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  1. I'm not paying for the slot. I'm paying for the performance.....
  2. ummm shows aren't 17 minutes long.... Prices are out of control.
  3. They had maybe their worst run of the year in terms of expectations to what the performance actually was. I think they will be fine.
  4. Bringing some of my band to the show tonight. Some of them saw the premier live. They thought the groups were great in June... Hold on to your hats, boys and girls!!!
  5. Does anyone know what time the #12 corps will step off this year at finals? This year the National Anthem is scheduled 80 minutes earlier than last year. Is everything bumped forward, or just the Anthem? Thanks for your help
  6. I did.... Haven't even to a show since 08. Used to take several of my band kids too....
  7. First, the superbowl is an atheletic event paying stars who make millions of dollars. Going to a Broadway show pays professional performers. DCI is amatuer status. Don't get me wrong, it's GREAT entertainment. But DCI isn't paying every corps member. Yes, the have their bills to pay. But they are paying big bucks for a stadium they don't need to be at. There isn't anything wrong with the University of Wisconsin.... I could buy tickets to DCI and sit in the end zone, (premium seats) or I could but a SIX DAY PASS to Disney World. Where do you think my 7 and 10 year old want to go? Doesn't look like I am going to have to wait for DCI to pass electronics.... Bye...
  8. OK... Here we go... First, how many of you kids took you entire family across the country to go to DCI finals? We're talkin airlines, hotels, tickets for three nights, the food, the souvies, the whoele shootin' match... Look through the crowd and you will find many the vast majority of fans 35 and older. You think you have the younger generation has money to keep this activity alive by yourself...think agian. If everyone (admittedly mostly the 35+crowd) who did not like the Cadets show this year (by the way have have been a Cadets fan before anyone in DCI this year walked the earth) did not come back, DCI would financially be in a world of trouble. I am not for one second saying anyone will leave becasue of the Cadets show. I am just using the idea as a vehicle to make my point. Another financial point: Did anyone see how few people were around the Cadets souvenir booth in Pasadena? They were almost begging people to come to their booth. There are more people out there who don't like DCI's direction than you want to admit. I happen to be in the original poster's camp. My line in the sand is synthesized electronics. When it comes in, I go out. Change for change's sake is not good. If you keep changing an elephant....there comes a point where it's not an elephant anymore. Baseball and football have gone through changes, but the sports are still the same as they were 100 years ago. In my mind dci has almost come to the point where it is leaving the area of being an acoustic activity. Bb instruments, three valves, grounded percussion is all fine. Those are changes that are acoustic in nature. Kids have to play it right to get credit. We now have narration that doesn't even fit on the judges sheet. We have adults adjusting the volumes of kid that are performing. What next; do we allow the instructors to conduct and get away from drum majors? There's a change that would be fresh... The idea that changes are happening for the kids sake is laughable. If there were no electronics on the field at all, audition numbers woud be no different. Raise your hand if you have a kid or no a kid that tryed out for a corps because they wanted the electronic part. Don't bring up 2005 Cadets because the singer was recruited by Hopkins himself. Those of you who are under 35 who think you have the power are wrong. You are at this time on the side of the fence of the Board of Directors. That doesn't mean you have the financial power. If enough fans withdraw their support because they don't like the direction, dci will fall on hard times. I am not predicting it will happen. I am a band director of over 20 years in Ohio, and an alumni of dci. When dci adds synthesized sound, I will no longer bring my band or my family to dci events. We will go to BOA. Yes I have a speaker and microphone on the field this year for our show. Its so we can hear the tenor saxophone solist. Big rant, a bit unorganized, sorry... I am not asking anyone to agree. In fact, feel free to disagree.
  9. Yes they have. I think this year is a notch or two above the last couple years. It good to see some excitement from Gtown!!
  10. The Glassmen get a thumbs up for this year....It's nice to see some energy from a group that does not always have the crowd in mind...
  11. Hop came up with the ideas. He then got enough people to make the changes to the rules. People should be as upset as those who voted yes to his ideas (electronics) as Hop himself. Also, you can't be just upset with Hop when others are doing the same thing. Consistancy! You may think you can replace people who disagree with you but I'll tell you what. I was at the show in Dublin the other night. There are a HECK of a lot of "bandos" in the Columbus area including several who compete regionally and nationally. There were seats available INSIDE the 40 yard line. Many bandos (HS) don't have the money to go to a drum corps show. How many do you think are shelling out the money to go to Madison? What about Pasadena? Why does DCI have to follow BOA? There would be plenty of reason for them to follow if DCI was folding because there was no interest. How many people do the top 12 corps have trying out every November? You can try to give me the "oh, look how many groups there were in the 70's vs. now". That happened because of the cost of running drum corps, not lack of interest! I am generally a Cadets fan however I don't like the amps. But guess what? I don't like them in the Bluecoats show, or Phantoms show, etc. I like DCI as the ACCOUSTIC activity it once was. I miss the purity of the sound. I have the right to my opinion. I spend a lot of money in the activity. I am an allumnus and a band director. I have an impact on the activity because I take kids to shows. I'll be at Massillon and I can't wait to have my kids see these groups in competition. (They will never see that difficulty both marching and playing in marching band!!) DCI IS the ELITE marching activity. It needs to lead, not follow!