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  1. Cincinnati Tradition is growing and growing. We’ve now outgrown our 2 trailers and are wishing to add a 3rd trailer to our fleet. We are holding a 50/50 raffle to help raise funds to assist us in this effort. Please help in anyway you can. The web link is included in this post. Thank You! Tom Slade - Director Cincinnati Tradition https://go.rallyup.com/ct50-50raffle
  2. Cincinnati Tradition has people from 15 - 69. The 69 is a trumpet player. The average age is 24-25.
  3. Cincinnati Tradition will be at Loyalsock High School Friday starting at 9:00am and rehearsing Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 9:00am.
  4. I don't usually respond to social media but to clear up what happened to Cincinnati Tradition this DCA season. These are shows we signed up for: August 5th Racine - Canceled August 5th Woodstock - Canceled August 19th Erie - Canceled August 25th Hiram - Moved to a Sunday night, unable to travel due to a 8:30pm start on a work and school night. We were offered a Minnesota show late and due to 12 hours one way, we couldn't do that this season. Therefore we had no shows to go to in DCA. Maybe next year! Tom Slade - Director Cincinnati Tradition
  5. That's the point I was trying to make. I can take my 23 person Mini Corps downstairs and save $1,000 in Performance Rights. This could be why Mini Corps numbers are shrinking?
  6. I knew the performance rights and the post wasn't to include recording rights. My point was why make Mini Corps get performance rights and not large ensembles?
  7. I attended both Mini Corps and the Brass Ensemble's I&E's. I saw a lot of large ensembles I thought could of been in the Mini Corps competition. One I can think of that would of been a pleasant surprise, the Saints Brigade. I was with Cincinnati Tradition for the 2 years they did Mini Corps and the expense came down to music rights. Does Mini Corps still need to produce music rights since there are no video/audio recordings being sold and no admission being charged? I know the large ensembles do not need them and they were very entertaining and they had as many members as a Mini Corps. I think the performing corps would grow if music rights were gone for this event? Tom Slade
  8. 2016 Cincinnati Tradition INVICTUS "Honor" Main Title from "The Pacific" "New Frontier" "Fairest Lord Jesus/Honor"
  9. Cincinnati Tradition Belongs to the DCA Central Region. The only show we get paid for are Central Region Shows. If we travel out of our Central Region, let's say to the South or East, that Region does not have to pay you. Now you can say, No Pay, No Play, but that's what happens when you leave your Region. I would love it if DCA voted on ALL Corps get paid even if they leave their Region. This may be something that needs to be addressed for the future! Tom Slade Director Cincinnati Tradition Drum & Bugle Corps
  10. Everyone has been awaiting my response, so here it goes! The Cincinnati Tradition is not interested in hosting a DCA Championship in Cincinnati. We were interested in hosting a DCA Show in Cincinnati in 2014. We contacted DCA and several corps about a show in Cincinnati. The idea came about when Minnesota Brass and Reading Buccaneers were discussing a possible meeting somewhere before the championships. I felt like Cincinnati would be a great place to host that show. We even contacted DCA about a possible date of July 19, 2014. DCI contacted us to say if we couldn't fill the show with DCA corps that they would supply us with some DCI Open Class Corps to fill the show. Everything started to sound great! Wrong! I've put on a DCM Show before in Cincinnati and it did well. Each corps was contracted with a fee they received from the previous years score. DCA does not work this way. You are set in your region and only those corps competing in their region receive a fee. For example, we do the Southern Showndown in Atlanta evey year and get paid nothing. We know this going in to it. By the way, leave the Southern Showdown in Atlanta, GREAT CROWD! When trying to contract for our DCA Show in Cincinnati last year, some corps wanted to receive more money than the regular fee. I'm not sure if this is a regular practice or not. But to host a show and not lose your shirt, you can't pay thousands of dollars extra to bring corps in than the fees allow. With only the Kilties and Cincinnati Tradition being the only DCA corps to commit, the show was canceled. We have not given up hope for 2015 though. It cost us about $5,000 to go to Atlanta. Instead of making a second trip to Atlanta if Alliance host a show next year. We can take that $5,000 and put it towards hosting our own show. I'm done ranting for now. Let me just say that Cincinnati Tradition is growing everyday! The corps will talk more about hosting an event in 2015! Tom Slade Director Cincinnati Tradition Drum & Bugle Corps
  11. Cincinnati Tradition uses all G horns and will also do so in 2014! Tom Slade Cincinnati Tradition
  12. Thank You Kilties for having the Cincinnati Tradition back again this year. We had a great time and are looking forward to your show in 2014! Tom Slade Cincinnati Tradition
  13. I just emailed you with my request. Tom Slade Cincinnati Tradition
  14. I'm not sure if having a Bass Cam is a good idea for sound, but here it is from Cincinnati Tradition's Rehearsal http://www.leroncarlton.net/extras/ct/videos/CT-BASS_CAM1.wmv Tom Slade Cincinnati Tradition
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