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  1. Congrats Cadets! Way to go Spirit! An almost 3 point jump since last night. But, still a tight race with Troopers! Kudos to all the corps!
  2. Yep, I understand. But, do the sheets encourage or discourage ties at this level?
  3. So would I. But, I wonder if the rules make it harder to have more than 12 Corps at Finals. I don't know.
  4. So no chance for 11th and 12th? Just asking.
  5. Hey--how about BOTH Troopers and Spirit in Finals? There might be room for both.
  6. I don't know. This one might be too close to call. And I know many would like it to stay that way until Finals. Good luck to both Troopers and Spirit!!!
  7. Thanks much and will be looking forward to your posts! Good luck to all the corps tonight!!!
  8. I'm fresh out. Too many tight races this season. Love it!!!
  9. And that's totally OK. What I have a problem with is those (few) folks who ignore Crown as if they just don't exist. It's almost as if their brain won't let them type the word "Crown" in a post either positive or negative. Yes, I exaggerate, but you get the idea.
  10. See my explanation on how I was looking at the OPs post [edit] just previous.
  11. And I understand that. No problem. I guess what threw me was that the OP mentioned "pure enterainment", not personal preferences. If you approach this from entertainment value (and to make a little from your investment of your lottery winnings), would your choices be different? Would you be thinking "Yes, I really, really like Corps A, but I know I can fill seats with happy fans if I invite Corps B instead." ? A possible example of this would be the Troopers and Phantom Regiment. I might pick those 2 corps over other corps ranking higher just because a lot of folks just plain like the Troopers no matter who they "home" for (include me in that list). Witness their return to the DCI Finals in 2009. And PR has a well-deserved reputation outside of the die-hard Drum Corps world. While I'm a somewhat DCI newbie, I had heard of Phantom Regiment long before I saw them at a show (1990s -- Drums Along The Rockies, if I recall correctly). Just a thought. Your mileage may vary.
  12. For my own enlightenment, please: You say pure entertainment from a corps, and yet fail to list Carolina Crown -- voted Fan Favorite for several years. Of all the shows that try to connect with the audience this year, I think Crown's is in at least the top 8. Would you please elaborate? Thanks.
  13. But this wouldn't be DCP without the passion! [but I understand what you're saying.]
  14. I would think the advantage would be how organized the fans were (I'm assuming this is fan, not corps, led) and how concerted an effort they made to, shall we say, stuff the ballot box.
  15. Yeah, forgot about the new sheets. Maybe that's why the scores aren't on DCI yet. Usually, they show up within minutes of the announcement at the stadium.
  16. Not really. I've been bitten before by someone posting fake scores just to come back later to say "just kidding". It pays to ask, especially since they haven't appeared on DCI yet.
  17. From where? Don't see them on DCI yet.
  18. OK--maybe I misread YogiBear's post. I was talking about the crowd reaction after each Corps' shows ended, not during the awards ceremony. Sorry.
  19. Bias? Maybe. But, when I talk about "fan favorite", I'm talking about the folks who may have never been to a DCI show before and probably don't keep up with the Corps as much as we do on DCP. IMHO, Crown's show (and I would add BD's Bacharach show) would be very accessible to those folks coming in to see what this Drum Corps thing is all about. However, I'm sure many DCP members equate "fan favorite" with "fanatic favorite". If so, so be it. Disrespectful--not in the least! Thanks.
  20. I believe the crowd response to Crown's show last night disproves this. At least the fan favorite part. I'm sure in your group of friends, the Cavies came out on top. That's OK, too.