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  1. DCI and WGI if operated by the sample that is active around here, has no chance to return. One person gets angry because I make a sarcastic comment about numbers, yet they can post up info on numbers without anyone getting all bent out of shape - Hypocrisy controls and rules the day. If and that is a big IF people finally realize that we have to find a way to work safer with this virus in our lives then nothing is coming back. Vac is a huge if and when.
  2. I post up one reply and you get all sideways. So why not save the same vitriol towards the person who posted the original numbers. You could have just as easily had the same reply. Selective man really selective.
  3. yeah thanks for the really real percentage and comparison.
  4. Yeah I was thinking "WHAT" also. So the state cancelled themselves? Is this part of the whole cancel culture thing but on a state level where they are going to cancel themselves and be known forever more as a sunrise state next to California?
  5. I have to say though - It is clear who and where the political points are coming from. It's like bait or it sure seems that way.
  6. Sad to say - For many children it is safer than home.
  7. There is a percentage of children who will not be online. I'ts like some here do not want children to be taken care of. Talk of inclusion here on other threads and some of those same members posting that kids can just go online for school. Hypocrisy at work here. The talk of value on lives while out the back side just offhand comments about online learning.
  8. Everyone is allowed their day in court to defend themselves regardless of the charges. Whats my own opinion and yours is not important. I don't pretend to be a fan of hopkins ever, in fact the opposite. This below is not directed at you. But everyone might want to be careful on the accusations and logic with respect to inclusion. I have struggled to either tell or not tell something that has troubled or haunted me for a very long time ,,,,,,,, and I would think if I did that here , my account would be banned or deleted. That IS the problem right? The victims never felt like they could come forward. There are many more out here and they are not all female vs male or male vs female. Inclusion ??? ok sure.
  9. Maybe its near a bowling alley. Does that work?
  10. Tried to mention this before. No school for the Fall - no bands - no sports for the Fall = no dci in 2021 either. Some tried to make fun of the take but reality will sink in for them eventually.
  11. I did not see how anyone twisted your words previously. Just being curious what was the racist rant? As of this past weekend I found out that flying the American flag and celebrating the 4th of July is a racist rant. Yeah I donate as an alumni to the corps. I'm from the deep south so I guess we are all conservative racist homophobes by the posts here.
  12. This is the second time I have seen someone call for either a thread or now the entire site to be closed down. I't seems so hypocritical when certain points are made and an immediate shutdown is mentioned.
  13. Some WILL go out of their way and in some cases we MUST do so. likewise - This WILL cause trouble and MUST be prevented.