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  1. ...if you can't see the feet to be judged? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQkmqK5U5Uo#t=40 Find a way to make this doable on grass (or grass equivalent), and you don't have to worry about being in step.
  2. I'm 15 and about to audition for my first corps the Oregon Crusaders on trumpet, and was wondering, what should I expect at the audition and how hard is it to make the corps?
  3. Rank - Latest Score - Date and Location of Latest Score (Change from, and date of previous score) Open Class: 1 - 94.25 - Caballeros - 8/23 Reading PA (+1.65 - 8/16) 2 - 93.70 - Buccaneers - 8/23 Reading PA (+1.15 - 8/16) 3 - 92.35 - Minnesota Brass - 8/16 St Peter MN (+1.10 - 8/15) 3 - 92.35 - Fusion Core - 8/23 Reading PA (+2.50 - 8/16) 5 - 90.10 - Bushwackers - 8/23 Bridgeport CT (+6.25 - 8/16) 6 - 89.35 - Cadets² - 8/23 Reading PA (+2.0 - 8/16) 7 - 88.60 - Atlanta CV - 8/16 Rockmart GA (+8.25* - 7/26) 8 - 83.75 - Hurricanes - 8/23 Bridgeport CT (+2.55 - 8/16) 9 - 83.50 - Sunrisers - 8/23 Bridgeport CT (+3.20 - 8/9) 10- 82.05 - Carolina Gold - 8/23 Reading PA (-0.95 - 8/16) 11- 79.75 - Windsor Regiment - 8/23 Bridgeport CT (+5.45 - 8/3) 12- 79.35 - Alliance - 8/16 Rockmart GA (+8.45 - 7/25) 13- 73.30 - Skyliners - 8/16 Scranton PA (-0.80 - 8/9) 14- 72.50 - Kilties - 8/16 St Peter MN (+1.15 - 8/15) Class A: 1 - 84.60 - White Sabers - 8/23 Reading PA (+2.20 - 8/16) 2 - 83.25 - Govenaires - 8/16 St Peter MN (+2.15 - 8/15) 3 - 81.10 - Sun Devils - 8/16 Rockmart GA (+8.90 - 7/19) 4 - 71.85 - Excelsior - 8/23 Bridgeport CT (+3.40 - 8/9) 5 - 71.25 - Cincinnati Tradition - 8/16 Rockmart GA (+5.10 - 8/2) *score from a DCI show
  4. I published the following tweets on Finals day: https://twitter.com/CorpsScores/status/498092291064868864 Top 4 scores of all time are: 99.15 (05 Cadets & 02 Cavs) 99.05 (02 Cavs (semis) & 09 BD) 98.9 (10 BD) 98.8 (89 SCV & 03 BD) And then followed it up with https://twitter.com/CorpsScores/status/498101149925642241 I guess I should have mentioned that BD's score last night of 98.95 is both the highest Semis score ever (incorrect! 2002 Cavs was higher) and the third highest score ever. And I was taken to task by user @Brilow7 https://twitter.com/BriLow7/status/498293699017584640 @CorpsScores I have to correct - BD's score last night was the FIFTH highest score ever, since four higher scores have been given. So here's my question: clearly when ranking corps to determine all-time placements, the corps and the score both matter, so the current top of the leaderboard looks like this: Top-Scoring DCI Corps Performances of All Time: 1. 2014 Blue Devils, 99.65 2t. 2005 Cadets and 2002 Cavaliers, 99.15 4t. 2002 Cavaliers at semis, 2009 Blue Devils, 99.05 But when it comes to ranking the top scores of all time, is a score considered to be just the number? or if two corps get assigned the same number, should that be considered two scores? In other words, which of these is more valid: Top DCI Scores of All Time: 1. 99.65 - 2014 Blue Devils 2. 99.15 - 2002 Cavaliers & 2005 Cadets 3. 99.05 - 2002 Cavaliers (semis) & 2009 Blue Devils Or should it be: Top DCI Scores of All Time: 1. 99.65 - 2014 Blue Devils 2t. 99.15 - 2002 Cavaliers & 2005 Cadets 4t. 99.05 - 2002 Cavaliers (semis) & 2009 Blue Devils Obviously, I see both sides, but I see the former as more valid. To me, the score is the number itself, and although 09 BD is the "4th highest scoring corps performance ever", their score of 99.05 is the "3rd highest score ever achieved". Opinions?
  5. Enjoy our thoughts here :) http://www.couchmendrumcorps.org/news/2014-dci-finals-review
  6. Hey guys, We made an attempt to predict who's going to win drums this year in DCI by crunching numbers from 40ish years of recap scores, and we also discovered some judging trends. If you've got 5 minutes to spare, come check it out! http://www.lonestarpercussion.com/Who-Will-Win-Drums-At-DCI-Finals-Predicting-with-Statistics.html
  7. I noticed that I&E is now called "Performer's Showcase" : ( http://www.dci.org/news/view.cfm?news_id=5b29d729-9624-4bcc-9681-ade52750fe41 ) ... and is sponsored by System Blue. Not sure how I feel about I&E being sponsored by a single corps, because it feels biased to me. Does anyone know anything about this change? Was this so hard for DCI to run?
  8. Lots of agreement early on that this range would be an exciting one to watch as we go into finals. These placement seem to have become consistent since just before San Antonio. So, current placement a lock? percent chance of moving up? percent chance of moving down? Of course if someone moves up, someone has to move down or tie (God forbid). My thoughts: Crossmen: 12th place A LOCK show and performance places them there solidly Troopers: 13th place A LOCK not enough in the show construction to get them higher, too good to move down Colts: 14th place A LOCK this could have been 12th with more talent and cleaner music book sooner voice over not quite right, don't think they are willing to budge much there Spirit: 15th place 40% LOCK 60% Chance to move down show is poorly designed, but they have more talent than some below them and have the finalist experience The Academy: 16th place 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up better show than SOA all around, some sections as talented, really need to clean OC: 17th place 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up better show than Academy or SOA, lots to clean yet Pacific Crest: 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up tidiest show in 15-18 range, gotta turn up the communication and lower individual mistakes
  9. I feel like this question needs to be asked. What's your favorite vocal or vocal passage? I really dug the fast 1234 vocal with leg swings in the middle of crowns show last year. It made me uncomfortable in more of a curious way? Anyway the colts this season seem to be pushing the limits of their vocal cords with a constant stream of vocals to keep me interested. I heard that past presidents are even giving the vocals a shot in some shows. Having them in the show really makes it all the more genuine and official. Well the question still stands....tell me your favorite vocal! Everyone's opinion is invited and I want to hear many different voices!
  10. I typically avoid these boards but I do have a question. Would you as a drum corps fan be interested in seeing a blind draw for shows throughout the country? or even for preliminary performances for world championships? Why or why not? With this year especially being a most competitive year for a couple of drum corps trying to make history, I do think that being in a random draw would be awesome. Why? A judges responsibility is to judge and rate and rank correctly. In looking at some scores and ordinals, I can't but get upset at seeing the same old thing occurring again. 10, 9, 8, 7, blah blah blah going on. I have yet to attend a show yet this year so more will come to fruition later in the week as I attend three shows albeit, in a reverse order of their ranking. Please note, I am not bashing, it just seems constant year after year after year the same thing happens. In open class, the corps go on early in the day on Thursday and the first corps to take the field typically does so to an empty house. Now if, oh let's say, mix things around have a blind draw, and say if Blue Devils B or Vanguard Cadets went on first there would be more of a crowd. This should be a growing, learning, and selling experience for the kids. Seeing 75,000 empty seats to me, would be depressing. The idea would basically be to have the Open Class be a blind draw, the corps in the bottom 11 in a blind draw, the top 10 in a blind draw. This would require true management of numbers and thought process instead of just popping a higher number on the given sheet. And there should not be a big deal since all the corps are judged on the same sheet through out the season as well. Then proceed in semi finals and finals in the seeding process. Just allow some corps who perform literally in front of 200 people be able to see a nice crowd to perform in front of for a bit of inspiration and hope. Just my thoughts.
  11. Been off DCP for a while, but I saw this... http://www.dci.org/news/view.cfm?news_id=a172382f-8e12-4d9f-a807-096078c34c77 ...back when DCI first put it up. Can someone direct me to the forum on here where it was no doubt discussed into oblivion? Thanks!
  12. I was just glancing at the live blog of the Bands of America grand nationals, held earlier this evening, and noticed Michael Boo's report that Marcus (TX) High School's show "Charmed" featured a serpent, the instrument that more or less preceded the tuba, having been used from the mid-16th through early-19th centuries. This appearance tickles me because in my youth, I performed in a Medieval/Renaissance instrument band, though never on serpent (we didn't have one), but sometimes, falteringly, on its cousins, the cornett and lizard. (From time to time, I have argued that if any woodwind instrument is to be permitted in drum corps, it must be the shawm, which needs no amplification.) Every now and again, one sees a serpent (or perhaps an ophliceide or a bombardon) at TubaChristmas events, along with more common novelties like helicon tubas and double-belled euphoniums. Would such an instrument be permitted in DCI? In addition to percussion and electronic instruments (ugh), DCI's rules permit any bell-front brass instruments (in all keys) except trombones and sousaphones. From this Wikipedia article (see also the wonderful illustrations on this page) it appears that there were some serpents with front-facing bells. But does "brass" in DCI's terms refer to the so-called "brass family" of instruments, or is it understood that such instruments must be metallic? Serpents are typically made of wood encased in leather. And would it be loud enough to be heard without amplification? (Michael: was tonight's serpent miked or acoustic?) Oh, and while I'm on the subject of the BoA live blog, last year I asked whether DCI was missing a good promotional opportunity by not advertising in the souvenir program at the Ohio Music Education Association state championships, where approximately 120 bands with 12,000 students perform and thousands of parents also are in attendance. (Bands of America does advertise in the OMEA program.) Responses here were mixed, but several people said there'd be no point, because all the attendees are surely familiar with DCI. Well, well, well ... it turns out that even people who follow the supposedly more elite bands in BoA, whose championships are conducted in the same venue as DCI's, aren't as well-informed as you might guess. Members of the Cavaliers drumline performed as the bands filed out for the awards, and in the blog I read: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Guest: "Who are the Cavaliers?" Michael Boo: "The Cavaliers are a drum and bugle corps from a suburb of Chicago. Drum and bugle corps is a summer activity. They have members from around the country. Their drum line gave a clinic earlier today at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention across the street from the stadium." ... (Different) Guest: "Gonna be weird till one year later. (no competition)." Michael Boo: "Do you know about WGI Winter Guard and WGI Indoor Marching Percussion events? It will help you get through you withdrawal. And then there's drum corps in the summer!" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The BOA winner this year, so I read, was The Woodlands High School, also from Texas, with "Crossing Boundaries". From a bad youtube video of their BOA regional performance a week or two ago, they do appear to have had a pretty good show, and not too heavy on the electronics, which I always appreciate. Congratulations to them.
  13. I've been to a few marching band competitions over the past three Saturdays. Among the 30-odd ensembles competing at those events were two groups that had no drum major and two groups that had no battery. (One group had neither drum major nor battery.) What surprised me was that at the most recent show, one of the latter type, a marching band without any marching percussion, won best percussion. Would that be possible in drum corps? Are there similar surprising outcomes that a corps might pull off if they were exceptional? Could a group win best music with no percussion? Or with no brass? (Or with no synthesizer?) Best general effect without marching? Best percussion without a pit? Best visual without guard? Etc. (The band in question also featured a lot of pretentious narration--really bad stuff, lots of synthesizer, some nifty lighting effects in the pit, and a bassoon soloist perched on a ladder. That soloist, though sadly miked, was pretty good. And I thought they marched some unusual and difficult drill excellently: that was the one category where I picked them to win; naturally they did not.)
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