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  1. Great news thanks for sharing. Stay Frosty.
  2. During the summer you did not see any other events that did not follow the "normal" protocols?
  3. Thread is about band cancellations. Did not realize it was for band's only in one geographical location.
  4. "additionally, some states have rules about how many people can be in one place at one time. Seems only political rallies are exempt from this. ( both parties, not just one)" Political rallies What about protest and riots? not a peep from ya on those. Why do you think they stopped calling the rally a rally and changed it to peaceful protest. unalienable rights / right of the people peaceably to assemble a couple of things to remember when trying to pontificate.
  5. Looks like touring in the sun belt would be the answer. No need to deal with draconian communist quarantine requirements on travel from state to state. that will never happen but there is always hope.
  6. Not really - you can plan for the worst case situation and go from there. Probably DONT include the states that have shutdowns. Leave them out. Maybe just tour in the South? Stay Frosty.
  7. Totally agree with your opinion. In the last decade the budgets for Texas schools has stayed flat (about the same). The amount of people who move to the state each day is amazing. For some districts you would think that would also increase the school budgets but in most cases it has not.
  8. What consistent guidelines from state to state that will allow DCI not to be a disaster?
  9. Some good news. Thanks for sharing the information. I think it proves a point when you look at the lack of interest here with "reply's". Has to be bad news before the band wagon starts to roll again.
  10. "Keurig is deceptively expensive, environmentally wasteful, and worst of all, its design eliminates some of the best experiences of buying, brewing, and drinking coffee." "Keurig’s packaging is a big “F you” to the environment. As Mother Jones puts it, in 2013 Green Mountain produced 8.3 billion K-Cups–or enough 2″x2″ containers to circle the globe 10.5 times. It’s enough to even make the K-Cup’s inventor renounce his own invention."
  11. So I was just about to reply with respect to the assertion that something was said in another thread that directly pertained to the subject of this thread. Obviously not. Other than weather related I can't remember entire shows or series of shows cancelled due to health reasons. Skyriders 🌈 missed more than a few shows I believe due to buses being condemned or deemed unsafe for travel on the roads. Believe that all went down in Colorado. 1987 tour. But again that was just one corps safety and I find it fishy that the Colorado department of transportation suddenly took an interest in
  12. Your patience is amazing. Do you work at target? Are you a jet?
  13. what was it that someone said. "because idiots will still refuse to take the vaccine" I substituted "wear a mask" with take the vaccine. Same same. "ahhhhhhh science".