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    Bluecoats 1987 - 1st time in Finals baby
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    1986 & 1987 - it was fun to finally be competitive and beat corps we had only looked up to before
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  1. I disagree, the draw for bluecoats is fine, they will set the standard for the final 3 making the other two have to come out and beat them to get a higher score.
  2. watch visual rehearsal sometime when just the pit and drumlines are playing, you will hear how little the pit is actually enhancing the horn line. those horns are doing it all on their own.
  3. are they still in negotiations with BAC for the fire prop?
  4. yes it would, the two corps kept improving during the same period of time and Bloo is about 2 points better than BAC still.
  5. The judges didn't, BAC kept themselves there with their performance, the judges just wrote down the appropriate score based on their performance.
  6. we did basic stretching, but I believe the horn line did running block, so yeah some in the bluecoats did cardio back in my day. although I would have to say carrying around those Ludwig basses was plenty of mostly the cardio the drumline got was from running chunks of the show over and over on a field or on a track.
  7. sounds like a wonderful Idea, I may look into this for next year
  8. San Antonio, but I believe the first meeting is Broken Arrow
  9. believe me, that is not the ending you will see at the end of the season
  10. so far just one, but once I see everyone in Allentown I may add to my selections
  11. I heard there was no percussion judge at the show with crossmen and mandarins. since this is a strong caption for mandarins and a weaker one for crossmen that 1.7 deficit could be a little off once they see a full panel
  12. why aren't the cascades there? and isn't there another corps from the upper northwest? I know we lost the Oregon Crusaders this year, but three corps is an awfully small show
  13. if you are serious and not joking, Encorps is the name of a soundsport group.