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  1. yeah... i am not taking a prediction post as seriously as you mate... it's all in fun. Sorry to cause any struggles with any one person thinking about this. Just hoping they do bounce back... and continue with their amazing successes. One thing we do every year is seem to overrate certain "Other" corps... I am just trying to take a realistic.. and fun.. stab at it.
  2. 1.Blue Devils 2.Bluecoats 3.Crown 4.Vanguard 5.BAC 6.Cavaliers 7.Mandarins 8.Phantom 9.Colts 10.Blue Stars 11.Blue Knights 12.Trooper
  3. I do remember when the law was passed in june last year.... i did not see the update about it being repealed... but it would appear that is correct and was repealed a couple months ago.
  4. There is a law in the city now that is not MEANT to target LGBT, but it is in reaction to the state as a whole... This is the first time we will not go in nearly 15 years.
  5. if you are in a same sex relationship I would recommend... if you go to this city.. that you refrain from holding your partners hand in public
  6. wow, i really did make that as confusing as possible... this was our most recent viewing of any of the corps and our top 12 as of now.. sorry. to confuse you guys. It makes more sense to just delete the post.
  7. ... this weather today was just too much for some of the spectators and i imagine the corp members were feeling it.... i have been thru 6 bottles of water already... and then having to hold my bladder.... yes, it is worth it today... and there are no surprises with how things are going on the field... can't hang around for the encore... TOO HOT!!
  8. actual top 12 and scores w caption.... maybe a quick comment with my placement caption and IN CAPS where i see them placing finals night 12th 80.475 Pacific Crest we had them in 13th behind Blue Knights... FINALS NIGHT SEE THEM PLACING 13TH BLUE KNIGHT SQUEAKING IN 12TH 11th 82.938 Trooper we had them in 11th.... FINALS NIGHT SEE THEM PLACING 11TH 10th 82.950 Colts we had them 9th ahead of Blue Stars.... FINALS SEE THEM PLACING 10TH 9th 84.175 Blue Stars we had them 10th....FINALS SEE THEM PLACING 9TH 8th 85.513 Cavaliers we had them in 8th...FINALS SEE THEM IN 8TH AND WINNING PERCUSION...THE GUARD..CONTENT AND STAGING...WHAT IS UP? 7th 87.375 The Cadets we had them in 6th..FINALS SEE THEM PLACING AHEAD OF PHANTOM AND BEHIND MANDARINS.. THIS ISN'T CLEANING FASTEST ENOUGH AND JUST NOT TO LEVEL OF THOSE AHEAD OF THEM. 6th 87.675 Phantom Regiment we had them in 7th behind Cadets.. SHOW HAS PEAKED AND VISUALLY IS NOT CHALLENGING TO THOSE AHEAD OF THEM. FINALS SEE THEM PLACING 7TH... POSSIBLY 8TH IF CAVALIERS GET IT TOGETHER. 5th 87.675 Mandarins we had them in 5th WHAT A SHOW... SO THRILLED FOR THIS GROUP. FINALS SHOULD BE IN 5TH NO THREAT TO TOP 4 4th 90.563 Carolina Crown we had them in 4th but not close to Bluecoats..CAN'T GET INTO IT VISUALLY...GUARD STAGING IS DISTRACTING AT TIMES. FINALS PLACING 4TH AND NO CAPTIONS WINS. 3rd 90.950 Bluecoats we had them in 2nd. FINALS SEE THEM PASSING BOSTON CRUSADERS.. NO CAPTION WINS 2nd 91.60 Boston Crusaders we had them in 3rd much closer to Carolina Crown. FINALS SEE THEM IN 3RD.. PROBABLY, MAYBE 4TH. LOVING THE MUSIS... VISUALLY... THIS SHOW IS HEAPS BELOW LAST YEAR. NO CAPTIONS 1st 92.60 Blue Devils we had them in 1st by only slightly larger margin. FINALS THEY WILL WIN. SWEEP ALL CAPTIONS EXCEPT PERCUSSION. THAT BELONGS TO CAVIES. THE GUARD IS INCREDIBLE AND THEY ARE STAGED SO WELL... AND BRASS, MUSIC, VISUAL ALL THEIRS...AND ESPECIALLY GE.
  9. well, you make a good point... but crown has got do do something different in the visual department if they are to break back into the top 2 positions. it feels like this 2023 production needs so much more to make any movement. I don't really know how Phantom stays in front of Mandarins. And how Boston Crusaders are head of Bluecoats is beyond me... but there you are. This is a great year for Mandarins and The Colts.
  10. having seen all the current top 10 recently live.... and basic summary of prediction in the "Predictions" chat. 1 Blue Devils can't be beat this year... and probably sweep captions 2 Bluecoats will pass up Boston due to their higher GE 3 Boston beats Crown.. because Crown's show is dated and is not visually stimulating. 4 Crown... 5 Mandarins beat Phantom on GE and Visual 6 Phantom sound incredible... there is no visual difficulty 7-8 Cavaliers & Cadets... either way. Cadets made some mistakes in design and I don't think it can be fixed. What is up with the guard staging and guard execution. Cavaliers... working hard and you see the improvements 9 Colts The is more to this show to be excited about than Bstars 10-11 Blue Stars or Trooper 12 Blue Knights or Pacific Crest
  11. If we all agreed on predictions we would probably look into it less. Respect is key and understanding it’s all part of the thrilling world of Drum Corp!! And Thanks!!
  12. part of the joy is that people can disagree and be respectful... with "i told you so" or "you got me"... without hurt feelings.. etc. it's drum corp... and we absolutely love it...and an old fart like me doesn't hold onto what drum corp used to be... or what it needs to be.. the joy of the kids is OBVIOUS. Predictions are fun! we are no longer closely connected in some ways... or maybe just an old fart like me. But we can all be just chill out... because... the judges are eating this blue devils show UP... they are gagged... and it will be a monumental year for BD.
  13. nah.. for real it is to keep some of the wild life out of our backyard... whenever possible. we have little killers in this house that like to go after anything..and it works most of the time. this is what it looks like... several in our nbrhood
  14. Finally saw Blue Devils live...and wow. Couple things... no one is catching them... and they will win high brass.. not crown. Holy cow. At this point I do think they will win by 2 points..or close to it. I am always rooting for Bluecoats, Crown and the Cavies.... but the proof is in the puddin' (so to speak). 1. Blue Devils by 1.5 to 2 (GE, Visual, Brass, Guard, Percusion)..captions sweep 2. Bluecoats (I think the will outpace Boston in visual and brass... and edge them for the silver) 3. Boston Crusaders (need to have something else on their heads or nothing at all... the visual package from uniforms to staging seems to be not well thought out) 4. Carolina Crown (why am i still not getting into this show... the story is not fun or exciting enough to connect) 5. Mandarins (they continue to get better and i have to say.. this show is packed with some interesting moments 6. Phantom (show has a lot of visual... confusion for me.. and is missing some difficulty) musically this show does not transition as seamlessly as those above them. 7. Cavaliers (it's obvious they are working really hard..and it will be close between them and Cadets) 8. Cadets (omg, i have seen them live so many times...since 1982... always seems to be some level of thrill for me.).. the staging for the show is designed to hide dirt until something is thrown in the air... and then you see the dirt. i hope this show gets clean and they make some changes. we need them back in the top 5 9. Bluestars (not much i can say..i keep looking away.) 10. Colts (this show gets better every time I see it... and.. i think they will potentially place ahead of Bluestars) 11. Troopers (i have the small version of this wind chime in the backyard...it is pretty cool) Perc is so good this year... Trooper is another corp placing a little higher than they would normally simply due to SCV being out. 12. Blue Knights / Pacific Crest (possibly Troopers)
  15. after seeing what seems to be the where it's headed: PLCE CORP CAP SCORE 1 BLUE DEVILS GE, VIS, CG 97.90 2 BOSTON CRUSADERS Mus 97.35 3 CAROLINA CROWN Brass, 96.75 4 BLUECOATS 96.45 5 PHANTOM REGIMENT 94.30 6 CAVALIERS Perc 92.30 7 MANDARINS 91.70 8 BLUE STARS 90.80 9 CADETS 89.95 10 TROOPERS 89.20 11 COLTS 89.10 12 BLUE KNIGHTS 86.02 13 MADISON SCOUTS 84.95 17 CROSSMEN 84.45 16 THE ACADEMY 84.25 15 SPIRIT OF ATLANTA 84.15 14 PACIFIC CREST 83.85
  17. Have not seen Blue Knights, Crossmen, The Academy, Spirit of Atlanta or Seattle Cascades: Top 12 and Captions: 12th Crossmen 11th Troopers 10th Blue Knights 9th Blue Stars 8th Mandarins 7th Cavaliers 6th Phantom Regiment 5th Cadets 4th Crown 3rd Boston 2nd Blue Devils 1st Bluecoats GE: Bluecoats Visual: Bluecoats CGuard: Crown Brass: Crown Percusion: Blue Devils Music: Bluecoats I think Phantom could in up and 7th just easily as 5th... 5 thru 7 .. those three could flip around ...
  18. 1:Blue Devils (visual, percusion,ge) 2:Carolina Crown (brass, music) 3:Bluecoats 4:Boston Crusaders (guard) 5:Cavaliers 6:Cadets 7:Phantom 8:Blue Stars 9:Mandarins 10:Blue Knights 11:Colts 12:Spirit of Atl
  19. yeah.. i get it. if this unfolded as it's reported in this forum then that staff member needs to be reminded what the fans mean to HIM.. i don't care what your position is.... this is a product they are selling... you think I am going to go outta my way to buy merch from a corp that hires an a$$h0le probably not. Will pass by to the other stands. we buy lots of merch.. we're old guys ..fans attending and going to shows for over 40 years. I would probably spend my money elsewhere....
  20. My point(while i might not be doing a good job at making it) is, there is transition in what BD does... just like moving into one formation has a transition... often these individuals aren't playing as they step out of the formation to move to hit a point. You're seeing this is WGI as well... most notably for me with ONYX this season.. individual movements into a big block. You're always going to find people with different opinions on this and ultimately the kiddos are all that matters... right? One can hope they stay off these boards and don't see some of this stuff.. In my opinion all you have to do is look at the growth in the attendance .. the people that matter in keeping this activity alive ..those supporting the activity with money.. going to shows, buying merch... sponsoring memberships. That is where our time and energy needs to be spent. Opinions are fun.. but folks are either fans of the activity or they are just don't like BD. It seems one way or the other... I'll never understand it.
  21. it's a stretch to try and compare movement and sound... and scatter drill is nothing new... even if it's just one person doing it. Almost every drum corp is doing what BD does on some level... you see it in guard.. you see it in percussion even. It's been more of a topic, imho, lately because it's BD. We are not biased fans... and I've never really understood it. IF you want to compare... look at College Football and schools in the same division that never win a title and there are fans that are annoyed with that... but the team continues to do what they do and win. Our hope is that we continue to see the activity evolve and change..
  22. while the scores where announced we were expecting BD to win by a full 2 points... and we have no bias here... we're fans of the southern corps of the 80's,, however, we were surprised Boston didn't own 2nd place. Kids want to join BD not just for winning... it's an incredible experience and anyway.. who would fault a kid shooting for the best experience and biggest challenge....
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