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  1. I don't really participate in the Halloween spirit. I would think the Boston costume from wicked games would have worked well.
  2. Cixelsyd that was a valiant effort by these kids and young adults that tried to do the virtual march on. But I am in the opinion camp that believes virtual is a waste of time and energy and is in some ways a joke. From the majority of active posters on the message board is that the hope for a season is over. The hope for corps not to fold is also fading. As someone has mentioned in another post, we are 7 months away from a season. There is no press releases coming from any of the corps. They are out of the proverbial F's to give. Also another person who has been ridiculed for their opinion of getting on with a season with fans and judges. All shot down here. This is the can't do anything area don't step on the lawn! Anyway budgets cuts are coming to schools and the first budget to go will be fine arts. Among the fine arts Marching band will lead those budget cuts. Art class stands a way better chance of getting funded before band. Keep on banging the doom and gloom 5 gallon buckets.
  3. The Couchmen have not had any issues in the past. The one issue they did encounter was the DTCB (distance to cold beverages). I believe at one point penalty's were given to the Ottoman's for disruption of a clear path to cold beverages. Not sure about the specifics.
  4. True, it seems like it was ok but if you try to venture out there the wind is too strong. As in I thought it was ok to share stories and how things are having an affect.
  5. A great deal of posts but none actually indicating a corps or DCI has made any statement or additional statement regarding marching in 2021. Someone was sharing personal stories, Since it was the OP I thought it was good to go and shared my own story, only to get a back handed political reply to my post - followed up with a racism claim. Looks like self inflicted derailing of the thread to me.
  6. I'm not sure that DCI and the corps are ever going to get into the insurance statements for life or medical. If and when they do I will be interested to read such statements.
  7. DCI nor any corps that I have read - as of today have not made any statements regarding the easy or difficulty on insurance. Same on any waiver statements. So far no news. Reading a little about life insurance policies it seems you can still get them and they still honor the policies. I have a friend who had the wuhan covid-19 they mentioned to him that he might have some lingering lung issues and he has been seeing a pulmonologist for the 2 months now with a couple of Spirometry tests. His results for the FVC and FEV1 started borderline abnormal and is in the normal range the last check. He was able to get a life insurance policy even without a exam.
  8. Some corps seemed to have plenty to say during the summer on different subjects. Coming up with a statement should not be to hard for them. The comments directed at the reaction emoji is hypocrisy.
  9. Some of the trouble is that the corps seem to be hiding from making statements. Pretty weak.
  10. Cool deal. Glad for your Daughters band! Thanks for sharing.
  11. How was the competition? Did the weather cooperate?
  12. Specifically CA (west coast) and NY (east coast) coach lines are either out of business or going out of business. The ones that are not out of business have not had any revenue since March 21st or near that date. Many of the other coach lines in the rest of the country are struggling to not declare bankruptcy.
  13. You can google it if you want. Might not hurt. But your reply does prove you don't "know it all". Great news about the warm temps. Stay Frosty Oscar Mike.
  14. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#AgeAndSex 1-4 yrs 15 5-14 yrs 39 15-24yrs 383 last updated October 21 No doubt that for those ages noted above, the survival rate is higher than 97% its probably more like 99.9%.
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