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  1. It takes a superb administration team that can recruit, solicit donations, and generally not screw up any tiny detail just to put out even a DCA or an Open Class corps. Location isn't the issue, use the Troopers as an example of that. In the meantime, Cadets and Bluecoats aren't too far away. I also know lots of New Yorkers that have gone to Jersey Surf. New York would be a great place to have a drum corps, but geographically it is not high on the priority list because there's so much already hugging its borders.
  2. Please stop doing this in every single prediction thread. It's old. Very old.
  3. Thank you for including Surf 2012 in this! A lot of people would probably say it doesn't deserve to be in this bracket, but that 20th place corps entertained me more than most of the G7 that year.
  4. In my Open Class experience, they encouraged us to move on to World Class at some point. Most OC corps know where they stand and, at least until they try to move up to World Class, they won't blame you one bit for moving on.
  5. Keep in mind that this is Texas, the place where most top World Class corps hold satellite camps to bring up their talent levels. If multiple DCI and DCA corps can function in the New York/Philly areas with few membership problems (the entire state of New Jersey takes only three hours to cross north to south), then three DCI corps at extremely different levels of competitiveness can function together in the Texas Triangle.
  6. You mean Open Class, right? Or are they in DCA?
  7. A Spanish speaker mentioned to me recently in a discussion about DCA that the way I pronounced Caballeros is wrong. The L's are supposed to have more of a Y sound, like in tortilla. This made me wonder how the current common pronunciation in the drum corps community for Caballero came about. Does anybody know how that started and became commonplace?
  8. From "The reason for forming the corps was to extend the great world of drum corps to younger players in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and surrounding communities, but a secondary benefit was to create a ready pool of talent that would eventually graduate into the senior Caballeros corps to replace ageing members." So yeah, it was a feeder corps. The Muchachos were started at a time when junior corps were seen as a the stepping stone to all-age corps, instead of what it is today. Of course the Muchachos turned out to be very competitive in DCI for the short time they were around, and
  9. Good for him! It was obvious from the start that he would make it into DCI very soon! Although to be fair (and I might be wrong about what I'm going to say), the Academy as a whole looked VERY young this year. I walked by their truck at one of their shows and there had to be a good number of kids around this one's age loading it. Also, I personally know a 14 year old in the hornline. It's awesome that he's marching World Class at such a young age, but let's give props to the other young ones too.
  10. Probably The Killers. Not because I like their music in particular, but it would be easy to arrange for drum corps. The parts are bright and melodic, the tempo is upbeat and perfect for marching, and the choruses seem good for park & bark moments or company fronts.
  11. This will be great if the stadium is designed in such a way that a drum corps show there won't suck. I'm going to use Red Bull Arena in New Jersey as an example, since the idea of holding a show there was considered and then dismissed for this exact reason. The stadium is beautiful. Probably the best stadium I have ever seen, despite being in a rough neighborhood. But it's a soccer stadium built for 25,000, not a football stadium. When it was built, they decided to build it like many European soccer stadiums and make it so that everything sounds about 10 times louder inside. This is designed
  12. It looks like they have some good names here. Terrell Smith and John Miliauskas can definitely be trusted to run a successful drum corps. Can't wait to see them in Rochester!
  13. Before I rant, let me start by saying I have nothing against the OSU band or any collegiate band for that matter. OSU, Michigan, and Penn State all have fantastic bands. I personally LOVE OSU's shows, especially the video game one. That being said, TBDBITL's fans have been getting on my nerves lately. Making a post just to say how good they are on a drum corps forum is just one example of the arrogance I've seen from them lately. In a more extreme example, there was a Carolina Crown video on the front page of Reddit recently (yes, the front page) that was more than half filled with people say
  14. This is exactly what it sounds like. Are there any updates from the Glassmen about coming back yet? Last year when they went inactive they made it clear that they intended it to be temporary.