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  1. I'm sorry that I was commenting on the Bluecoats statement on the Bluecoats thread. I now realize that my comment was off topic to the Bluecoats. Thank so much for pointing out my error!
  2. You mean it's not doom and gloom and the end of the activity. It's simply a website under maintenance.
  3. Try adding a tiny bit of cranberry juice to the mimosas...delicious!
  4. I haven't had the urge to smoke a cigarette for a long time. So for me, the urge to smoke a cigarette went away. Actually, the smell of cigarette smoke is repulsive to me now.
  5. Good job man. Your actions improved your health significantly. I quit smoking over 25 years ago. My father (heavy smoker) passed away from a massive heart attack...I haven't smoked a cigarette since.
  6. Whether you agree or not with the OP, he does have a right to his opinion. It's challenging to have a meaningful exchange of ideas when the insults start. Some on this site (with the strongest opinions) are the first to hurl insults when they don't agree with others. This site would probably get more participants if we didn't have to deal with insults about your views and/or opinions. OK...back to isolation!
  7. I enjoyed listening to you speak! This team seems to be doing all the right stuff.
  8. I watched this from 3:00 until 7:45. Very entertaining, informative, and motivational! It was fun to take a break and hype my favorite drum corps.
  9. They just show a PO Box for their location...not an address. That would seem to indicate that they do not occupy an actual space in Allentown.
  10. Well that didn't take long. A Cadets thread just can't stay positive...very predictable.
  11. Cadets officially release new website and announce the new organization: Cadets Arts and Entertainment Inc. Exciting times for the Cadets organization. For the first time since the Hopkins issue, I believe that the Cadets are putting this behind them and moving forward! Good days are coming for the Cadets.
  12. The Hey Jude ending just didn't work for me. I thought the original ending was more creative and impactful.
  13. Is it possible to obtain a video of the 2019 Bluecoats show before they changed to the Hey Jude ending?
  14. My wife and I are finding it useful to get outside and walk on a regular basis...helps to clear the mind and stay grounded about the crisis. Additionally, my wife and I are limiting our exposure to the media. We're watching just enough to stay informed. Too much exposure to the media will get to you. Everyone please stay safe and positive!
  15. nytimes has been painful for some time now though
  16. nytimes makes great toilet paper...so it does have some value
  17. He is not right. I watched the Cadets cloud meeting tonight. DCI will decide about the 2020 season on April 15th. The Cadets are waiting until then to finalize their plans. I will refrain from commenting on the individual who reported that the Cadets were announcing that they were not competing in 2020.
  18. Cadets have 80+ members present for their virtual brass camp this weekend!
  19. With all due respect, what news and opinion shows? And the answer to this question will probably speak volumes.