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  1. If anyone has a couple of finals tickets between the 35's, and not super close to the ground, but would no longer like to support dci -- I support your cause. I will buy them from you 😄
  2. so we've got Carmina Burana and Fire of eternal glory so far. What else?
  3. So nobody else noticed that the music at the end is O Fortuna from Carmina Burana? Probably safe to say they will be playing that? Although I thought it was nearly impossible to get the rights.
  4. will he also be arranging? He's one of my favorite arrangers!
  5. the snap. they've done that outside of their shows (warmups etc) for years. at least they did in early 2000's
  6. As for what I hope to see, most of all someone to get involved who is an ace at fund raising. stop trying to do what they think the judges want them to do and just do what they do well. Prioritize the audience over the judges. A program designer with vision, who wants to do a drum corps show, not a wgi show. Most importantly, music arrangements that we would want to listen to on their own without watching the visual. I just hope they figure something out. They are a special drum corps with lots of great people involved, and it's sad to see them tumble.
  7. Whoever brought up key poulan, there are many many arrangers I'd rather see at Phantom than him. He would be an improvement on what they have now, but that's not saying much. He arranged one good show at vanguard, scheherazade. Other than that, nothing spectacular. i don't know what their issue is, if it's money to afford any designers that have a clue then it's going to be tough to overcome. A program coordinator/artistic designer should be their priority, they need direction and vision. It seems that they feel that they have to modernize with props and costumes and all that, but nobody involved has a clue how to do it effectively. I don't think they HAVE to modernize, they just need to do what they do well. I think they can move up in placement with their current brass in percussion staff, it's all just design. I love will pitts but his arrangements are so stale. How many times did they just hold a solid chord out this year with out any moving parts within it? Boring. Good luck to them.
  8. not usually a BD fan but OMG I LOVE THEIR SHOW THIS YEAR!
  9. aaaaaand one of brass moments I really liked was already cut.
  10. a childs garden of dreams? is that the rumor? would be amazing. inbox me bro
  11. Gaines is the best in the business, especially for guards!