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  1. The school is still operation. Has been Collegiate Academy for quite some time with many 1st places in National Academic competitions. The real beauty of the "Vet" is the acoustics and the up close and personal to the crowd.
  2. Have yet to see a list of participating Corps' for this year. Any info out there?
  3. "Thunderbird"...What's the price ?...Fifty twice.
  4. So sorry for your loss, Jim. Prayers to you and your family.
  5. Minicorps' actually started in 1993. From then thru 1996...we(TBIRDS) always refered to Montage as ...Thunderbird Mountain.
  6. Chops had a screemer back in the day when 1st appeared at DCA. Remember him standing on a ladder.
  7. Ya Jim....last 3 DCA scores for the TBIRDS...64+...69+...74+.....Looks pretty good.
  8. Maybe your referring to the max number for class A. My bad for not thinking this thru.
  9. Think that's been reduced to 35, Tom. Maybe 65 for open class. Not sure though. Don't think the TBIRDS had 65 last year.
  10. Unless it was before 1992 you needed a ticket for the show to get into the Sports Bar. I know. We tried it.