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  1. Let's break Texas down by metro area and see how they fair. There are some very good bands that haven't gone up to Grand Nats yet, so I've only included those that have made the trip within the last 10 years or so and made finals. I'll put an asterisk by the programs that have won it all. Austin Vandegrift*, Leander, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Cedar Ridge, Bowie Dallas/Fort Worth Hebron, Marcus, Flower Mound, LD Bell*, Prosper, Keller Houston The Woodlands*, Stephen F. Austin San Antonio Reagan, CTJ
  2. "VarsityTV" is actually a Flo channel, and comes with your subscription of FloMarching. Varsity TV just announced they got the sync rights to 3000 cheer shows to show them with music and video (like drum corps). Hopefully a step in the right direction for all this copyright mess. One of the performances they have is actually the Championship Performance from the cheer team on the Netflix show.
  3. Just scroll down to where it says "where to listen" it lists like 10 different places to listen (or you can just click play on the actual page rather than listen on Spotify.
  4. The board actually meets mid-fall every year in addition to the Janual meeting. I believe there is also a mid to late spring meeting.
  5. 100% guarantee that no horn players in 2017 Bloo used IEMs. It was just the front ensemble and quads. Also, pumping in a met to those would be a disaster in drum corps because of changing delay times with their movement. All that is being sent to the in-ears is from other live musicians.
  6. Incorrect. Sampling an entire phrase of brass music is not legal. Sampling each note of a phrase and triggering 1 by 1 IS legal.
  7. At the end of the video it listed all the songs and the appropriate copyright licenses.
  8. Something I’ve not seen mentioned re sync licenses: TIME! The license Flo needs for DVR is the same DCI needs for the Blue Rays. DCI finals is in August, but I’d assume they start working on it as soon as the corps submit their material. DCI doesn’t announce until November at the EARLIEST the stuff they can’t get the rights to. It’s a long and complicated process for one tune, let alone 5-10 per corps times up to what, 30+ corps? Besides the super high costs (and quantity) of the rights themselves, you’re looking at a MONSTROUS lawyer bill to cut the time it takes to acquire them all for
  9. That’s what it used to be, I know some shows this year have been 18 (Detroit/Rose Bowl for instance.)
  10. 18 minute interval time before San Antonio, 17 minute interval time after.
  11. It's the same team WGI has been using for a while.
  12. Like DCI finals which Tom Blair produces, Flo itself does not produce WGI finals. They hire the production company that has been doing finals since before Flo existed.
  13. Very important to get a generator with an inverter on it, which is what almost all of the corps are using. In addition to that, most are also using power conditioners (although some use the cheap ones that are just glorified power strips). Most people use backups for synths/mixers etc, but don't put their amps/speakers on battery backup because it would drain the batteries extremely quickly (amongst other reasons that's a terrible idea).
  14. In this DCI rulebook it talks about the power that SHOULD be provided by the venue (often times this spec is not followed, especially at smaller shows). The rulebook also mentions that corps use house power at their own risk, and that in event of a failure, no second performance shall be granted. That being said, almost all groups use their own power (generators), and most have the sensitive equipment (mixers, laptops, synths) on their own battery backups just in case.