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  1. The staff wanted to do this partially to give members a couple more free days throughout the summer and partially for more rehearsal time. It's definitely a smart decision!
  2. Honestly, I could totally see them doing this. They definitely have plans for the ballad.
  3. Anyone who wants to send me this candy, feel free!
  4. Spirit of Atlanta 2007 playing Hide and Seek was so awesome. THIS IS GONG TO BE PHENOMENAL.
  5. I can't wait for this show! It's a little bittersweet because I marched for a few weeks this year and this would have been my home show. Oh well, still can't wait to see all the corps! One of the people I'm going with has never seen drum corps, so this will be pretty awesome for her.
  6. Listening to their brass sound, especially in the opener, is like taking a bath in chocolate. So rich
  7. Have they put in the BK prep before the final hit yet? They always do that and I love it so much. I'm really hoping it'll be in this season.
  8. Crown has the best hornline in DCI ever year. By far.
  9. The closer in the video I just watched is quite a bit different than the closer the corps was first handed a couple weeks into move-ins. Parts are being changed a lot, so I'm sure the staff has something good up their sleeves. We'll have to wait and see.
  10. Based on what I've heard from my BK friends I believe they are finally done. It's gonna be a pretty incredible closer.