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  1. I think most are ignoring it. I should not have quoted it, as I read your post later in the thread.
  2. DUDE BRAH. I was being a bit over the top silly with my reply to the post. Sorry to cause you pain. I don't think anyone is really taking that post you mention seriously. Well at least I am not. But I enjoy message boards for the very reason of rumors and nonsense. I get your point though.
  3. Word on the street is that Bobby Rush is going to be doing lead vocals for the Couchmen's WGI inspired show next year - title of the show is "Sit back and let it ride".
  4. You better clear that with the experts here at DCP that were smacking you around early in this thread.
  5. The way you see the resistance to any type of out of the box idea is pretty silly. Imagining these same people would never make a good business owner.
  6. Not 100% correct especially when you consider the Canadian corps. Prob back in 85 there were 40 corps from up there maybe 20 from Ontario province and 20 from Quebec. They had other hurdles to navigate besides the way they were run. One being the public school funding for band programs.
  7. If we go back to the end of the 80's - look at the amount of shows and corps - compare that to now does it tell us anything about the Drum Corps activity? It will not be long until the number of corps is down to about 40 , oh wait. ummm err. Drum corps Canada might not be around ,,,, ummmm errrrrrr
  8. WGI influence has changed DCI no doubt about it. Someone posted above that DCI was just a spectacle to pay homage to the America Flag. That is a sad statement. No one on this thread has said it needs to go back to having a standard-bearers or flag-bearers. That was a really long time ago. No one is being disrespectful from what I have read on this thread with respect to having opinions against the upcoming or perceived direction of DCI. I have reduced my actual interest in DCI over the years, I assume I might end up further from it with each and every change. I'm not sure what would make me stop supporting DCI but some changes keep pushing me to the edge.
  9. Taking the same attitude as some others on another thread. this is all still just alleged and until proven guilty no reason to discuss. Not my opinion just being sarcastic due to the thick headed opinions on another thread concerning a couple of other corps.
  10. I thought the reply was in a joking way. Boston Strong.
  11. there were 2 in one location that were deleted pretty quick, If this rumor is worse than that , ,,,, then yeah that seems pretty crazy. But the fact stands that people here and elsewhere just passed that off as rumor and in many instances looked to shout down anyone who brought it up. Have fun running the site and ruling the interwebz. As usual here at DCP ,,,,,I will yield to the throne and allow you to get the last word.
  12. Since you brought it up - An organization that have 7 DCI titles should not be toooting their own horn over stretching out a point and change over the Boston Crusaders in one season. In other words if that is indeed Cavaliers victory lap for the year, then the organization need to set new goals.