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  1. Roman has attended DCA for many many many years. He has rented his buses out to Mid West corps ,in the past. Disclaimer this is not an endorsement for or against any thing. Just stating the facts
  2. I belive the Kilties will be at Cob Hill Park.
  3. If you have a corps (where you want to march) in mind,contact them. I'm sure they would help set you up with something.
  4. Didn't say that corps would go broke. As for scores,if a corps is faced with putting on entertaining show,one that will get them booked,they will strive to make that show the best they can. Think of Broadway there is no scoring by just six people and yet there are great shows. Really you would not go to see MBI,CABS and others just because they aren't getting a score? People will pay to see MBI,and the likes if the shows are entertaining. if the corps' get lazy and push less for excellence, people will not pay regardless of scoring or not. Think of it as a rock concert with a bunch of grea
  5. Evolve or die. Do I like the way things are going,not really. But that is what everything is about. Let them put elephants, and flaming clowns jumping thru hoops,on the field. If ya'll care about the entertainment aspect and keeping corps alive ,then take the competition out of the activity. Then for a corps to get booked for a show they will have to be good enough entertainers to put people in the seats. Play to their own stengths, with or without the the flaming elephants. A corps will not be chasing scores in a system that says you will now have TO HAVE WHAT THE BIG BOYS HAVE This sounde
  6. I once asked Kenny,if doing Maleguana (sp), with a Scottish flare was doable.
  7. That was the picture that beat me out,for the recruiting pamphlet! Dang!!!1
  8. Had plans to stop by and see my kilted family. But alas, life stepped in and now it's not gonna happen! WWBD
  9. JC,99 was the we went co-ed. 98 was my 1st year and we were still all male.
  10. Madison, As a destination,the Dells is only 40 mins. away. Beautiful area,lots of water parks.
  11. Jeff, Racine itself has a few Good hotels,but Milwaukee is 15 mins away. And there are plenty of surrounding cities with hotels. There are quite a few area high school in the area(a couple with Kiltie alum as band directors) for rehearsal sites. The thing with Horlick is that it is listed as seating 5000. I'm taking that as being both sides of the field. So that might not be big enough.
  12. I realize that DCI invites all age corps into their shows. Which is a good thing. But would DCI be willing to help sponsor a DCA show? It definitely would be worth checking into,if hasn't been done already.
  13. When the last Eastern Corps, came to Wis. it was tied into DCI Championships in Madison. As far as advertisement I do not know if DCI really participated with advertisement,for the Senior Show. I may be wrong. I do know that as soon as the show was over we had to load the sovie booth up and get the heck out, I'm not sure that we even allowed to set up in the stadium commons. Hardly any vendors ( if any at all) were set up to sell any food. A friend of mine who bought tickets For DCI Finals, only happened to stumble across the Senior show. Maybe DCI and DCA have come a lot further,but back
  14. I'd have to sign with the highest bidder. Which will probably mean I'll be sitting at home
  15. Safe journeys and go wow the crowds ! Getting 1s t, 2nd , or whatever means nothing unless you give the crowd 100000 6 or so people(judges) do not equate to a season of fulfillment! Do I get a amem!!!!! Hot dogs are cheap they aint going up in price during intermission!
  16. Competing against the Govies for many years, I always thought (some times not to my self),how the hell did they beat us (Kilties). Always found them entertaining.... but.... This year I saw them in Racine. Believe me when I say, they are the real deal. As good as Brass was at that show,I was more entertained by the Govies. And Larry P does a spot on imitation of R.Grupp....Standing for 99% of the time in the pit Love ya Larry! Love ya Mr Grupp! Kilties have a good solid show. The only disadvantage they have, is they will not get that last weekend score. Good luck to all, Remember it's all
  17. Glad to see another International Corps!!. Fran when you mentioned the Inspires,it made me smile. I was walking in Uniform and was stopped by a Japanese GROUP . They were laughing and pointing to my Kilt.I was expecting the ,"What is under your kilt" I was about to answer the yet to be asked question,When a young lady stepped up and pointed at my sporran. She pointed at it and asked." does the Size of that indicate the size you are covering up." I dang near burst out laughing,when she said you are wearing one of the bigger ones.Then I told her what the blue ribbon was for. Sorry for the side