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  1. I have wondered if todays style of drum corps music doesn't suit his arranging style. Musical gymnastics versus what he had done for years.
  2. Eventually a true narcissist will reveal himself. Maybe his last ditch effort to save himself of the unimaginable he will be facing. Im sure he was advised by councel to send this out. I am sure they are thrilled.
  3. It seems to me that DCI doesn't feel they should be the fall guy. I can understand that. Why would a company want to fall for the actions of one. They didn't allow or condone what GH and others may or may not have done. Their role in a small sense is to provide an opportunity for things to occur such as contests and venues. Does BOA take the responsibility if one band director goes rogue. That is up to the school district and law enforcement.
  4. No I did not see them. So their identity comes in form of their name on busses and truck.
  5. Jeff. I respect you and I value your opinions. You are a percussionist fighting for your section. I understand 1. The cymbals are no more specialized than and other instrument. Sorry. They did not enter school saying I want to be a cymbal player. Trumpet, Fhorn, Euph, Tuba are all specialized. They require years of training to play that one horn. Ask a Euphonium player what ir is like to hold their arms up in playing position all day. They would beg for a pair of cymbals. Im sure if playing cymbals is that important then they might have to look elsewhere if admin doesnt want to change. 2. The visuals provided by cymbals may be interesting and complex, most were not designed to depict the show. More to highlight technical prowess. Is it any different than snare players and their stick visuals. Nice to look at, but does it REALLY make show better. Certainly not musically. If a horn player tossed his horn in the air, caught it 5 yards away and continued to play, might be interesting to watch. Not musical and has nothing to do with show. 3. The caption head has a right to explore his way onto the scene. As an educator I am keenly aware as of late the way things are changing. If you spent 1 day in a classroom today you will notice that things are evolving drastically each yea and day by day. You wont notice it teaching a band or judging. You have to be in the trenches. You I believe called me closed minded the other day or at least to that generality. Im more open minded today than I was 20 years ago. I have to be. If you were in education you would understand. 4. I am a Crossmen Alumni. I enjoyed my time. The corps is much different that 31 years ago. Their traditions have changed as well. The day they get rid of the aussie hat is the day the corps has lost their identity. The year they went to the shako during school for scandal year didnt last long. Yes, they used them before. Most corps today look nothing like they did. They wear costumes that depict an idea or thought, not a tradition. Thise days are probably gone
  6. Hairbear. I never met you or Sandy McNeal although I had a few years in DCA, with Crusaders and Statesmen. However, I ALWAYS knew of you and Sandy watching you perform. Its okay to teach the younger ones a little history or they will always think they "wrote the book." Most have their ideas of their band then go to drum corps. There is always history to learn
  7. Scott Litzenberg, along with a great staff steered that corps to the success it sees today. I was proud to be a soloist in 87 with that hornline. Scott wore many hats that year. Many times found himself driving a bus to the next show. Great man. Im sure will do a great job. Congratulations Scott
  8. Keep The sound Of Silence theme Let it portrat what all victims Tim's go through. " Hello darkness my old friend"
  9. I think YEA has flown by the "seat of their pants" for many years. The damage runs deep. All due to GH complete control over EVERYTHING
  10. I think maybe George needs to spend a little time in jail once all is said and done. This may be a stretch, but he reminds me of a Bernie Madoff. While GH has stolen from people emotionally, professionally, physically, Bernie stole from people financially and emotionally. One person or a small knit core had complete control of a corporation. Both corporations struggling on the inside but looking beautiful on the outside. Many lives affected. I wouldn't doubt that if thing get researched into further GH benefitted financially more than he should have.
  11. When one person has the entire entity in his control things like this were bound to happen. Quite frankly if there was a suspension for a season or worse it would be a HUGE life lesson for these kids on how to conduct business and your personal behavior as adults. GH failed at both. YEA and judging for them has ALWAYS been a revolving door
  12. This is what can happen when you allow one person to lead the corps and be CEO of the organization that oversees the corps. Why is there always such a turnover at YEA. Maybe people knew. Maybe he treated people lousy or both. No one could confront the board because they felt they had to pass through GH first. He always seemed to be the end all be all.
  13. I was wondering if the technical issues combined with people wanting refunds if service was bad makes offering the service not worth the hassle. Also, the concept of staying home and losing seats in stadiums plays an adverse roll. I know some colleges refuse to stream performances because they run the risk of college students not attending performances. They can watch from their laptop reclined in their recliners. When my daughter attended Eastman School of Music, streaming was not an option. They want people to appreciate live performances