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    Bluecoats 1982-1988, Royal Lancers Sr - 1991, Bushwackers Sr. - 1995, Kingston Grenadiers Sr (Staff) - 1997
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    Bluecoats 1987 - 1st time in Finals baby
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    1986 & 1987 - it was fun to finally be competitive and beat corps we had only looked up to before
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    Chantilly, VA
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    Drum Corps - duh<br>Big Band Swing - check out www.bluemoonbigband.com<br>Golf and other sports

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  1. so can A class corps make open finals then?
  2. I am confused why some of the open corps have to go on before some of the Class A corps. doesn't seem fair to the Open corps who are competing with corps that go on after there is a two corps gap.
  3. the placement could also be due to the design being simplistic and the performance of it being sloppy, but I guess it could be the fact they didn't have props that made their scores so low.
  4. from what I heard during the G7 period there was a lot of sharing of ideas and knowledge between the 7 corps, and although the G7 has gone away that sharing has continued and expanded down to the other corps as well. This has helped a number of corps learn better and more efficient ways of doing things and thus helping them get better. Making the whole of DCI better.
  5. it was the same as the one when bluecoats beat them. qtr finals when they dropped from 2nd to 4th. you note it in the bluecoats beating them but not in the cadets stats
  6. you should note one of Cadets 2015 wins over BD was also due to the Penalty.
  7. I will rank them, but since I never got to see Babylon live it doesn't do so well in the rankings 1. Down side Up 2. Spartacus 3. Angels and Demons 4. Babylon 5. E=MC^2
  8. 1. Bluecoats 2. Blue Devils 3. Mandarins 4. Phantom 5. Boston 6. Cavaliers 7. Crown 8. SCV 9. Blue Stars 10. Cadets 11. Blue Knights 12. Crossmen
  9. I bought a sweatshirt from SCV cause they were the only ones who still had any available in 92
  10. it also helps a weaker line who can focus their rehearsal time on the parts when they are upfront and hide the dirt when they are farther backfield
  11. All patterns break, for their first 10 years in finals Bluecoats repeated their placement every two years, 11,11,8,8,11,11,9,9,7,7 then the pattern broke in 98 when they finished 12th after an 11th place finish the year before.
  12. why surprising? in the last 10 years Bluecoats have only had 1 7th place finish, and 6 medal placements. the other placements have been 4,5,or 6
  13. yeah, I actually thought that would be a better idea right after I Posted that...lol
  14. this is why I think judges should be able to use any hundredth number in their scoring, so it could be possible to see 9.90, 9.93, 9.94, 9.97, 9.99 if the corps are that evenly matched that the differences are so miniscule that a tenth of a point is just too much based on the level of parity between these groups nowadays
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