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  1. 😁 Fine, I'm happy with an all-Bruckner show music however I can get it πŸ”₯
  2. After reading everyone's comments, I had to repost mine with some. I really like the diversity of answers. 1. Bluecoats - the musical arrangements were stunning, and the costuming was fantastic. Immediately goes on the All-time Favorite DCI Shows list. 2. Crown - I think they should have jumped SCV, personally. A little bit "old school" drum corp, delivered with Crown precision. The company front near the end was awesome, and the cross-field ballad duet was another gem. 3. Blue Knights - It finally occurred to me that BK has crept into my favorite corps list. The have carved out an identity and I look forward every year to what they will deliver. 4. Crossmen - I saw a video of the premier show and knew they had "leveled up:. Love the concept, guard, and drum major. Could do without the guitars and bass πŸ˜ƒ 5. Vanguard - First half of the show was technical precision. Lost me at the Metallica ballad, a song I've never liked 6. Mandarins - A think they are a new staple in the top 12. Brass and body movement were standouts. There is something about Mandarins that I can't put my finger on. 7. Blue Devils - I mean no disrespect putting them here. The wall was very clever. 8. Cavaliers - I do not know why this show did not connect with me. The delivery was great. 9. Boston - Same with BAC. Parts of the show I liked, but hated the stilts and the decapitation. 10. Phantom - Not a show I love, but had some moments 11. Cadets - Pardon the pun, they can do better 12. Blue Stars - Loved the marching, hated the costumes. Shout out to Spirit of Atlanta! I really want them to make finals next year. I don't know who they would replace. Mandarins and Boston have messed everything up the past couple years 😁 so there are only so many spots to go around.
  3. Post your own opinion, and its not wrong! Truthfully, I enjoyed every show I watched. I have much respect for everyone involved. My personal enjoyment rankings: 1. Bluecoats 2. Crown 3. Blue Knights 4. Crossmen 5. Vanguard 6. Mandarins 7. Blue Devils 8. Cavaliers 9. Boston 10. Phantom 11. Cadets 12. Blue Stars Ah, I feel better now.
  4. Bloo's show is one I'll watch many more times fondly. It is a classic.
  5. Can anyone tell me where Crown posts their pictures of the whiteboard with rehearsal schedule? I've looked on their Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram. I'd like to look at some previous schedule days to get an idea about tomorrow's schedule at Kell High School, in addition to knowing where to look when/if they post their schedule tomorrow. Thanks in advance! UPDATE: Duh! It's on their Facebook page, but I was scanning quickly for pictures of whiteboards, not these fancy pictures πŸ˜ƒ
  6. I love the guard, probably my favorite of all shows. Drums and brass sound really good. Show concept is not over my head. Check. My only compliant? I just don't like the Goliath character. *shrug* I think I'd like it better if Goliath was introduced at the beginning of the show doing something to make the audience root for his demise. Then goes away for awhile, then brought back out at the end for a battle, then death. Hopefully that sounds like constructive criticism. The improvement BAC has shown in 3 years is amazing.
  7. I rarely like it, but there are cases when its done well. Bluecoats this year and last year Boston Wicked Games Maybe a few other exceptions, but those come to mind.
  8. I saw PR's show last night in Georgia, and their show has MUCH improved from the opening night. Brass is getting its legs and the show had 4-5 nice hits. And a cool part with trombones that was dark and the highlight of the night for me. The "I AM JOAN" part is gone.
  9. Nice recaps, CrownDad. I was at the show, so I thought I'd add a couple impressions: Spirit has a great show design. The second piece is a challenging brass number that needs to get clean, but I've been told they made a lot of recent changes to that, so that will come I think. My brother is on the BoD and the state of the corp is healthy and the arrow is pointing up. From where they were 4 years ago to now is monumental. I'm not counting them out of top 12 yet. That said, wow, I don't know who spearheaded the changes to Phantom's show but they have cleaned it WAY up from opening night. The brass sounds very nice, though to my surprise, it was their trumpets that really jumped out at me. I think they may jump Crossmen before its all over. They have ditched the "I AM JOAN" part and put this dark, sinister part with trombones in its place that was the highlight of the night for me. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Mercedes Benz Stadium in a few weeks.
  10. I'll be there cheering on everyone but hoping for a SoA victory!
  11. I wish I had the words to properly express how much I love this show. No matter where the final placement is it doesn't really matter. This is going to be an all-time fan favorite. I cannot wait to see it live.
  12. Bloo has just exploded my brain. That show was just ..... I’m st a loss for words.
  13. Phantom 1993 - Classic awesomeness by a classic corp Bloo Kinectic Noise - Distinctly remember the feeling I had during one point in the show where I was just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of motion coordinated on the field at the same time. Just magical.
  14. Here is my summary of the Crown closer πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  15. Last time I saw it was 2015 Cadets "Power of 10" during the ballad. I think it's a cool effect when done together.
  16. My only complaint with the 2013 narration is FEMALE: "Do you love me?" MALE: "I love you more than the moon, stars, blah blah blah" music swells and softens FEMALE: "But how MUCH do you love me?" I really wanted the MALE to say "Weren't you just listening like 5 seconds ago?" I love the show, and I really just say it in jest
  17. I don't want to break any rules, but any hints where Crown and DCI enthusiasts can see this? I've already bought my DCI Premier tix and Atlanta tix. 13 days is going to take forever!
  18. Wow, that ballad is going to be incredible.
  19. History says otherwise. It is jaw-dropping amazing what they have accomplished.
  20. I wish I could like this 1000 times. There is just something about those PR closers that just gets me right in the heart.
  21. I've had good results using 20 Mule Team Borax Natural Laundry Booster
  22. In Atlanta theater , picture and sound STILL OUT. Aaaaargh!
  23. Now we have picture but no sound. Missing all of Spirit...grrrr