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  1. And schools don’t start until after Labor Day. The Detroit suburbs have a lot to offer. Why not Detroit?
  2. Well, there was something called the Rockford File ... that was a thing of beauty.
  3. Greg also works with Bluecoats and, at least last year, SCV.
  4. No sighs of relief from me. I’m not happy to hear about sexual harassment in any industry.
  5. Terri doesn’t prioritize good sound? Blast zone Terri? Front row on the 50 Terri? I think you don’t know Terri.
  6. And LOS stood and sang “Hey Jude” with Bloo. I like Bloo cheese. And I am not sure why this is popping up in the Cadets 2020 thread.
  7. No worries! I am excited for Matt and Cadets!
  8. Matt was the assistant caption head or maybe co-caption head. Still, an excellent pick up!
  9. When I was with Oakland-Crusaders, many of us would walk from practice to a nearby bar where we could buy five, 8oz. juice glasses of Brador for a buck (Canadian buck at that). We used to make pyramids with the empty glasses.
  10. Yeah, I am confused by what “1st Year” means as well.
  11. Remember September 12, 2001? We were shocked... we were angry ... we were grieving ... we were raw. But ... We were gentler with each other ... we were tenderhearted toward each other ... we were kinder toward each other ... we were united. May we grow back into that latter space.
  12. They were successful over all their competition at various times over the season. They were victorious over all their competition save one corps on the last two shows of the year and by the slimmest of margins. I would say that is a very successful season.
  13. I can argue Bloo was successful because they were. They had an awesome season.
  14. In this case, where BD and Bloo traded victories from SA forward and the spread was .087, it is hard to argue anyone peaked too soon.
  15. I’m happy to switch from “Hey Jude” to Aretha! Can you imagine opening tour in Detroit with a Motown show?
  16. 45’s! Now you are really showing your (our) age!