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  1. Speaking as a Bloo honk ... I don’t care. They won three regionals with diverse panels. I have more faith in judges’ integrity than some. So, put their names in a hat and draw.
  2. I won’t speak for Kevin, but that is the energy I felt tonight (I was also at the Massillon show in 2016). And the crowd tonight was huge (10,000+?)
  3. Now that is how you own an audience. Booooooooooo!
  4. Thank you so much for your enlightening commentary! I feel smarter just being in the same thread as you!
  5. Section 141, last row, seats 5-6, right by the staff pen.
  6. No, they will be behind me ... oh wait, the staff pen is behind me. And they all talk about Mr. Clover! 😂
  7. Before Crown 2016 ... “We love you Helen Hess!”
  8. Then it becomes, “Who has the most 2nd place captions?”