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  1. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Great finals run Crown! I really enjoyed the show and the ballad is hands down the highlight of the whole season for me so thank you for that wonderful moment! See you next year Crown!!
  3. DasTuba

    Your 2018 Season Ear Worms

    Lots of good ear worms this year but my favorite by far, and highlight of the entire season for me is Crown's ballad.
  4. GO MANDARINS! Have the run of your life right here!! Congrats on making it to finals!!
  5. Well done USMC! Wonderful show and a FANTASTIC ballad! Bravo Zulu!
  6. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    We were a pretty serious school back then as well. I stopped following DCI around 2007, I just lost interest for awhile. A friend of mine said I just HAD to see Crown's show in 2012 and so I went with him to the show. That show completely renewed my interest in DCI. I've been a huge Crown honk ever since, but since then I've also learned to just sit back and enjoy the ride with all the corps and I try my best not get negative with any corps (though not always successful), I've found my experience much more enjoyable that way .
  7. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    We did an all beatles show my senior year of highschool with a company front Hey Jude hit as our closer and that was possibly the most fun I've ever had marching. The audience ate it up and were on their feet singing along at every show we did, even local football games!
  9. DasTuba

    Mandarins 2018

    Congrats Mandarins! What a great achievement!! Enjoy finals night!!
  10. Still have not noticed these mics you speak of.
  11. Crown ballad highlight of the season for me :)
  12. This is the first time in I believe 5 years I won't make it to Massillon :(
  13. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    While I would agree that BAC has a better visual program than Crown this year, and potentially guard, that's where it ends. Crown is still (for the most part) in another tier as far as peformer talent goes, at least IMO. I do love the shows from BAC this year and last year though.