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  1. Sorry but I don't have staff for that task.
  2. Its good to have laws that address sexist and discriminatory behavior. But I think Cali has gone over the deep end on some issues. Seems like Cali are losing corporations and people at a high percentage. Its not a good thing to compare the Drum Corps to that state in my opinion.
  3. I know right. I tried to audition but got CUT! dammm you yankeee basthads.......
  4. U along with Algorithm are running afoul with the DCP usual suspects. They are going to brow beat the two of you to death. Around here you can't even point out that a hurricane is making landfall in Louisiana and no Freaking Way it will effect Memphis but hey the two of you go for it. I will beat the runs with beer war drums. Me????? my entire internet / cable tv / cell phone service has been knocked out by the hurricane Dorian. I live in Houston right now and I can tell you the outer "bands" have been reeking havoc on our communication systems. Today interweb tomorrow traffic.
  5. Beeeeeeeeee careful reddit will get Cavaliers fan all bent out of shape.
  6. someone here along with the fbi are pouring over the poem and trying to link it up with the unabomber manifesto.
  7. Don't take things so serious or yourself so seriously. Are you the documentation authority for this message board?
  8. I got ripped off last night in my fantasy football draft.
  9. I can understand that it is tough that the Devils keep winning. But it would not demotivate me it would have the exact opposite effect. I would be motivated to defeat them to crush them. But I am not against the Devils winning. I am a fan of the Devils so I have to admit that might cloud the way I view their multiple victories. Unless DCI goes all WGI and lets in woodwinds then I will still support DCI, regardless of the Victors and the order of placement.
  10. Which one of you Dino's took it? Has to be in one of your garage / man caves / she sheds.