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  1. I'll tell you what ... we miss Kevin Gamin here in Rochester, because there are no #### MOON PIES in this press box!!
  2. Erie Thunderbirds had a 59.60 in West Pittston.
  3. Your attention, please. There are no Moon Pies in the press box. That is all.
  4. The effect award is based on total effect + communication
  5. I'm happy to say that DCA will be formally recognizing Moe Knox for all his work in documenting the entire history of DCA through the last 50 years. Please come to the Bridgeport show on June 28 and cheer for him.
  6. Only amplification of acoustic pit instruments has passed and takes effect in 2014.
  7. Right! Apples and Ducks. The relationship between DCI and DCA corps scoring is, well, there isn't one :)
  8. Hmmm.. Does DCI lowball their scores? You're comparing apples to ducks, really.
  9. Here's a commercial message. Buy one of these: . You know you want one. And all your friends will have one. And they're cheap and ship for free too. Thank you, and now, back to our show.