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2007 DVDs

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Let's go back to my initial post...Kudos to DCI for gettin' the product out early. I'm gettin' kinda tired of the complain, complain, complain . Here's an opportunity to say thanks for getting it done early!


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Actually - if they are starting to ship from Chicago today - they are NOT on time.

They are early!


There are three main UPS shipping zones of one, two and three days shipping. IF it all happens as it's supposed to once the DVDs leave the office, everyone in America who pre-ordered should get their DVDs on Thursday. I guess it's possible that someone might get theirs a day early. If so, they can tell the rest how great they look and sound.

I'll have a review come out soon of some of the features and highlights. I was stoked watching them and checking out some things. I can find no reason to not order them.

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I'm waiting for this time next year when the price drops to $49.

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Here's a nice little write-up by the Boo-meister.

If I read the end correctly, there's an Easter Egg to be found.

I can neither confirm nor deny that. :)

But if one is there, and if someone happens to find it before others do (provided it even exists), please don't spoil it for those who want to find it themselves (providing again that it really exists) as the search for such things (real or imaginary) is part of the fun for some.

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