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  1. Now you're just guessing? You seemed so certain and quick to put me in my place a few hours ago.
  2. What if I'm good enough for a WC corps and have been dreaming of marching with X corps, but can only march my age-out year because of school/money/etc?
  3. Unless DCI Fan Network customer support gets on this board frequently....how exactly does posting here solve your problem? It's like your Honda Civic broke down and you went to your buddy who owns a Honda asking for answers....
  4. I got to be honest. While there are some well run OC corps out there, too many of them (especially the ones always on the verge of collapse or the ones that do collapse and come back only to collapse again) are NOT quality institutions and the "experience" any kid would get there will likely be a waste of time and money. Even worse it very well might turn that kid off to marching all together. We've all heard the stories that are far too common but no one really talks about. so... Want to march DC but can't afford a WC corps? Need to work on your chops and test the waters before marching a WC corps? By all means, OC is perfect and you should put just as much time and thought into choosing a quality group to march with. Mandating people march OC would guarantee a bad experience for far too many students.
  5. Dude..........there's a manhole as one of the main focal points of the poster..... Perhaps an adorable young panda bear will chill out this bad cop?
  6. Put them in a museum where they belong alongside other instruments that we look back on and chuckle, and from time to time, play just for the novelty value. You could set up a whole exhibit that includes: G Bugles Key'd bugles Metal Clarinets Brass Vamp Horn Valved Trombone Natural Horn Marching Tenor Horns The Glass Armonica To name a few. I'd pay to see that exhibit. Sounds fun. Especially if it were interactive.
  7. I hope that hint isn't that the show will be sewage. I kid, I kid.
  8. You have to run up steep hills carrying 2 weighted long rangers. Instead of disassembling a rifle you have to disassemble and store away a met/long ranger set-up. Maybe they have a standard for how fast your battery change time should be?
  9. Archetypes aren't just limited to good vs evil. Forget a room with a view of a pond. This is America. Give me a room with a view OF HELL
  10. It's not "ditch digger," It's "Trenching Specialist."
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