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  1. There's still hope that like the flu, it will go away once warmer weather gets here. 🤞
  2. I do sort of agree that with the new prop centric dci, the corps with $$$ definitely have the advantage. And PRs props have always looked like something I built (I suck at building) Good news is that the corps is no longer in the financial rut that they were, largely thanks to Rick V. It doesn't mean they have loads of cash to throw around, but I'm happy they are in a more comfortable place financially.
  3. I would say 7th place is realistically the best case scenario for them this year, but I'd love to be proved wrong. I am really excited about jeremy hunt being back too, he does some really good work.
  4. then don't. 😉 This year just feels different with JD Shaw, and a lot of the other designers back. I'm pretty confident we are going to get something good. Probably not top 6 or anything, but something really enjoyable.
  5. i would say every show in finals this year made sense to me. I just like getting a deeper look, and seeing things I missed
  6. which corps' put out videos last summer with their designers explaining the shows? I know at least a couple did.
  7. well over the years didn't have JD Shaw returning, that's pretty huge and pretty much a guarantee that the music will be very enjoyable.
  8. I have a feeling we are in for a treat from phantom regiment in 2020. I think they are aiming for a 2003 like year.
  9. it wouldn't be a phantom regiment thread without the constant bickering, lol
  10. I thought they always had a great palette when sage was there previously, especially 2005.
  11. With the return of JD Shaw and some of the old staff, I've compiled a list of the top 15 songs from phantom regiments past that they should revisit in 2020 1. They 2. Need 3. To 4. Move 5. Forward 6. And 7. Not 8. Keep 9. Playing 10. Music 11. From 12. Their 13. Past 14. Shows 15. Death Hunt
  12. I'm less concerned with his cleaning ability than his teaching style. Wasn't he at spirit recently? Anyone who was familiar with him there will probably be a better source than me, since it's been 15+ years since my opinion was formed. DCI is different now. WP played a big role in fostering a positive culture at phantom regiment, and I would not like to see that change. I missed the part of the article that showed caption heads. Looks like Courtney Allyson Mills is caption head as well. She is EXCELLENT!