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  1. The first draft of the schedule is done in late sept/early October, and "finalized" first week of November. It's extremely common for the contracts to not be signed by that point. Lots of the high schools won't book that far out, and other bigger venues won't book that EARLY because they're waiting for something bigger/better that can book the entire stadium and sell more food and booze (Mercedes Benz)
  2. Here's a link to where it was at least the last few years before it got canned, not sure if it was at a better venue before that. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mt+Hope+High+School+Athletic+Fields/@41.6879754,-71.2727179,43m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x89e455d7a7a437dd:0x62f45bf1eb6d282a!8m2!3d41.6886032!4d-71.2716053!16s%2Fg%2F11txfjzz7j?entry=ttu
  3. I think the stands only being 10 rows high and the field being THICK, LONG, grass probably had more to do with it than anything else.
  4. Almost every single youth activity in the country requires signing such a waiver these days. 9 times out of 10 it's required by insurance. They usually don't cover gross negligence though, so just because one exists doesn't mean it's a slam dunk case.
  5. The partnership is for "24/7 TELEHEATH" services, not in-person. Most likely DCI used their bargaining power of ALL the corps to get a substantially discounted rate on this service. This works great for corps because often urgent cares are closed/not close by/take the ONE vehicle some corps have that's needed to do airport/food runs etc. Now corps can get diagnosis/prescriptions written on the bus, or at the housing site. That's a huge game changer.
  6. That was 20 years ago, a lot lot LOT has changed. I've been constantly involved in the activity since around that time and the improvements in educational pedagogy are MASSIVE. Not discounting your experience, just saying that things have changed in a great way.
  7. I'd just like to point out that a corps can still be educational if it has a base of required knowledge/skill to enter. Are we saying that Julliard and other college music schools aren't educational because they don't teach people how to read music?
  8. And my guess it's that high because a lot of students have no idea what their parents make!
  9. The first big Cali show and DCI Austin and DCI Houston (which are always streamed) are still listed as "TBD" on the DCI website. Hoping that they'll be streamed once the sites are "determined".
  10. I wish someone loved me as much as MM2006 hates Jason Robb
  11. That means that the corps that go on earlier get WAY less sleep and rehearsal. Not gonna happen.
  12. Once retreat stopped being every night, people got a LOT less reps on America O Canada (and then DCI switched to Fanfare of Champions and other things). By 2008, many of the horn lines barely knew it, and then at finals MANY of the performers were uh...not thirsty. And the performance was an absolute embarrassment. Once DCI moved indoors to LOS the canned it.
  13. He's the staff coordinator, not program coordinator. Just a design consultant.
  14. The full season to watch Just BOA is $160, which is more than an entire year on Flo. The Box 5 stuff is all Ala carte, so if you buy the BOA season pass, you don't get access to all of Box 5 offerings (ISSMA, MCBA, other marching circuits etc), you just get BOA. That can add up really quickly. Flo yearly gets you all of DCI and WGI plus all the thumb wrestling you can watch!
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