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  1. With all due respect….that would be reserved for Regiment’s tribute to Nancy Sinatra which I believe is slated for 2028. Tomita did some amazing reboots of the classics. Listen to his Firebird…interesting stuff.
  2. That’s diggin’ in the mothballs Rocketman. We thought Tomita was the bomb in the 70s, right my friend?
  3. Already did it. I promised I’d be back next year .
  4. Let me leave this here. We❤️ Phantom Regiment. Bravo.
  5. Not sure if the Seidlings want to move to Indy.
  6. Congrats Regiment! You were stellar! Can’t tell you how much we love your efforts.
  7. Be extremely proud of the 2023 edition of Phantom Regiment. They are awesome!
  8. I hope “Ms. Indy” didn’t hurt herself with that fall.
  9. Give the audience what they came for! It’s your night to shine. SUTA!
  10. Once again .5 separates 5th-7th. Keep focus and you can pull this off brothers and sisters. Think of last year at finals.
  11. Perhaps the mothership beams them up? I love it!
  12. I wish I could say I have inside info but I do not. I just have a gut feeling they aren’t done yet.
  13. Ya never know. This is not the Phantom Regiment we’re used to….and that’s exciting!
  14. I still think they may have a surprise waiting for us. The entire organization from BOD to the volunteers and EVERYONE in between has done Regiment proud this year! MMs, you have two more opportunities to show us what you’re made of and I know in my heart you will! Couldn’t be prouder! SUTA!
  15. At the end of the company front? They form a peak at the end. Could they back it into a chevron? I dunno how it would affect the rest of the drill from there. Just a guess/wish on my part.
  16. The suspense intensifies! A huge thank you to all the volunteers who keep this organization running so smoothly. You are the lifeblood of day to day operations.
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