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  1. you are there.... 2 drummers, a fife and a Betsy Ross flag sorry no picture, copy right stuff even then...😀 p.s. love Sky ..great show Sunday at williamsport
  2. did they have the finals already ??? you might be right, but lets just wait for next Sunday night before you put the nail in it.......
  3. Just wondering if any corps will be practicing in Williamsport area on Thursday or Friday.... any info on practice sites and times would help.... thanks
  4. has the lineup been announced for the show ??? thanks for any info.....
  5. let me repeat what Jeff said earlier.... "not yet and i ordered at the show and got the credit card bill to prove it." Pete
  6. no news looks like Rochester to the rescue ... No problem for me Pete
  7. Sky on first..surprised by this..... Maybe they come on the field from all over the place like they did in the rain in Syracuse and start with traffic jam.... That would be cool.... Pete
  8. by the way... might have missed the answer to this... Fran did not do the announcing for the minis or finals as he normally does.. any reason ??.. also did not see him around shows... I see he is active in this forum... hope all is well Pete