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  1. Stop: Incorporating non-traditional instruments into DCI shows IF you cannot get the highest caliber member talent to play those instruments. Start: Playing longer segments of works in your show IF you can't find ways of incorporating multiple works organically. Change: The way battery members play in the ballad- tired of seeing the drumline kneel out, hide, or become part of the color guard during ballads- find a way to write in a dramatically different style for that section of the show. Blue Devils did this excellently when they were doing jazz numbers, Blue Knights show everyone
  2. Last year showed a lot of heart and hard work from the members, putting energy and life into a show that a lesser corps couldn't do much with. Hopefully soon the design team will give the corps a chance to shine along with the show, not in spite of it.
  3. Showed my 11 year old brother their victory run (loosely describing the concept of the Ghostlight to him as he loves musical theater) and he just kept saying "Wow!"- the show is a hit.
  4. Let's Go Bloo! This corps has taught me not to speculate what is coming next, because it's always going to be better than any of the ideas I have. This design team keeps coming up with great show themes which they put their heart and soul into designing- looking forward to June already.
  5. 12. Cavaliers- I honestly don't even have an explanation for this one, just out of all these shows this left the least impression. 11. Mandarins 10. Bluestars 9. Phantom Regiment 8. Santa Clara Vanguard 7. The Cadets 6. The Crossmen 5. Boston Crusaders 4. Blue Knights 3. Carolina Crown 2. Blue Devils 1. The Bluecoats!
  6. Was I? SVC is tough as nails- they were only struggling (Third is a struggle?) because of design- I think it’s gonna be a great year for them.
  7. Both of them executed the "cheese" flawlessly and seamlessly though. Boston's Plinko boards and the beheading never really gelled, and the voiceover design was atrocious. Gotta get the design tight, right from the beginning! They've got great talent a great staff but things aren't quite there.
  8. Gonna go ahead and predict the predictions in this thread BD haters will ignore the obvious talent and strengths of the corps and say that BD drops to 3rd place or lower next year Along the same lines, people will underestimate Bloo and their crowd-winning shows and say they too will drop Optimistically thinking Cadets, Cavies, or BAC will medal. Phantom/Madison gloom and doom. People somehow letting SCV out of the conversation.
  9. Congrats BD. While I was rooting for Bloo, I did predict at the beginning of the year that BD would win with a show that would please fans and BD haters alike- glad I was right, I enjoyed the show! note- I don't *hate* BD, just not always a fan of the design, but I won't get into that. Liked Ghostlight a lot.
  10. Bloo deserved a triumphant "The Bluecoats" not that clickbait crap he pulled.
  11. Thanks, just saw it is scheduled on their youtube channel. Everyone enjoy the stream, I'm excited to read all your comments about who had a rough run.
  12. I won't be able to see the shows tonight (looking forward to seeing the usual post season slew of recordings) but will the scores be broadcast on Flo or
  13. Bluecoats have swagger, passion, and are all and all a really loveable corps. Their show is at the same time very simple, and yet very detailed. And they are turning amazing source material (that is rather unconventional for a DCI show) into a technically complex and championship worthy show. I like BD's show this year, but there is a lot going on and honestly, Bluecoats have won over my heart with their passion.