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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Brasso, Cadets 2015 was phenomenal. Their music and drill were both spectacular. They did win the Ott after all. I remember seeing Cadets at the Minneapolis regional and beaming because I was convinced that Cadets were on their way to run away with another founder's trophy.
  2. Cavaliers 2011 comes to mind, they were undefeated for quite some time....
  3. Vesuvius is one of the best moments from cadets’ past. If the rest of the show were on par with the last movement it would have been a winner in my opinion.
  4. Their drill writer was pretty gifted. His name escapes my mind...
  5. Ugh George, trying to get back on board with the topic of discussion.... 😔. Of course I’ve heard that he organization lost donors/sponsorships as the result of what happened with GH. Can someone more educated than I tell this alum what the best case scenario would be for the cadets organization?
  6. I’ve been out of the loop for the past few years... but I’d love to see a new face in the top 3 hoping to see Boston, Blue Stars make a surge. I’m certain Boston will improve this coming season, but am uncertain what it will take Blue Stars to break that top 8 threshold. That being said - I don’t yet feel qualified to make an adequate prediction based on my lack of involvement as of late.
  7. Please list some of your most favorite/memorable drill moments from shows in the past. Mine is watching Cadets’ closer in 2008 which I believe to be the most physically demanding and visually appealing moment in DCI history. Cavaliers 2002 also had many memorable moments. Others?
  8. So... back on track. Any updates for how the January camp went? Anxious alum wants answers!
  9. I agree with the glassmen... poor pio kids! Poor teal sound kids...
  10. I agree, I’ve been out of the loop since I last attended a show in 2015. I had to do some research to know which corps I was watching while looking up snippets online. I was thoroughly confused by all the radical uniform changes. Ironically enough, BD and the Cavaliers looked the most traditional and were easily identifiable. It is indeed sad to hear of all this news, esp. with GH at the Cadets. I do think there needs to be change at the head of DCI to shake things up a bit. I’d LOVE to see crown wear cream again, SCV to go back to aussies, Boston to go back red and for the trusty maroon and gold to make its way back to the corps from Allentown.
  11. Being polite, sometimes I think its best to leave things "implied"
  12. Well, all we can do at this point is wait and see what they do this upcoming season. I have noticed the radio silence in regards to show announcements - I recall that it has been this way before, but in the past couple of years, more and more has been leaked from certain organizations. Though the tides are turning in regards to personnel, I rather appreciate the wait for a show release from the cadets, or other organizations for that matter, as much the drum corps fan in me wants to hear recordings and show announcements. I noticed that the Stars took their video down of their brassline. Are the Cadets having some thoughts about licensing with particular music? Perhaps a filmscore or something?
  13. I never was a fan of things hugging your body so close.....
  14. I was just looking for it myself... As an excited Alum I see that Frank Sullivan is returning to write/arrange for the Stars! His dark style always appealed to me.