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  1. The quality of the BOA streams yesterday were much better in quality than the previous two weekends.
  2. Pretty much...of course they couldn't explain why "MY END" worked for most of the DCI shows, but "MY END" hasn't worked for the BOA Regionals.
  3. Does some of this sound familiar? While I had relatively few major complaints with Flo Marching during the DCI season, the quality of the streams for the BOA Regionals the past two weeks have been...CRAP. Just curious if any of you have had issues of late? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/03/dc-united-severs-ties-with-broadcast-partner-flosports/
  4. I hope you aren't saying that SCV 17 and 19 were not great shows???
  5. This is also WINNING for the audience! This 2 minutes will be remembered long after scores are forgotten.
  6. Guess we have different definitions of the word WIN...
  7. Think you mean Akron 🙂 I know some thought they peaked at Detroit...although I will agree that many of us thought "this could be the best DCI show ever" after that show! And, for me, that's exactly what it became.
  8. Everyone is welcome to their opinions, but I've yet to figure out comments about a corps "peaking too soon" when their finals night score is the highest in the corps' history????
  9. There are numerous corps out there that would be improved overnight by naming Will Pitts as their new arranger...IMHO.
  10. How (does) this bill apply to non-profits? As for would corps from other states be required to abide by it when touring through California? I think we all know the EASY answer to resolve that...
  11. Congratulations to Dr. Matt Stratton on being named the new brass caption head at The Cadets. Your work with the Bluecoats that past few years has been an important part of the many successes. Excited for the upcoming announcement from Bloo on who is joining the brass staff!
  12. Bravo to The Cadets for the way they did this announcement. The audio presentation is something I don't recall being done before.
  13. Congratulations to Dr. Matt Stratton on being named the new brass caption head for Cadets. Your time with Bluecoats brass was an important part of the successes over the past few years!!!
  14. Some of the things I'm reading in this thread, if somehow enacted, makes me wonder if we would see a return and actual implementation of a G7?
  15. Bloo design team is at US Open TENNIS. Let the speculation on 2020 show begin in 3,2,1
  16. Design team is NOW meeting in New York for the long weekend...as they've done for the past few years. 🙂
  17. Auditions begin in late November...waiting until Labor Day to make the staff announcements should not impact the decisions of individual members.
  18. It means that there were shows that a corps was in, but the contracted merch vendor was not. The corps that were doing their own souvie sales "in house" simply said...THANK YOU. 🙂
  19. And at some shows that these corps were competing in their souvie tents were AWOL.
  20. YES...to some of this. The purchase of food items in particular has benefitted several.