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  1. I believe that Drum Corps will become a summer presentation of an umbrella corporation, such as Music and Color International! It will be merged with WGI, Sound Sport, Drumline and other music programs, ie: Concert Bands, Wind Ensembles, etc.. I think that was an original intent when DCI moved from Lombard to Indy! The first step of the master plan was to kiss up to BOA!! Well, here is the next step.. Trombones, French Horns, etc. It doesn't matter whether they are in the pit, Mic'd, or a full section on the field. The rule is in place now, and probably will never be rescinded! GOOD LUCK!! You won't be seeing me in the stands anymore~~ I'll support the corps that voted against this rule.. ALL THREE OF THEM!!!!
  2. I heard Fran Haring, the announcer in Scranton, say that the video would be put up sometime early in the week. Something about before Wednesday!! ????????????????? Not quite sure...
  3. Jersey Surf – Bridgemania. Was not sure what to expect with Kerchner and DeLucia doing junior corps again. It’s a very fun show, with little digression into schlock. The first 60% are from the B’men repertoire, then a couple of other pieces in the Bridgemen style. Opens with an extended “In the Stone” fanfare, then “Land of Make Believe.” The arrangements are modern without suffering from the complaints in the rant. Ballad from “Willy Wonka” is very pretty. Uniforms are the B’men coat style, but solid, uniform dark blue, even the hats. It actually works. A little shuffle, but they don’t overdo it, which was my fear when I heard the theme. Overall, fun to listen to, but not much drill (just like the real Bridgemen). It’s a better Surf than last year, for sure. Wonder what Bridgemen management thinks about the final piece with guard guys dancing and hamming it up on the 50 since they have often stated their opposition to men in the guard. Big standing-O, well deserved. Thanks for review! I enjoy the entire show Being in the Bridgemen Alumni Corps, I have no problem with their show!!It is entertaining and interacting!! Love the fact that they are getting standing "o's" at every show. They have brought back FUN TO DRUM CORPS!!! HYPE!!!
  4. The Banana sticks are inflatable, and can be reused at anytime.. I don't really think they could hurt anyone if hit with them.. Great idea for crowd interaction!!! GO SURF!! HYPE AND SHARE THE LOVE
  5. I usually stay up by BWI airport. about 20 miles away. tons of hotels at better prices.. No charge for parking!
  6. trolling George????

  7. Congrats MADISON!!!!!!!!! WHAT A SHOW!! Stay with your roots.... Although you didn't get the scores you deserved, You had a great rebuilding year! 20 Tubas! WOW!!! What a sound.. " OLD SCHOOL" is where you belong.. Keep it up
  8. Congrats BD.. Didn't like your show too much, but you PLAYED THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!!
  9. Absolutely correct!! I remember marching into the stadium and being booed back in the 70's. Sky's fans booed Cabs, and Cabs fans booed Sky! What a trip!!
  10. Best wishes Ryan. A swift recovery from your injury.. Drum Corps certainly has taught us how to better ourselves and our corps! Trying to get off the field by himself was shear determination and a driven sense of dedication to his corps!! Kudos Ryan!!!
  11. Well Done Larry!! Well Said. Thank you for what you do for the activity.
  12. As far as the videos.. The group that does the USSBA shows, Steve Fastook, has done an outstanding job for some time now. I know he would be interested in doing DCA.
  13. Jim---You will be looking for food at 10AM who are you kidding... That's all you do is eat LOL See you there RUMP
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