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    Bluecoats 1982-1988 & 2022 Alumni Corps, Royal Lancers Sr - 1991, Bushwackers Sr. - 1995, Kingston Grenadiers Sr (Staff) - 1997
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    Bluecoats 1987 - 1st time in Finals baby
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    1986 & 1987 - it was fun to finally be competitive and beat corps we had only looked up to before
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    Chantilly, VA
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    Drum Corps - duh<br>Big Band Swing - check out www.bluemoonbigband.com<br>Golf and other sports

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  1. I believe the ruling was nothing could use the name or any variation of their names, so garfield cadets or DBA the Cadets wouldn't fly, they also can no longer use FHNSAB either because that ties them back to the cadets. So a new org would have to be cadets like, but devoid of any referrence to the cadets for it to fly as a new entity
  2. just start a new group that's cadets like and hire their staff and such, kinda like when Magic grew out of the bankruptcy and debt ashes of Suncoast Sound
  3. sounds like a show Magic would have done back in the late 90s
  4. they could go out to AUDI Field in Leesburg, would make it much easier for me to attend
  5. i wasn't, I had great seats at fed ex - then ended up in the nose bleeds at UM.. the only good thing about it being at UM was that it was only 15 minutes from my house.
  6. didn't bluecoats do that song at some point in the 2010's time frame?
  7. we are all older than we once were, but younger than we'll be
  8. i have a copy, haven't seen it in a while, but it was good
  9. Actually, Someone could start a corps named the Cadets of Memphis, but it would not be able to have anything to do with the Cadets organization formerly known as the Holy Name Cadets, etc...
  10. i believe this shows number of spots if every corps marched a completely full corps, and also only takes into account contracts signed, so even though it might show a corps with 8 horn spots or something those 8 people may already be there just not having signed a contract.
  11. I wished I had seen that bumper sticker back then, that is hilarious
  12. I first saw Phantom 96 at Allentown, I was so drawn into that show that when they finished it felt like they'd only been on for like a couple minutes, I thought no way is it over they've barely been on the field. that show was so good it just felt short.
  13. 18, BD & Mandarins as well got rained out at allentown and I missed all three that I was looking forward to seeing
  14. The Bluecoats 2012 used a good bit of music from a Cirque show, not sure which one, but I thought it was KA
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