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  1. This is late June early July on Cali tour. Video was shot at Pleasanton HS.
  2. Was the drum line side 1 or 2? 🙂 Asking for a friend
  3. I'll wait for an official announcement. Rumors as of right now.
  4. I'll reserve judgement for a bit longer. Scoring looks bad for sure, but I haven't seen or heard much of the of the show live. I like them musically from the what I've heard. Hope the visual can get better. They have some work to do. I hate them playing catch up all season. Tough way to go.
  5. Has anybody actually seen anything from the corps so far this season? Interested to see how things are going in Macomb
  6. I did too. They did a great job, except the time when they talked over corps performances.
  7. Agreed, but before flo, we either had PBS or nothing. Mostly nothing.
  8. Not normally from my experience. It's more to maintain the groups focus and limit the amount of bodies roaming around the campus.
  9. They were 11th in 74 finals after an 8th place finish in prelims. Devs made their first finals that year as well.
  10. 1974 was the first year Regiment made DCI finals, and haven't been out since. Finished 10th in 86, which was their lowest placement since 74.
  11. I agree it is a bit boring with some really good moments sprinkled in. I feel it's more the source material and less Will's arrangments. I like the percussion writing and I think the brass team is on the right track. I do think the overall production has extended sections that are slow moving and drag on.
  12. I don't believe that Will is doing a bad job of arranging. The hornline sounds like Regiment and they are playing fantastic, but to me the show seems slow moving at times. That's more an overall design issue and source material, than an arranging issue. I have only seen them on Flo, but the show has grown on me. I feel like the props are there to just have props and the tarp is not used enough. Soloist could move through that area, the trombone feature could move through that area, but I don't really know what the props were intended for. Just the thoughts from an old school drum guy who loves his corps. SUTA!
  13. Um..... 2018 World Champs... SCV! posted from the DrumScorps app