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  1. God, how long will this thread get with 4.5-month head start?!
  2. The guard in the closer is my favorite from Cadets. Starting when they appear from behind the walls, just perfect sync, and they look like they're having a blast, too.
  3. Both were wonderful performances and made solid efforts to reach the audience. I loved what Bluecoats were doing, and really liked what Blue Devils were doing. Blue Devils have been putting out what may be considered more audience friendly shows since 2014 or so, relative to 2008 til then. (Ok I'll just say friendly to me) Blue Devils "sterility" has been argued about for decades. For me, it doesnt work in recent years.
  4. I love Les Mis already, and I was pretty giggly happy about how SCV presented it. Particularly the color guard, WOW! They get my vote. Power of 10 is 2nd, due to the musical performance.
  5. What do I know, but hey I get to be king, so... Here's what I'd change: Phantom Regiment 1989 - There were some weird mistakes in SCV's finals performance, at least what the video allowed me to witness. That, plus Regiment's brassline, gives them the edge. In most ways, SCV 1988 was the better show. Cadets/Cavaliers Tie in 1992 -- The only knock I have about Cadets at finals was the tuning. And they were given a brass score reflecting that. Other than that, a perfect guard, a wonderful drumline, and a level of GE that was really amazing -- all great reasons to tie a Cavies corps with wonderful battery writing and a really solid program (especially the opener and closer). Cadets/BD Tie in 1997 -- Of course BD was cleaner and smooth. Cadets put out probably their craziest show in terms of speed, and it was glorious, even if it costed them in achievement, but dang it it balances out in a (tied) win! SCV 1999 outright -- I don't think I need to justify 🙂 Cavies 2000 outright - At least on finals night. A forward-thinking program that peaked at the right time. Phantom Regiment 2006 - I thought the Cavies show was clever and obviously well performed, but that Regiment show jumped off the field and was performed with similar skill. Cadets 2007 - They did the hard work all summer to sell a show that was mocked out loud in stadiums nationwide. One of the loudest shows I've ever heard, and performed with a fantastic level of energy. The 2nd half of BD's show, at least until the last minute, just sat there. Crown 2009 - A charismatic show that took their program to the next level in the corps' decade-long slow build that peaked in 2013. Just loved this show.
  6. I've been a big fan of Metropolis, so that gets my #1 vote here. Side x Side is among the best musical ensembles this decade.
  7. I actually don't love most of these, weird! My favorites -- Bluecoats 2019, then As Dreams are Made On. Then probably Tilt and Inferno.
  8. For my favorites, it's Angels & Demons, then E=mc2, and after that it's a bit murky for me. Probably Babylon then Felliniesque.
  9. No, he's just obsessed with a webpage. Everything else is hearsay at this point.
  10. Loved BD this year! I liked to mumble under my breath about them back in the 2007-2014 period. But not these days. Love it!
  11. He's also a 1983 Garfield Cadet, accomplished band director, and basically worked miracles at Cadets since April 2018. By all accounts that I'm aware of, he's a wonderful director and it's a surprise to me he wasn't 2018 director of the year.
  12. Welcome to just being another ########.
  13. Some high scores this year. Cadets potentially on track for highest 9th place score, we'll see.
  14. 640-ish was our preferred spot if we wanted to be up high! 140-ish for down low 😄
  15. If Cadets remain in 9th and break 90 at finals, I think they'll be 4th to 9th-place corps do so, after Boston 04 (90.525) and Scouts 13 (90.1) and Knights 92 (90.0). Boston 04 was scoring in the 88-89 range in the week prior to finals, while Scouts 13 were 87-88 and Knights 92 were 86-90. Cadets are currently 87-89. They stand a chance of being the highest 9th-place score ever.
  16. Bump for an underappreciated show in the middle of some very good Vanguard shows! I play this one more than some of the years just before and after.