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  1. Tonight is the night to make your move! Go crown!
  2. I get it, I don't like seeing all the negativity against my favorite corps either. I just think some of us need to do a better job with how we respond to said negativity. We can do better than that.
  3. I love the fact that @2000Cadet is more sure of Crown doing well at finals than any of us Crown homers. I sure hope you're right! Many of us would love nothing more! GO CROWN!
  4. Unfortunately I'll be working through prelims, semis, and finals so I'll be relying on all of you to be my eyes and ears! GO CROWN!!
  5. Ok I'll butt in this time. I love that you're a fellow Crown homer and you're so passionate about them, but #### dude, go borrow some xanax from NS please!!!! 3 days left, enjoy the ride! @Cappybara Thanks for the encouraging words about Crown earlier. Nice to see a non homer with that kind of faith. I can only hope Crown pulls it off. Either way I LOVE this show. Bloo is pretty darn good too!
  6. Just got home from the show. What a beautiful night for drum corps! The venue has the potential to be one of the best of any venue on tour. They just need to fix a few problems. The will call line was horrendous, and if you had a bag with you the line to get in was wrapped halfway around the stadium. It was extremely unorganized. Then the first half of the show they had vendors walking up and down the aisles during performances yelling for people top buy a beer. About halfway through the show they seemed to figure out that this wasn't that type of event.... fix these things and this will
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. Tough choice!! I have a 3 hour drive to decide lol.
  8. After a little searching on the old Google, I think I'm going to try eating at The Rail before the show. Looks pretty good! Any other suggestions that my extremely picky eater of a daughter might still like? By picky I mean she basically lives off chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and PB&J 🙄
  9. I'll be there tomorrow with my 10 year old daughter who will be entering her 4th year in winterguard this season, she says she wants to become a member of Crown or BAC guard when she's older. What better way to have quality father daughter time than live drum corps!! It's our first and only live show this year and we can't wait!