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  1. I guess BD not getting the color guard caption this year again.. so caption awards will plit in half for BD and SCV general effect, visual, color guard, percussion.
  2. Madison that was so on.... well done! Mandarins called and Madison answered.
  3. Way to go BD!!!! Very smart to not unleash final touches ofvthe closer... will it be tomorrow ? Will it be Sat ?
  4. Oh please. Get over...... we have no time for that. We Love SCV plus BD Nation is so enjoying what BD shows brings this year is phenomenal and we really are not so concerned about threat. BD Nation is definitely not scared of competition, never have, never will. Whichever show brings it 100% and shut it down more shall win be it SCV or BD. California Year lets celebrate that along with both Aniversary year. May the best performance win.
  5. I make the cut for the very first time in 0years of never competing ever in my entire life. I will have the best run of my life that will never count cause there will be no record of such achievement and my performance was never known, so heading into prelims with the highest in 4 captions Never! Look out because here I come Automatically into the semis, ONLY in my dreams. LOL Dwlz ha ha
  6. Its funny from crown to blue gets commenting on bu no one cared for the Blue devils fan. As it their time to take the field alk the commenting and updates stopped.. Coooool
  7. Um... I dont know what to think of the new ending, it never really HIT home run for me. Just my honest opinion.
  8. Really enjoyed that Academy.. its like I didn't have this much fun before watching this show but tonight feels different for me. It made me genuinely Smirked, laughed and giggle.
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