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  2. I think that the gold rope works as a way of beginning to tie them together or "unifying" them. I think the boxes are the way that they stay separated until they are all together. If you really watch the show, there is never a time where they are all on one side of the boxes together until the end. I am thinking that the boxes are the way they separate them until the end when they are all on the same side of the boxes (unified). Maybe I am wrong but that's what I am taking from it.
  3. Something is not right with YOU. Find somewhere else to push your negativity.
  4. I LOVE that the flags have pieces of the classic Cadets uniform on them though. That works with the "unity" idea and the "new era" in a way. I think they are kinda neat actually.
  5. I believe I heard the Cadets will be at Azle High School
  6. Yes that was the original plan as voted on by the mm's themselves. But due to the late arrival back to the housing site last night (delay at show), they said they were going to not rehearse and just go to beach/laundry. But I believe this morning they changed their minds and decided to rehearse for a few hours before heading to beach/laundry. At least that's the rumblings I heard. Kudos to the mm's for wanting to rehearse. I do hope they get some beach time today though.
  7. They do march 10 sabers and 10 rifles in the beginning to the ballad I believe. This is the closer rifle line.
  8. I have seen what they have been working on multiple times both in Johnstown and Ada. It is absolutely refreshing to see the positive vibe from the mm's and staff. There is such a feeling of "old" Cadets mixed with a nice bit of "modern" Cadets in the show. I have no idea how it will do competitively, but I don't care. To me, they have already won in so many ways. I am so impressed with them at this juncture and excited to see how they continue to push over the course of the summer. They are doing some hard/fast things and it will take time to get it clean but that's the way it should be (IMO) instead of coming out of the gate blazing and then die off. I'm pulling for you Cadets and I am so excited for you all.
  9. Actually the whole corps moved in yesterday. Started rehearsal this morning!!!
  10. Actually she is great at what she does. I really do not believe she had anything to do with the percussion staging at all. I am still a believer that the biggest issue with just about everything that occurred at Cadets is gone. It's a shame that she got caught up in all of this stuff. I believe she is actually very good at her job.
  11. I don't think any of us can get a true feel for the costuming, props, music etc until we see the package together. Many times, things don't look great in isolation but when brought together with the other elements of the package, it works. I think the costume is a great, modern look for the Cadets. And they used burgandy (at least I think that's going to be a burgandy even though it looks pink) to keep the Cadets colors involved. My guess is it will make more sense when we see the set up on the field. Maybe the lines are meant to represent those 12 props in some capacity?? Who knows. But we will find out soon enough. For now, I think we should not base anything on a drawing. Everyone is most definitely entitled to an opinion but I guess I personally am not putting too much stock into it until I see the whole thing. I am just excited to see what they come up with. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I agree with most of what you say but in all fairness to Kristy and the guard, those kids were very talented. Their issue was staging mostly and some design choices. Most of that was not Kristy or her staff. Their hands were tied is my guess. So from where I stood, the guard staff did their job. The kids were good and pretty clean. The rest, was not their responsibility. IMO. Also, I am hoping that even though they advertised for a choir, that this new Shane guy will not want to use it and it will get pulled. From what I have heard from my MCM friends, he is uber talented and will not take any gruff from GH. He will want to do the job he is hired for and if he can't, he won't stay. My hope is that he gets to do his job and GH stays out of it. One can dream right?.....................