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  1. Yeah, maybe it's because I am a current marching member but I think synthesizers are awesome! Backing the tubas is kind of lame but I hardly notice it except for major impact points. Nothing beats a nice tuba section, and I think the majority of corps are learning how to use synth sparingly. I think the Blue Devils drum break, and their use of electronics was one of the coolest things on the field this year.
  2. My favorite 3: Synthesizers. This was the best change to come to DCI in my opinion. Kind of iffy the first season but it didn't take long for corps to get these right. I love it. Non-moving pits. So much more these musicians can do now. They add so much more now that they don't have to move especially with amplification. They create such beautiful sounds now! Also allowed Synth and drum set to be a part of drum corps, and I am a huge fan of those too. Bb horns. They sound so much better. No question about it.
  3. More drumset please. I love jazz and any part of shows where I can just groove to. BD had a lot of great jazz/grooving moments this year. More of that!
  4. I'm glad they don't talk that much anymore. That also added nothing to the show.
  5. "at least we're not as bad as other websites" Come on now. That's not an excuse.
  6. He's won I&E a few times too right? He left PC before I got there but he was a legend.
  7. The baritone solo in Blue Devils show is awesome.
  8. I always loved this show. Warming up in people's front yards is a lot of fun! Playing for people after the show is fun too!
  9. I think people use props because they look cool too.
  10. "not another booing thread" People continue to make it another booing thread.