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  1. I remember George's response to me the first time he saw it all the way through without some of the small fine tuning. I was proud to work with George Dixon to do this. It still hits me too every year. Thanks to DCP.
  2. It was one of the most defining moments of my design career because of it's meaning and intent. Never forget. Fran
  3. Whoa....please don't forget that I am the one that put the 9/11 tribute together with George and the use of the Madison Scout music. Yes, the tribute is for 9/11, but if we are so tunnel visioned as to not see that millions of other people have lost their lives and homes due to disasters and conflict then we as a humanitarian society are lacking in our compassion. Out of the people killed on 9/11, 2,669 were American and 310 were foreign nationals. It affected the world.
  4. Each of us was affected in different ways, some had friends and family that were lost, others had an emotional loss - regardless of how, who, when and what, it is a time to remember all people lost. As citizens of the world, we should also look at the thousands and thousands lost in Japan due to an American action, thousands lost in Vietnam due to American action. What about Dafur? Our own Katrina fiasco. Haiti. It's a time to remember all those lost everywhere.
  5. I am so pleased to see that this tribute remains a part of us here at DCP. I can remember when I finally finished compiling it, and that after watching it completely through for the first time in final production that the tears were finally able to come. To all that have responded throughout the years, and to those who are new to watching it - Always remember, never forget. Fran
  6. It would seem after reading the article that a car hit the food truck, so hopefully the person that hit them was fully insured.
  7. DCI's stake on it last year was that you could take still pictures with a digital camera, but no video or audio feeds. Copyright issues.
  8. Stockton is in the north end of the San Joaquin Valley which runs all the way from just south of Bakersfield to north of Sacramento. Some of the most fertile land in the state of California, and where much of the food of the United States is produced. Along with that many vineyards are located in that same area. If anyone is familiar with where Sacramento is then you would head south from Sacramento about 45 minutes to reach Stockton, then westward on to San Francisco. One of the hottest places to be in the summer when it is humid, absolutely miserable.
  9. I will always be grateful to those that were able to donate to my son's age-out year. Without their help he would not have been able to participate. There were many people that helped us out that year and to them I will be forever grateful, and you all know who you are. I love you all.
  10. Thanks John. It was one of the ways that I could give back then. Sort of like the gift that keeps on giving. When I get down or think that *I* am having a bad time, I'll pull out the link and watch it. It puts my thoughts back into perspective. As Lisa mentioned in a different thread, each time she sees it, a different picture will impact her. I totally understand. I'm grateful to DCP that you continue to remember, and not forget.
  11. It's nearing that time again....are you going to make it available?
  12. To everyone in the Phantom organization - a big congrats for a wonderful journey and end to the season as champions!
  13. Time moves on and waits for no one. The good Lord gave us a brain to capture memories with, and to be able to remember how things were. I would think that checking with the current Blue Star members as to their opinion would be appropriate and how they feel that the helmets would add or detract from their mission. Alumni are just that. They had their turn. If you don't like how something is, then get involved with making the change a positive one in one that you can agree with, or just plainly said "stuff it" if you can't. Too much negativity. The corps kids can now just do their drill and play without worrying if their "head" is going to fall off.
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