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  1. Uh oh--they've taken the scores down from DCI. Recaps must be almost ready.
  2. True, but we'll be seeing these same judges down the road, correct?
  3. If this is anything like Rockford, might as well go to bed as recaps won't be up until later on today.
  4. Wife (at the show) said Crown did "awesome", so I was hoping for better. Oh, well.... Congrats to the Cavies (again!)! And to all the Corps for your continued hard work and excellence! Can't wait for tomorrow's today's webcast!
  5. Predictions or scores from the show? NVM--score just popped up on DCI. Thanks.
  6. Know the song (and seen ELP do it live), but didn't know Crown was doing it. Thanks!
  7. Report from the wife (volunteer): Crown's instant encore was another ELP number: "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show that Never Ends"
  8. Are those seats across the way or some sort of acoustic treatment? Can't tell from the pics.
  9. Hmmm...(on Windows) I just right-click on the picture, click copy, and then paste it into the DCP edit box. But, sometimes this doesn't work. Nice to know of other ways to do it. Thanks! +1
  10. Tried to paste a photo of Phantom, but DCP wouldn't take the file extension. Edit: There are several more photos of other corps there, too.
  11. Heard that BD just finished and is doing their encore. Then INT.
  12. Wife (volunteer) says there's a little breeze blowing. Hope so. They're stocking up on water and refills. Good luck to all the Corps tonight!!!
  13. I would tend to agree. When I was growing up, we weren't allowed to shoot off firecrackers and M80s for the 4th of July because there was a gentleman in the neighborhood who couldn't take the sounds due to his being in the war (WWII or Korea, don't know).