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  1. Yes and no. Most corps (and bands...including mine) have a UPS running for the express purpose of keeping the wifi network and mixer up and running, along with the sound engineer's iPad or computer. While you could theoretically run an entire sound system off of a UPS for a very limited time, it's not that simple. It really depends on the amperage draw of your amplifiers. You would probably be ok in a pinch with a small system, but not with a system like most corps use, an certainly not on a regular basis. Would it work in a pinch in an emergency? Maybe. Building a dedicated battery system is one option. I've seen bands that have several marine batteries with an inverter, but I've never used on personally. It would certainly be a lot more quiet than any generator, that's for sure. One of the band supply companies sells a pre-built rig along these lines, but I haven't seen any favorable reviews.
  2. Tarpon's show is really cool. I dig how they integrate the screens into the program. It's great design.
  3. Chuck's resume in drum corps is bulletproof. Hiring him at Madison is a *great* call, and you have no idea what the heck you're talking about.
  4. Confirmed. It was part of his "thank you" speech, where he did offhandedly acknowledge there were issues, but really took a shot at "internet trolls". For those of us on the back side of the field in the corps staff area behind the corps at retreat, it was a real "WTF, did he really just say that?" moment.
  5. Highland is on the schedule for Reading with a performance time of 6:40, leading off the show. Here's the official rundown... 1. Highland Regiment 6:40 2. Cadence 6:57 3. Skyliners 7:14 4. Bushwackers 7:31 INTERMISSION 7:48 5. Cadets 2 8:15 6. Hawthorne Caballeros 8:32 7. White Sabers 8:49 8. Reading Buccaneers 9:06
  6. The "they" in my post wasn't the individual potential member...it was the corps.
  7. The irony being, of course, that "jazz" is far more diverse than "classical" is.
  8. They were first on Thursday as well. The bad night was last night's judge.
  9. Was told by Grenadasmoothie that you teach or are associated with avon Grove SD  Any chance they could house a corps for Allentown?  contact me at 570-294-1638

    Mike Ryan

  10. Sorry, man, I missed the sarcasm of the gif...got 'em turned off.
  11. It is when you're accusing a drum corps judge of bias. The numbers don't tell a story without the commentary and critique feedback.
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