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  1. We beat everyone in drums at least once that summer except SCV. They deserved it. We beat Cavaliers in drums every night on the DCM tour until DCM finals night.
  2. False alarm. Ludwig is slapping a sticker on the System Blue drums and calling them their own now. Call me disappointed.
  3. I can't deny that. The Randall May works well enough. It is just lots of pieces and parts that break over time.
  4. I've used them and it is quality equipment. The biggest downside is the Randall May stuff. The improvements they've made on the drums in recent years are really great.
  5. It isn't hard to find a line of percussion equipment better than the System Blue stuff. It just didn't sound good. As you also mentioned, BD cranks the crap out of their snare drums anyway. You might actually be able to hear the tenor line on the field next season though. I thought the SB tenors were especially weak in their projection.
  6. The same thing that happened to their drum sets. The quality and the brand died years ago. Drum Workshop owns the Slingerland name now.
  7. I'm glad I'm not a Sling subscriber. In their defense however, Sling is a TV service that has sports like everyone else. Sports isn't their sole purposed of existing.
  8. I would just like to understand the credentials and credibility of the article. It is the only blog entry and the author doesn't hav a bio other than stating they are an attorney and a show choir arranger. I would prefer to hear an unbiased opinion with no skin in the game. I'm pretty skeptical on all of this when it comes down to it. I'm a fan of indoor drumlines, marching band and drum corps but I find the whole show choir activity odd and cult like where I live. I also find that show choirs were/still are the last to bother with even caring about music copyright since there is n
  9. Mine renewed about 2-3 weeks before WGI cancelled so I just emailed them to ask for a refund. I'll see what they tell me.
  10. I Haven't tried yet. I just went on the website and it just said my subscription would run out in February of 2021. I suspect they don't want to give the money back but they probably should have to if the content you subscribe for isn't available. I'm certainly not paying 150 bucks a year for something where 2/3 of the reason I have it doesn't exist anymore this year.
  11. For reference, the 9th circuit also ruled on the Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams/Marvin Gaye Estate case over Blurred Lines that basically says you can sue and win simply because the feel and style of a song is similar. Comparing those 2 decisions seems like an interesting gray area on musical copyright.
  12. I was curious what they were going to do. With WGI and now DCI canceled there really isn't a service to subscriber too for that price. Maybe I rejoin when BOA season rolls around if that isn't impacted.
  13. Another plausible scenario that is not clearly defined in the gray area I mentioned.
  14. That may be true but it comes up in the drumline advisory meetings every year for at least 15 years and quickly gets dealt with. The only way they will consider it is if participation drops to dangerous levels and keeps trending downward. This has not been an issue in the drumline activity.
  15. That only applies to color guard (and maybe winds since their participation is very small). I think you'll never see drumlines do this simply for the sole purpose that you need to mvoe on with your life at some point. They too offered the 1 year extension because of the current situation. I think that DCI might as well rename their classes to the Haves and the Have Nots instead of World and Open Class. No need to widen the gap between the classes any longer.
  16. I had questions after reading it a couple of days ago. Maybe I didn't understand properly since I'm not an attorney. 1. If I understood correctly, part if the issue is the Tresona claimed to have exclusive license when in reality they only held a partial license from all of the different song writers? Is this going to force people to get permission from every single songwriter in the future? I may be way off on this because it seemed unclear. 2. I get the part about educational use because this involves educational and non profit organizations but does the section regarding cr
  17. If you build it, they will come. They have 20 years of wrong doing to undo so the start would be to schedule and plan for the remaining corps to tour regionally for the 1st half of the summer. Re=establish the regional circuit and then by default this would help new groups get started and save on expenses to get off the ground.
  18. DCE used to consist of the east coast corps. DCM has all the Midwest. DCW was basically the west coast. Anyone notice how the small corps still thrive on the west coast more than any other region by not leaving California for the 1st half of tour? the small shows went away because there weren’t enough corps to fill them. Columbus used to have 2 shows a year. (1 DCM and one DCI) There hasn’t been one here for 3 years now. We never left the Midwest until mid July and had much shorter drives between shows. 2-3 hours instead of 6+ like what seems to be common now.
  19. Not many anymore but they were basically driven away when DCI started making all the groups travel much further distances and couldn’t afford the additional costs involved. When I marched in the 90’s there were more than 30 corps in Div III prelims. Now there aren’t 30 corps total. The “haves” drove out the “have nots” by making decisions that increased participation costs. There for there are probably over 1,000 kids today who don’t have an opportunity to participate due to various cost prohibitive reasons. Many of those smaller corps also used to teach people to play brass instruments as wel
  20. Bring back the regional touring model such as DCM and stop doing things that drive away the countless small corps that provided great opportunities in those regions like they have done in the last 20 years.
  21. I think this is where I am at honestly. I've taught competitive HS band for almost 20 years since aging out. I love band and I think the top BOA bands have phenomenal talent. Even some great non BOA bands as well. However I think there is something stylistically different about drum corps due to the instrumentation that will change when/if woodwinds are added. I don't think I can sustain interest in 6+ months of competitive "marching band".
  22. This is not meant to be a negative in any way but it certainly feels like the Scouts and making sure to feature females auditioning in every photo I see online from their camps. Maybe they really have a ton trying out but they seem to be the focus of attention in everything on social media.
  23. It should appear if you search ‘Drum Corps International 2019’ I found it on my iPhone and purchased it to complete the set.