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  1. Marched with Dan. He always seemed incredibly focused but fair to me; our interaction was minimal. Initially, I was happy for Academy and him with this announcement. Unfortunately, our era of SCV had plenty of issues with treatment from the visual staff and members-to-members. However, reading the comments on Reddit is concerning. Perhaps this role serves him better than a visual position.
  2. Love this move for them. Mark is a pure class act. I’m a huge fan of his and think he’s the most underrated corps director / executive. Only wish Academy had better on-field success to match his class.
  3. Key Poulan recently posted on SCV Alumni page that 2006 had the longest ovation during his tenure. It was the show that had the corps exit the field in drill.
  4. It is. Except it’s a deductible for brass/perc and an addition for visual. There’s a discrepancy that, to me, doesn’t make any logical sense.
  5. It’s obvious DCI judging criteria wants to reward corps for individual performance and content. We see BD do this individual style for a large chunk of their show. Same with SCV. Random path to dot. Scattering. Different step offs and arrivals. Even forms are designed dirty so there aren’t noticeably clean lines or shapes. Here’s what I don’t get: why?! I’m in complete belief that doing something unison as an entire ensemble is harder than having 80 individual brass players. One little error sticks out. Imagine if we had the same criteria for music. Rewarding individual intonation, pitch, attacks and releases. Music performance is expected, and rewarded, for being unison and perfect. Why? Because it’s more difficult to play in unison than not. And it sounds dirty if not in unison. The activity has continued to progress in a lot of creative and fantastic ways. This isn’t one of them, IMO.
  6. @Jake W., good call on the music direction. My biggest gripe in this years book was the closer. As you stated, it still had some angst in it. Yet, to me at least, they had found their clarity which was represented by the uniform revealing. It still had the sound of somebody either struggling or working through their ways to finding nirvana. Back to my show review: SCV traditions. I’m all for costumes if they’re well designed. 2018 was simply incredible. And, it kept several SCV trademarks. Star and the V. I’d prefer Vanguard to maintain some level of corps identity. In the past few shows, it’s been a V integrated into the design. That’s enough for me to see them and immediately know they’re Vanguard. If it were my show, I would’ve revealed the nirvana tops with a purple or saffron V, integrating the mirrors in them. A) would’ve meant becoming Vanguard is nirvana; every alum probably has a specific show they remember finally feeling like a true member of SCV (mine was quarter finals); B) light colored V would have been more visible for the audience This years costumes could’ve done some incredible things with the star and age-out green feathers! Star is shiny and easily could’ve blended in with the mirrors. And then there’s the Lotus Flower in Buddhist symbols. That could’ve been a unique way of designing a “green feather” for their uniforms. I’m sure I’ll get some “shut it old man” responses but while I’m okay with the modern costumes, I still wish there was a way to maintain corps traditions and identities. Star, green feather, V; these don’t need to be on every costume every year but it’d be nice to incorporate at least one element.
  7. First post in almost a decade, let’s see how this goes. Members performed the snot out of this show. No major complaints performance wise. However, design was a different story. There was a lot of issues with this show that prevented it from achieving a higher placement. The opening and closing tag were well designed. Everything in between, not so much. It felt like their visual identity and programming started with the final set layout with the nirvana wheel of 4 noble truths and 8-fold path and working backyards to make the show work towards that final set. Besides the opening set, there wasn’t many other symbols clearly noticeable throughout the show. And yet, there are some incredible symbols that could’ve made for magical Gaines movement! Endless knot. If there’s been a recent show that called for beautiful open artistic designs, more so than props. As a drill designer, I hold Gaines in the highest regards. Unfortunately, I think this was his worst drill yet. There’s a lack of spacing that doesn’t produce clarity for his ideas. Said differently, too much in a tight space. And at times, every section is doing something different that distracts from each other instead of complimenting. I understand he’s a lot more about staging than drill these days but there needs to be a better balance. His Cavies drill was able to produce all the visual GE without the need of props. His phrases were longer and comprised more of larger ensembles than todays small section designs. I can’t help but wonder what Weber would’ve done with this show. The props designed significantly limited this show. I’ll give the team a pass as they’ve executed superb props since 2017. Besides the obvious volume difference, past show props were more simple designs with higher creative usage. They could fill the field when needed or condense as needed. That’s what made 2018 props so incredible. BD props are always white. SCV props are always raw metal; I like that style. However, there were too many props this year and it really locked the corps into a tighter space. To make matters worse, even with the massive volume the props were so thin it made them hard to see and less effective. So it was wasted blockades. I was happy to see them add wind chimes because those props were LOUD! Distractingly loud before they added the chimes. Uniform choice was a dud. White revealing to…white! For a show about contrast in our own lives, the reveal should’ve had more contrast. Finishing with white makes sense as it’s clarity and nothingness. Guard uniforms did get lost. Although I think the brilliant white uniforms had a bigger negative effect. 2018 uniforms had a similar contrast but the off white was dark enough to allow the guards orange/amber uniforms to pop. Guard staging did them no favors. Very few forms helped frame the ensemble in an effective way. Our guard design felt less effective than the top groups and part of it is subsections. SCV split their guard into tiny sections for flag, rifle and dance. Too small! I’d like to see them maintain at least a 50% flag ratio. The other half can be all rifles, dancers or split. The flag designs made no sense. The closer flag was supposed to represent clarity with the white. Yet it was still half purple (dark). Between the guard uniforms, ratios and flag designs, I get why people said they were lost on the field. For a first year arranger, for drum corps and vanguard, I thought this book was a safe intro. Definitely had elements of previous Shaw books in the past. I appreciate this design teams effort to use new music for shows. Them and Bluecoats have been the best at introducing new music the last 5-8 years. I enjoyed their musical selections again this year. The Nirvana “Smell” call backs were too much. It felt like most of the book was that call back but it only dilutes the major impact of the ballad because we’d heard it 4-5x by then. I would have preferred to hear more unique music with maybe 2-3 call backs in the entire show. The trumpet trio never sounded right and I think it was how it was written. Next year I would like to see a more challenging and creative book but I’ll give him a pass for year 1. Rennicks are incredible arrangers. Ever since their Phantom days, it’s rare I don’t love their arrangements. And the quality of arrangements they’ve created since 2017 is in a class of its own. I loved the percussion feature this year. It didn’t feel like drum corps but an orchestra of percussion on the field. The timbre of their metals was stunning. I was hoping the closer would continue with the timbre of enlightenment that this movement established, instead it went back to more victorish-sound. I hope Rennicks stay forever. For 5th place, this corps has the talent to win. Design just needs to put out a toned down version of the last 2 shows. Babylon was simple and yet incredible. That was IMO the best designed show ever so if they continue with that formula, fine with me! This current design team reminds me of Bluecoats after they won: tried reaching out too far in design but still had incredible talent to medal. It took Bluecoats a couple shows to get back to what made them incredible; I believe this design staff can of the same if they reflect unbiasedly on the 19 and 22 shows misses. Members did an excellent job performing the show. Let’s hope they continue to recruit and retain membership. Intrigued to see how the new brass staff performs. We’ve tried going Crown-like in the past and it was a disaster. Hopefully round two goes much better. Interested to see what we do with the new visual staff since we lost them all right before move-ins. This corps needs stability and looked like we had it for a while in the 2010’s. Let’s hope the core of this staff and admin can stay around for a while to win another championship.
  8. Pretty straight forward; what era of years would you consider the best for every drum corps (folded as well)? Era's can easily range from 1 year to 5+ years depending but sometimes their most famous show wasn't in their best era. Era's can be determined on final placement, show design, staff, sections, etc. The most obvious and probably most impressive, for my time, are the Cavaliers '00-'06. All their championships and leading visuals helped changed the game. 2002 and 2006 were the pinnacles for their era. 2002 design felt so smooth and flawless but 2006 might be the best member 'performance' I've ever seen and the members just as much as design made the show amazing. Another would be Phantom Regiment '05-'08. 2005 is when they took a major step in design and I think that was the first year that helped lead up to their 2008 championship. I'm in minority here because I think 2006 was better than 08, but these few years you could see the shows develop and become more and more each season. I think 2006 is the 2nd greatest show the last 7 years but unfortunately for them I think 2006 Cavies was the best in that same time span. Star of Indiana 90-93. Discuss.
  9. If they want members to respect retreat, they should bring retreat back in some form more than once a year. How many 2010 members marched in '04 when retreats were last being held? It's hard to take something serious when it's only performed once, and within the last few minutes of tour. I felt like I missed out on a large part of what is drum corps tradition by missing retreat. I understand why they got rid of retreat, but DCI should consider having retreats at regionals at least.
  10. July 5th, 2004 San Diego......life changing. Not the best SCV show IMO. Up there.
  11. Also key to freezing showers is to get in, do 3 spins enough to get wet. Jump out, shampoo and wash your body then jump back in for 3 spins. Just never stop moving when in the cold.
  12. We stayed at a school where in the locker room there was only one toilet, right next to the only sink. I loved using it when people were brushing their teeth. Shower time was the best daily time on tour. Shower buddies are always good, and the occassional staff member in the shower. Don't ever leave something in the bathroom because people WILL use it! I was in the shower when somebody found a toothbrush and needless to say they cleaned every part of their body with it. The next day, me being the only person from the previous day, I hear a "oh my toothbrush" only to look and see him start brushing his teeth. Needless to say I quickly got the shampoo out of my hair and ran out trying not to cry! Some of your best stories come from shower time!!!
  13. I'm not too familiar with the music. What shows have used this music before?
  14. I agree. Just off the top of my head some clear favorites that are missing would be: SCV 04, 00, 05 BD 04 Cavies 03, 04, 06 Bluecoats 05 Madison 05! 03 PR 03, 06!!! Personally there are several shows I'd place higher than BD 09, BD 07, PR 08.
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