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  1. No idea either. Maybe the guard is doing just fine to be honest, I'm really not a guard guy. I do watch though intensely after a couple of re-runs of watching the hornline though. The whole color thing is just what I've gathered. Could be both my near AND far sightedness LOL. In your opinion, in the context of guard uniforms just to beat the horse dead, what difference would a small or large venue have any difference in readability? Press box view to be specific. Oh man, Bluecoats are the one to beat this year... but I love roller coasters especially with loops so bring it on 🙂
  2. were weather issues THE reason SCV didn't show their new changes or was it that they wanted to be fully ready enough to show it with confidence? because if it was due to weather, I see a lot of possible issues in the future, at least in a non-dome venue. nature is metal
  3. you are definitely correct, in terms of the captions aspect. I may disagree a bit with the visual, but like I said earlier I think it's the pop of color which is hindering visual. Even in the cream days there was a major difference in the brass/drumline and guard. I agree with you the most though in our uncertainty with what judges want. I suppose it's their thirst for MORE.
  4. Gotta say, this mello soloist is by FAR the best soloist on the field this season. She makes a mello sound like... not a mellophone. So much control, musicality, strength, and that diaphragm... she'll make a mighty horn player if she continues on... as a horn player, mellophone (there's a reason autotcorrect corrects it to cellophane) is a trash instrument to play on, trust me she's a goddess. Congrats on your well deserved win SCV 🙂 I get butterflies in anxiety waiting to hear your downbeat every time.
  5. I have stayed somewhat quiet on here for at least a few days because of, for lack of a better word, clique-ism, on many a side's view. Really not on here to step on toes, but it's a discussion forum so here I am giving MY opinion. It is a little annoying to be called a honk or something just because you really enjoy a corps with the name of Crown. Either way. C'est la vie. Crown wow's me every time, so much improvement in drill, drumline, and especially guard. I find myself watching the guard more these days. Big flag moments have me enticed, but rifle moments find me watching the drill. The drill is nothing to look past though, I see major Frameworks vibes like the crazy movements coming to a line with a percussive or brass accent at the come-together point. Guard wise, I seriously think it's the uniforms, don't know where to look. Bluecoats DO know their color it's something all corps can learn from. All about the pop of color. Brass needs to up it in terms of loudness, wam spots like in Dies Irae in 2015, very that... all throughout places. Pretty sure I'm echoing another poster from some page on here....great job Crown in closing. You'll wax on, wax off like everyone else (oh #### now I'm insecure LOL). Keep doing what you're doing, we Crown Honks 🚓 love it.
  6. I actually really like this Scouts show, it’s great to see and hear lots of improvements from a YT video.
  7. I know several guys that did the last couple of years, not exactly encouraged but also not restricted
  8. Oh I wasnt being snarky! Just playing around
  9. NoraH Jones "Don't know why I didn't come two yards further in." 😞
  10. EDIT: No, there are no rules toward it nor against. At least in what you hear and see. If it's there, it's fair game. To incognito: Correct. Although (regardless of what anyone says) watch ANY run of that season. The violin sounds scarily consistent, almost lip synced especially the opener, it almost sounds like a MIDI... Unless its said otherwise I'm almost positive she lipped it the whole season. At LEAST in a good portion of the show. For good reason too, it makes sense. How can you be in tune with an 60+ ensemble that's 100% different than a typical string environment? Distance, your own tuning, temperature, humidity, it's the muthaf'in Cadets, etc. All kinds of factors that will make an outdoor musical/visual art complicated for experimentation. From what I've heard in terms of the usage of string instruments, drum corps could easily go without. No one wants to hear a micd violin through 4 speakers over a hornline/drumline. Just saying. Ahem.
  11. Considering going to SA to watch lots, but that humidity is.... Something else. Bless you out there in Houston. I like my desert over here in west texas. Lol
  12. Same here! I've appreciated the direction Cavies have been going towards since 16, but this years show outmatches them all by far.