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  1. As many corps as you want, really. Please no Finis guard unis... LOL I could see that, perhaps even a mariachi ensemble with the guard doing a folklorico dance. Although a mariachi trumpet sound may not be exactly the greatest for a whole trumpet section... the individual vibrato would have the stands so confused hahah Latin music seems to bode well for all drum corps... at LEAST in terms of enjoyment.
  2. Self explanatory, I love fun threads. Being negative is so boring. We’re all armchair show designers, so what kind of show would YOU want to see in 2020? Say what and why! No opinion is wrong in this thread. We’re all friends here. (please refer to whatever corps thread you’re mad about to talk #### on that respective thread) I’ll have a go, for Blue Stars being the fun/campy/not so serious corps they are I would love for them to do a show based off of the Pixar film UP! Imagine the guard work... Michael Giacchino’s score would serve for all the highs and lows of the show (AMAZING score btw). A house prop with balloons that serves as the main prop that moves across the field from the city to Paradise Falls. If there’s a corps to GO there with uniforms... and an amazing happy ending in Blue Stars fashion. Okay, your turn.
  3. I love you Carolina Crown. Your future is bright. I know the staff is smart enough to take notes on this season and they will do even more next year. Don’t they all? Like I said with the Cavs, I see a gold medal very soon. I saw the hunger for it with them and also Boston. It’s only a matter of time till it happens. Designers: take this break to go find a concept or theme that will #### me up this next summer, because being the crown honk I am I will eat it up.
  4. All I have to say is I want 2019 but more... and from what I’ve seen I know Cavaliers will give me just that. I see a gold medal in your future green machine if you put out more shows like this... BUT, don’t go off this years formula entirely. Take all the goodies from this season and make them the small bits for next year and put in even more to make a hell of a show. Always was a Cavs fan but this years show really made me remember why I love The Cavaliers.
  5. Cavaliers, Crown, Crossmen, Bluecoats, Blue Devils
  6. I don’t understand why you felt the need to come in this thread to say this? Lol....
  7. Congrats Devils, I just knew it. But bigger congrats to Cavaliers for being my favorite since day one. Holy #### y’all are my winners. Congrats to Crown on your Ott, like, duh. Congrats to Coats on your silver, what a great program. To Vanguard, y’all have perseverance that a lot of other corps don’t have. To Knights, for making me cry everytime, you jerks. And to the rest for soaking up all my summer! What am I gonna do now for the next couple of weeks till school starts up again? I’m incomplete now LOL 😞
  8. Spirit 1980, Madison 1995, Blue Devils 1996, Cadets 1990-93, Star 1990-93, Bridgemen 1978 many more... I can’t choose one
  9. This is just... so funny lol. I always would chuckle at his enthusiasm
  10. I really wouldn’t want Crown at this point to really put in any Hail Marys... I have been very entertained by their show this whole summer, if I want a hornline I know where to look. They have made such great strides against a mad tide this summer. I say mad tide lightly, because this show doesn’t resonate with a lot of people visually, and that’s fine. It’ll remind me of an underrated 2014 Crown. My only “Hail Mary” for Crown really is to just push beyond the boundary of excellence, eyes on the prize (whatever that may be with ft mill), and to seriously have a good time. Who knows what’ll happen, but Crown DOES know how to finish strong. Therefore, I am happy 🙂
  11. Good thing you didn’t! I wouldn’t either. That would be....quite terrible...
  12. I know it’s precautionary and all, but has a crowd in metal stands ever been struck by lightning??
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