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  1. MGCpimpOtimp

    DCI survey

    The links provided are custom to each user, so when you posted personal link on a public website, someone probably filled it out and hit send before you completed it.
  2. Garrett marched Cavaliers for several years in the early 2000s. This weekend Garrett and his wife were brutally attacked while walking their dog in their neighborhood. They were held up at gunpoint and robbed. Click here for a news article/video (warning, it's disturbing). "Dallas friends, we need help. Today we were told it’s unlikely these criminals will receive anything more than probation. That’s totally unacceptable. Please reach out to (214) 653-3600 or better yet the DA’s campaign Office at These criminals must be tried as adults and receive 20 years MINIMUM." "Unfortunately today we were made aware that our own city does not support us the way our community and neighbors do. We met w the detective for our case at the DPD and received startling news. It is highly unlikely that these criminals will receive anything more than probation (if that). We appreciate the honesty but refuse to accept that reality. This is not at fault of the brave men and women that protect our city but bc of the DA and more specifically, the Juvenile DA (appointed by the DA). Our detective stated that in his 4 years at DPD, the juvenile DA has not tried a single one of his juvenile cases. They have had juvenile murderers get 5 years probation. A detective specializing in juvenile crimes said the same. This is truly heartbreaking and eye opening. These criminals/this gang, deserve punishment. Their victims, not only us, deserve justice. We are told that won’t happen. This is unjust and disgraceful. If you read this and think ‘oh, I live in ____ and it won’t happen to me.’ You are wrong. The police force is down 800 officers, approx 50%. It can happen to anyone and no one is safe. There are literally not enough officers to protect our city. I urge everyone to share this video clip with audio to anyone and everyone and give the DA’s office no choice but to DO THE RIGHT THING. One of the boys’ own mothers reached out to me with apologies and anger, she wants justice and long term jail time for her son just like we do. It is far from his first offense and was released from some kind of legal custody in APRIL of THIS YEAR. Please share, post, tweet, whatever it takes to make our city protect all citizens from crimes like this."
  3. MGCpimpOtimp

    Pre-recorded brass?

    That’s actually not accurate. “Live looping” is strictly forbidden in the rules. The “loops” were actually played on a sampler note by note.
  4. Worth noting that the rights/fees to stream a piece of music on pandora/spotify are completely different than those required to stream/record DCI shows. This bill should have minimal, if any, effect on the marching arts.
  5. This is pretty similar to what Eric Martin at Music for All (BOA) makes.
  6. New allegation against Hopkins.
  7. MGCpimpOtimp

    2018 Rules proposals

    They're not going to spend that much every year. It'll be the same process as it is with drums/horns. They'll make the initial large investment once, then sell the gear every few years or so for either the same price they got it for, or a little bit less. The good news about buying more pro-audio gear is there is a much larger re-sell market than just selling stuff to marching bands
  8. MGCpimpOtimp

    Full-field tarp?

    Finals is on Flo tonight if you still have a subscription from this summer. They're (O'Fallon) on third to last.
  9. MGCpimpOtimp

    FloMarching makes a funny

    Paging Channel3...
  10. Correct. Is that not what she was looking for?
  11. The VERY bottom of any email, there will be a "Unsubscribe" button.
  12. MGCpimpOtimp

    2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    Looks like it's a crap shoot to try and compare scores lol 2016 Open Class Finals: 1 Blue Devils B 79.900 2 Vanguard Cadets 78.850 3 Legends 76.500 2016 World Class Prelims 15 Blue Devils B 82.650 20 Vanguard Cadets 78.688 23 Legends 75.975
  13. MGCpimpOtimp

    2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    Last year BDB jumped almost 3 points from their Open Class finals score to Word Class Prelims. It just depends on the judges. The "can't compare scores between shows" doubly applies here.
  14. MGCpimpOtimp

    2017 Open Class Championships - Aug 8

    They have an interesting position for their horns down, they kind of cradle them like babies.