meaningless speculation. If we had all the facts, there is a slight chance of some real exchange of ideas...otherwise, this thread is in the fictional category.
  10. Well said sir! And some who are void of the facts are roasting the Cadets over the coals. The current management team at the Cadets are being criticized for issues that they did not create.
  11. Thanks for your words. It upsets me that some continue to pound on the Cadets without knowing all the facts. They have certainly made mistakes in the past; however they are working hard to right the ship.
  12. Still appears as though some on hear are hoping that the Cadets cease operations...sad. Thankfully the Cadets have a dedicated staff of good people who are ignoring the critics and are committed to moving the corps in a positive direction. Kudos to the good people at the helm of the Cadets!
  13. Good to see Greg Lagola is back with the Cadets. Not really surprising though...he has a long history with the Cadets. He is a good guy and he brings a lot of knowledge and experience!
  14. Sometimes I think he is on this thread with a new name
  15. Nope, the current management team is trying to recover from prior years of poor fiscal management. Sounds to me like some on this site would like to see the Cadets cease operations.
  16. No. I know it's hard but try to ignore the negativity and all the armchair corps directors on this site. The Cadets have had to deal with some real issues over the past several years. Issues that would have made other corps cease operations. There a many smart and good people at the helm of the Cadets...they will be fine. And hopefully, they will return the Cadets to an elite corps...and soon!
  17. Thank you George for trying to move this thread in a positive direction. The speculators will certainly reject anything positive in the Cadets thread. And I agree with you...I am very excited about the 2020 Cadets!
  18. They have commitments from most of the visual staff. They expect to have all on board soon and will announce then. Many from last season are gone though and the caption head is new.
  19. You're stating the obvious...you don't think people on this site are smart enough to realize this? You really don't have to talk down to people for being excited about their corps. Especially the Cadets...we have been longing for something to be excited about. Just let drum corps fans be excited about their team...no harm in that. Geez!
  20. I apologize if I stated incorrect information. I was under the understanding that Matt was the caption head at Bluecoats. Thanks for the clarification.
  21. So what other corps announced the acquisition of Jay Bocook as well as the Bluecoats brass caption head? I think that goes beyond the normal staff announcement hype. But that's just me and everyone has opinions.
  22. Well said...the voice of reason. So refreshing!
  23. This statement is consistent with conversations I had with friends of mine (who were very closely connected to the situation) on the Cadets admin staff.